• Changes Recommended to Math Curriculum Resources Used in Grades K-4 and 7-8

    The Methacton administration has recommended changes to the math curriculum resources to be used in grades K-4 and 7-8 beginning in the 2016-2017 school term. Several key factors led the curriculum, instruction, and assessment department to research alternatives to the district’s current resources. These factors and the process that led to these recommendations, as well as more detailed information on these resources, may be found in the Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment area of our website here.

    Recommended resources are Math in Focus for K – 4; Glencoe Course 2 as our resource for grade seven Pre-Algebra Part A, Glencoe Course 3 as the math resource for grade eight Algebra Bridges/ Algebra Bridges Co-Taught / Pre-Algebra Part B, and finally using Glencoe Math Accelerated: A Pre-Algebra Program and Sadlier Common Core Progress grade seven as a combined resource for the Pre-Algebra Course for grade seven. 

    The process for adopting new resources involves providing the community an opportunity to review the resources. For this purpose, resource samples and feedback sheets will be available at the Farina Education Center at 1001 Kriebel Mill Road in Eagleville during business hours (8 a.m. until 4 p.m.) beginning on Wednesday, March 23.  The Board will then be asked to approve the resources for adoption at the April 27, 2016 school board meeting, beginning at 7 p.m. in the LGI at Methacton High School.

    Following the Board’s approval, the district will begin a process that will include professional development for teachers and workshops for parents in order to ensure a positive transition to these resources.