• School Board Director Recognition Month
    For more than 175 years, Pennsylvania communities have had a voice in their public schools through a locally elected board of school directors. The month of January has been designated as School Board Director Recognition Month to specifically recognize our Methacton School Board Directors; Kim Aubrey-Larcinese, Chris Boardman, Scott Dorn, Brenda Hackett, James Phillips, Andrea Rees, Herb Rothe, Michael Ryan, and Paul Winters. These volunteers are our neighbors, friends, community leaders, parents, colleagues, and senior citizens. Our school directors – all with one common goal – making sure Methacton students are provided with the best possible education in service to our Methacton community.
    Being a board member involves spending an average of 20 hours of personal time a month attending meetings and school activities. Each board member contributes to the collective capacity of a team of nine that are elected to approve policy, budget, and staffing. They attend trainings and meetings with parents and school administrators and spend countless hours in the community. While the position of a board member is unpaid, it provides a significant sense of contribution and pride in our community.
    I ask that during this month of recognition, please join me in showing appreciation for this dedicated service. Thank our school board directors for advocating on behalf of our collective interests. Most importantly, thank them for being everyday heroes and making our students’ success their priority.
    Dr. David Zerbe
    Superintendent of Schools