•     The Wall Of Honor was dedicated on November 11, 2011with a short ceremony recognizing current teachers on the high school staff.
    Each name is inscribed on a hexagon shaped ceramic tile.  The tiles are displayed randomly, with name, branch of service and either staff or year graduated.
    Wall 2015 big flag
             Main hallway 2014  New crests added                                  Big flag in front of the H.S. 2004
     current staff vets RBM wall
     L to R - Mr. Fortier, Mr. Rosato, Mr. Maida, Mr. Krick     Mr. McCracken - holding the USS Mississippi Flag 2011
    Mr. Mc Cann - current Veterans teaching at the H.S. 2011
    Crests 1 Flag
       USAF                              USN                    USMC               Flag carried by MHS 2001 Graduate Corporal  Shaun M
                                                                                                 Peiffer USMC 3rd Battalion 3rd Regiment Weapons Unit
                                                                                                                      Afghanistan May-Dec. 2004
    Crests 2
      US Army                           USNG                       USCG