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    Mme Mary D. Phelps

    AP French and French II Honors, and French III Teacher
    World Language Coordinator
    610-489-5000 x 26117


    Vive la langue française !!!               

    Bienvenue à la classe de français de Mme Phelps.  Students in French II Honors study the last seven chapters of Bon Voyage! Level I. The Honors course follows the same curriculum as the Academic French II course, but Honors students complete fewer grammar drills in order to spend more time on reading, writing, listening, and speaking via pre-AP activities. 
    Students in French III study the first six chapters of Bon Voyage! Level II. The emphasis of the course is based on refining the use of the vocabulary and grammar learned in previous years, as well as incorporating more sophistocated verb tenses into speaking, listening, reading, and writing exercises. Students practice their skills via textbook exercises, Internet activities, cultural readings, podcasts, music videos, films, news broadcasts and articles, small group and paired partner activities, and classroom projects and conversations. 
    Students in the AP French course use various literary, audio, and cinematic works to develop interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational communication skills while exploring the cultural themes of Families and Community, Science and Techology, Beauty and Aesthetics, Contemporary Life, Global Challenges, and Personal and Public Identities. The curriculum is based on discussing major works of literature or collections of more modern excerpts. Within each unit students strive to make cultural comparisons and connections to their own experiences and work to improve their own competency through formal and informal reading, writing, listening, and speaking activitiesl Time will be devoted to AP Exam specific practice.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions and concerns at Mphelps@methacton.org
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