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    As a public school system, Methacton School District operates eight school buildings from half-day kindergarten through grade 12. District enrollment is approximately 5,000 students. Methacton School District historically performs much better than the state average on standardized exams such as the PSSA (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment). The performance data for the district is provided for review in the 2013-2014 School Data Portfolio located at www.methacton.org/dataportfolio.

    student presentation The Methacton School District is funded by local property taxes, state, federal, and grant funds. The 2014-2015 Methacton School District budget is $99,557,372.00. The district receives about 19% of its funding from the state, about 2 % from federal and grant funds with the remaining funds coming from local property taxes in this largely residential community.

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