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    The district is focused on completing the alignment of its curriculum with the PA-Core; moving all departments towards using a standard curriculum framework; and updating the written curriculum. Our professional staff are doing a great job. We need to coordinate data-driven decision making processes. Creating a data driven decision making culture within the organization is critical in order to take the district to the next level. We plan to accomplish this in part by developing common language and assessments, examining our teaching practices, and coordinating K-12 articulation opportunities.

    science students Methacton’s curriculum focuses on providing a core foundation of knowledge and prepares students for success by incorporating character education, utilizing various teacher teaming methodologies, incorporating supplemental resources, and providing a high level of rigor with an assortment of course offerings. This is designed to prepare students for college, career, and life after high school. The Methacton School District offers a wide variety of extra-curricular programs for students of all ages including PIAA (Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association) sports, theater/arts/band/music offerings, and numerous clubs.

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