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    Welcome to Dr. Cocozza's  Classroom.  My e-mail is Ccocozza@methacton.org. Please feel free to e-mail me at any time, and I will respond promptly.  All of my classroom materials are on Google Classroom.  Below are directions on how to join this class as a student. 


    How to Sign Up for Dr. Cocozza’s Google Classroom

    • We will be using Google classroom as our primary website for the year. You will find worksheets, homework, notes, study guides, helpful videos and other class materials on this site.

    • I expect you to check this site when you are absent to find out what you missed or to print out lost papers.

    1. Image result for google classroom iconGo to Google classroom either by clicking on the Classroom App on your ­­Google homepage or go to classroom.google.com

    2. Sign in to Classroom using your Methacton login which you use to sign into the school computers.  

      First and last initial and last 3 digits of yourID@student.methacton.org

      Tap AddExample: bl123@student.methacton.org

    3.  It will take you to your Classroom dash. At the top, click the + button to add a class.

    4.  Enter the class code that was given to students (FOR ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE)and click Join.

                                                 Enter the class code that was given to students (FOR BIOLOGY)and click Join.

    1. The next time you log into Classroom, you can click on the Google Drive folder for the course in the bottom right corner of the Environmental Science box. Under “Shared with me,” click Environmental Science and you can find all of the files shared within the Google Classroom in one place.



    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Download the Classroom app on your smartphone through the Apple store or the Google Play store.  Now you can access your classes on your phone.




    OPTIONAL: Subscribing to the class Google Calendar (you can also sync the calendar on your smartphone after downloading the Google Calendar app):

    1. Sign into Google and open Google Calendar.

    2. On the left hand side, find “Other Calendar” and click the down arrow.

    3. Select “Add by URL.”

    4. Enter this URL:


    5. Click Add calendar. Now you can see on your calendar when assignments and homework are due.

    6. You can also sign up for text or emails alerts for the calendar by right clicking on the arrow next to the calendar tab. Click on Calendar Settings. Click on Edit Notifications to sign up.