• The Methacton School District Diversity Oversight Committee

    In 2002, Methacton formed a Diversity Task Force in response to concerns from parents and community members regarding diversity issues.  The committee worked to identify areas for improvement, and developed a mission statement to guide future direction for the committee.  The committee hosted both student and community forums to identify key areas for change. The district also hired consultants from Prime Directive, Inc. to assist us with planning and training.

    As a result of student, staff, and community surveys, the committee and consultants agreed that we needed broader based representation from all stakeholders, and the Diversity Oversight Committee was formed to address that goal.

    The members of this committee are:
    Marijane Barbone
    Quincy Brown
    Srini Chaganti
    Theodore J. Chylack, Esq.
    Joy Diljohn
    Sonia Dozier
    Robert P. Harney
    Suzanne Holloman
    Jennifer Johnson (MSD Home and School Visitor and Co-Chairperson)
    Judith C. Landis
    Angela M. Linch
    Shawn M. McCants
    Will Peck

    Jenifer Brucker (Eagleville Elementary School Principal and Co-Chairperson)
    Prabha Ramakrishnan
    Zanthia D. Reddish

    Carole Staats
    John Williams