• AP exam ordering will occur from January 24, 2019  through February 28, 2019 this may be done online beginning on January 24. Visit the Methacton School District’s web store via the district’s website at www.methacton.org/ap_exams. Available exams will not appear in the web store until January 24, 2019.  In addition, an AP Exam shortcut button will be located on the Methacton High School homepage. 

    Exam costs are $97 per exam for all exams EXCEPT AP Capstone Seminar which is $145. No exam may be ordered without immediate payment.  Please note, no exams can be ordered after February 28, 2019.  The exam cancellation fee is $18 per exam.  Because of the strict ordering guidelines, we encourage students to register for the exam even if they are unsure as they cannot add an exam after the deadline.  Checks will also be accepted and individuals may order in person by visiting the assistant principal’s office, room C221. Please make checks payable to Methacton School District.  The same deadlines apply to orders placed in person.