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      GO, TEAM USA!


    Dear Parents,

           Welcome to Team USA! This year will bring new challenges and opportunities for your children. 6th grade, being a transitional year, fosters the growth of independent academic responsibility. With that said, we will face these challenges together and work towards giving your children the best education Methacton School District can offer.




         Team USA consists of the following academic teachers:

    Mr. Scott Engle: Science

    Mrs. Cynthia Kim: English

    Mrs. Lisa Denner: Reading       

    Mrs. Lori McCarthy: Math

    Mrs. Kristin Kirk: Geography

    Mrs. Maria Malizia: Supplemental support teacher

    Mrs. Janet O’Connor: Instructional support assistant

    Mr. Marc Shatzman: Gifted education teacher

    Section names:

    Apollo- (Engle)

    Discovery- (Kim)

    Endeavor- (Denner)

    Gemini- (McCarthy)

    Enterprise- (Kirk)


           We are excited about the new school year and are looking forward to establishing partnerships between home and school in making your children's experiences successful in sixth grade.




                                                                     The Team USA Teachersusa