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    Latitude 40º08'  Longitude 75º25'
    Welcome to Methacton's Mallon Planetarium
    Director:  Adam Chantry

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    The Mallon Planetarium services all students of the Methacton School District.  We are within Lower Providence township just north of Valley Forge in Eagleville Pennsylvania.  The planetarium is on the campus of the Arcola Intermediate School at 4000 Eagleville Road.   The planetarium is  utilized district-wide and services Skyview, Arrowhead, Audubon, Eagleville, Worcester and Woodland Elementary Schools along with Arcola Intermediate and Methacton High School.

    Mallon Planetarium Moon Daylight sky from inside Planetarium

    Music Lesson inside the Planetarium
     Spitz SCI dome touch HD

     Inside the Planetarium teacher
    MALLON PLANETARIUM :The planetarium is named in honor of the founding director; Dr. Gerald Mallon.  At the time of Dr. Mallon's death, he was the president-elect of the International Planetarium Society.  He was awarded the International Planetarium Society Distinguished Service Award.  Dr. Mallon served as our first planetarium director from 1974 through 1991.  Dr. Mallon's work in Participatory Oriented Presentations  and his extensive array of lab experiments to use in the planetarium are in use in many educational planetariums and starlabs across the country.
    Our original Planetarium projector was a Spitz 512 originally installed when Arcola opened in 1971.  In 2003 the district installed the Spitz ATM4 to control a full multimedia display including 10 slide projectors, DVD,  MP3 (via PowerPoint) and Video playback. 
    Webcasting direct with NASA   Original projector inside Planetarium
    WebCasting Direct with NASA on model rocket design
    In 2014 we updated our facility to a fully modern digital planetarium.  Spitz Sci-Dome HD is now the centerpiece of our facility.  Starry Night Software, Layered Earth, and Full dome Spitz player components have been added.  Spitz ATM-4 automation system  was upgraded.  Original slide projectors will be phased out as digital conversion proceeds.  Our existing DVD, Laser Disc and Spitz E-Media capabilities were integrated into our new system.  Below is the new control panel.
    Control Panel
    ATM-4 Automation, Spitz Full Dome Player, Starry Night Planetarium Software, Layered Earth Geology 
    G. Holst
    Multi Media Array used for G. Holst "The Planets" - Music Classes
    exploring Mars
    Exploring the Surface of Mars