• 7 Blue Reading Class
    Mrs. MacLuckie 
    Room 248
     book quote
     Room 248 definitely has soul, if the number of classroom library books define that.  As a 7 Blue student, you will never lack for something to read!
    This year, we will be working to do all of the things that good readers do: comprehend, question, connect, evaluate and synthesize information gained from your reading.  Remember, as you get older, the expectation for you to read to learn instead of learn to read keeps increasing.  We will work together this year to give you access to the tools and confidence you need as a middle school student to tackle the reading tasks expected of you in all of your classes.
    In this class, you will be required to do significant reading on your own, choosing the books that interest YOU!  These requirements will be further explained in the Independent Reading Program link on my full website (see link to site above).
    I look forward to working with you throughout the year.  You will get out of my class what you put into it, so be ready to give me your best work!