• Welcome to Miss Gray's 3rd Grade Class!
    Our school theme this year is TEAM 
    Our school rules are:
    Be Safe
    Be Respectful
    Be Responsible 
    Our classroom expectations include:
    Be respectful- of property, of others, and of yourself.
    Show kindness. Treat others not how you would like to be treated, but how you think they would like to be treated.
    Be accountable for your choices and actions. If they were good ones, be proud. If they were not, own up to that and fix them. 
    Do the right thing- always.
    Try your best, even if you know that your best might not be the best. 
    Listen- really listen- when others are talking... and do not talk at the same time
    Follow directions- even if you don't like them.
    Take responsibility for your learning- it's yours to own. 
    Have fun... and be funny. Smile, and share your smiles with others.
    Be the best you that you can be; if you weren't the best you could be today, tomorrow is another opportunity.
    Wish, hope, and dream... and don't ever stop. 
    We are tracking our adherence to the rules and expectations via our daily behavior chart. This is a random reinforcement plan in which the students earn links for positive and lose links for negative behaviors. Not every positive behavior will earn a link and not every negative behavior will lose a link. The students begin the day with five links, and the goal is for them to end the day with at least eight links. Addressed behaviors include staying on task, following directions, working quietly (or silently), being kind, participating, trying one's best, dealing with frustration, etc.
    Our classroom is:
    A caring place, where everyone looks out for one another.
    A safe place, where we are all free to be ourselves.
    An encouraging place, where everyone supports one another.
    A happy place, where smiles can brighten someone's whole day.
    A silly place, where silly is respectful.
    A busy place, where everyone is actively learning, not just waiting to be taught. 
    A bright place, where we all shine when we do our best.
    A talented place, where everyone is really good at something. 
    A fun place, where everyone enjoys the experience of learning.
    A respectful place, where everyone abides by the basic rules. 
     Ours, and our place to be ourselves.