Homework/Assignment Books
       Homework is typically given each evening and is a review/reinforcement of the concepts presented in class.  Each student is given an assignment book at the start of the year to record their daily assignments.  The process for updating assignment books is as follows:
    • All homework is recorded on the board in the front of the room.  Mrs. Mackay carefully goes through and explains each assignment while students record them in their books. This is done slowly to ensure all students have the correct information and are not rushed to get it done.
    • When completing homework at home, students should use the page as a checklist and check off each assignment as it is completed.
    • Parents are asked to sign the bottom of the assignment book, acknowledging that they are aware of their child's assignments for the day.
    • Each morning in homeroom students are required to show me their assignment book.  If their homework book is signed and all homework is complete they can earn a sticker, which will lead to a reward at the end of each month for perfect homework. 
    • If your child is unable to complete his or her homework because of difficulty, please write me a note so I know they attempted it and that you are aware of the difficulty.   
    • Thank you for your help and support with this.  Communication between home and school is very important.  If you have any questions or concerns you can jot a note in the hw book and I will be sure to see it the next day.