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      Lesson and Band Information and Schedules
      A few reminders:
      1. Students are reminded that it is his/her responsibility to (1) check the lesson schedule and to know when his/her lesson is each week; (2) ASK his/her teacher at the beginning of the school day (during homeroom) for permission to attend the lesson; (3) notate his/her lesson time on the lesson board in the teacher's classroom (if required by the classroom teacher) and (4) attend lessons on time.
      All lesson changes (due to a test, quiz or special project) must be made during homeroom with Mrs. Bugosh - please do not email or post a message on Edmodo asking for a lesson change......
      **Students in 4th, 5th and 6th grade are to ask his/her teacher of the class that will be missed at the beginning of the school day if he/she has permission to attend lessons.
      2. A lesson schedule is hanging inside Mrs. Bugosh's classroom for student use.
      3. Students are expected to practice 3 days a week - 20 minutes each practice session. 
      4. If your child is absent from school it is his/her responsibility to (1) get the assignment from another student in the lesson group or (2) see Mrs. Bugosh for the assignment
      Lesson Schedules will be emailed to parents for Woodland students.
      Lesson Schedules will be emailed to parents, posted on Parent Portal and Edmodo for Skyview students.
      **Lesson schedules are subject to change due to assemblies, field trips, and two hour delays.  Students are to check morning announcements and  Edmodo (Skyview students) for lesson changes.
      Before school band rehearsals are automatically canceled if there is a two hour delay due to inclement weather.
       If we have a morning with inclement weather and no delay:
      (1)  Woodland parents will be e-mailed by 6:30AM if rehearsal is canceled. 
      (2)  Skyview students should check Edmodo after 6:30AM to see if a message was posted that rehearsal is canceled. 
      ***If you do not get an e-mail (Woodland) or see an Edmodo post (Skyview) rehearsal is not canceled.***