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    FR@ME(Freshmen at Methacton) is the freshmen transition program at Methacton High School.  The main objective of FR@ME  is to create an environment where students transitioning from the middle school to the high school are fully informed and supported so they feel safe and comfortable enough to succeed academically and become an integral part of the Methacton High School community.  FR@ME stresses the four core values of respect, responsibility, rigor, and relationships. 
    Respect is taught and modeled for the students by their teachers through the use of restorative practices.  Restorative Practices fosters a sense of community in which young people are held accountable while being supported, where they learn appropriate behavior without stigmatization.  Character building assembly programs are also scheduled throughout the school year to motivate students to excel in the classroom and help them develop positive relationships with their peers.  
    Students learn the importance of responsibilty as they are provided with an assignment book that includes an 
    neffective study skills and test preparation supplementA bi-monthly freshmen newsletter (FR@MEWORK) is also distributed to all freshmen students.  FR@MEWORK is intended to inform freshmen students of important information and advice necessary to succeed academically and extra-curricularly.
    In order to succeed academically students must be proactive in completing their work on time and studying effectively in a rigorous academic environment.  FR@ME provides additional academic assistance to freshmen students through the homework cafe.  The Homework Café will begin in the fall for freshmen students only.  It will meet once a week from 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. in commons area. 
    FR@ME helps create an environment where freshmen students are supported and connected with student ambassadors that serve as positive role models and motivators who exemplify what it takes to be successful at Methacton High School.  The freshmen students will be introduced to their student ambassador leader during freshmen orientation.  They will then participate in two events throughout the school year (FR@ME G@ME NIGHT and an ice cream social) that will provide the freshmen students with the opportunity to  reconnect with their leader and continue to build relationships outside the classroom.
Last Modified on March 12, 2009