• Arcola's faculty and administration want to welcome you to Arcola Intermediate School. The mission for all of us at Arcola Intermediate School is to provide our students with an environment in which they can successfully grow and learn. Arcola can offer you the finest of facilities and the finest of all teaching staff.   It is up to you to take full advantage. We wish you a very successful year and are confident that it will be both a time for learning and a time for excitement. 

    It is also a time in which students are excited to go beyond basics...

    ...to explore and expand their interest in music, drama, sports and art:

    ...to find joy in the discovery of skill in a new language or in scientific inquiry;

    ...to take pride in careful craftsmanship in home economics and technology education;

    ...to become increasingly independent and self-motivated learners; and

    ...to dream and wonder about what is and what might be.