June 5, 2020

Parent/Guardian Survey May 27, 2020 through June 3, 2020

Open Ended Response to Question #8: If we were required by the State to return to school in an online only instructional environment, what would you like to see teachers do that you feel can best support your child�s learning?

       Better parent visibility into assigned work, completed work, and past due work that doesn't require having the child log in for the parent to review.The emailed Google classroom summaries did not provide an accurate depiction of coursework and status with optional, extra credit, and informational posts appearing as work and not classes had summaries included in the parent emails.

       Zoom, teams or other resources to teach better some of the course subjects.

       YouTube videos or zoom instruction teaching the lessons.

       More interactive live sessions that engage students and keep them accountable for learning and studies.

       Be more available to students via, email/online classroom discussions. My senior and junior complained about not hearing back from their teachers for several days, not including weekends, on multiple occasions. It was frustrating.

       I guess have more communication with students.

       I think the teachers did an amazing job getting everything together for the children this year.I see they are missing the interaction with their peers the most- so if there can be an interaction class/time with the teacher and all students- maybe an hour a day that they all log in at the same time and review a different subject to allow them to get that parallel learning opportunity.My children did well when they were in a group learning about a topic and I feel they are missing that aspect.But the work that the teachers assigned were great and we did our best to complete it all before it was due.We were late (usually every week) with some assignments we did not see the week prior and made sure to complete them first before starting the next week's assignment.Also, we had a lot of difficulty logging into assignments that required passwords.We tried the assigned passwords, but sometimes it still did not work.

       Follow the lead of the music teachers�their material is the most interactive and engaging for my current first grader.

       More Zoom meetings; My child looked forward to those because he is young.

       Ihope the teachers to provide the same level high quality lectures as in premises schooling through Zoom or other easy high quality web services. Basically try the best to mimic the premises schooling as much as possible.

       More zoom/video call classes and instruction

       Don't know how to answer this.The children need to have some type of learning and interaction with other students and teachers that does not involve the computer.

       Would prefer video classroom sessions, if kids have to go with online program. To help support better understanding and learning.

       I appreciate when the teachers email me about completed or missing work.

       More interaction with the kids. Individual or small group check-ins so the children still feel like their teacher is there for them. My child is in kinder now and I will have two more in K next year. We would also like to see paper packets for the younger kids where writing,tracing, etc is essential.

       More video conferencing interactions 2-3 times a week with Teachers. Zoom classroom instruction.

       The current format fits me completely, along with tests to check how much children remember.

       Virtual class room environment where students can see the teacher and listen to a live classStudents should be encouraged to participate and engage in the online classroom, make this part of the rubric

       Be present online

       I would like to see teachers using zoom to teach class Live If possible at least for some of the instruction each day.

       More assignments, video instruction

       We would to see teachers providing online lectures and interactive lectures with supplemental notes.


       Let�s hope that doesn�t happen!But there will need to be more personal guidance in math and writing.I commend all teachers for stepping up and getting creative during this time. Well done.

       Live instruction by teachers.Teachers just posting work for students and not actually teaching was a real disappointment.My child requires additional assistance on certain subjects. Other nearby districts offered live instruction to their students via zoom or another similar video platform.

       more structured, meeting at standard class period times

       As I feel the teachers did a great job with very short notice of online learning I feel our children need to be taught more by our great teachers. I feel my children would benefit so much more if their teachers were the ones teaching them and not watching a bunch of videos. I also feel our children need books, workbooks and/or packets to do some of the work it was very frustrating at times for my 2nd and 4th grader trying to fill in answers on work sheets on the computer plus my children do not know how to type on the computer. If this is what we will need to do at the start of the school year I would hope we can do a little more teacher student interaction with teaching lessons. My son has a IEP and I was very happy with everything he still received virtually but he struggled to learn new things by only watching videos he needs things step by step taught to him and I am not a teacher. I also feel the kids need more feed back on how they are doing. Both my kids would ask if their teachers thought there assignments were good and they didn't always get that. Thank you for all you do for our children! Methacton Strong!!!!

       continue with the program that is already set up

       I feel more face to face interaction ex Teams or Zoom.

       More communication individually with either phone or email.

       The experience between 1st and 4th grade at Arrowhead was very different. Both levels would have benefited from online instruction, which did not happen at all. The 1st grade work load seemed adequate, appropriate and well laid out for each day. Mrs. Moyer did a great job providing videos to the students for morning activities to keep the children engaged and assimilate to the in school teaching day. There was a disappointing lack of organization with the 4th grade level instruction. Very little was mandatory and then an overwhelming amount of optional work left to the student to navigate and determine priorities. Preparing a daily schedule that better guides the child through his/her day would be extremely beneficial. Eventually we did get this, but only after many complaints. We were very disappointed in the lack of instruction once the Zoom class meetings started. Although it is great for the social interaction with other children, there should have been some level of teaching/learning happening during these calls, rather than a social gathering for the entire call. Although we understand that no one could have been fully and adequately prepared for this, it was discouraging to see how long it took Methacton to get in the game and then to see what was brought to the table was even more upsetting. In comparison to the surrounding districts, Methacton dropped the ball and let down the students as well as the parents.

       The experience at Arrowhead with First Grade was disappointing, stemming from the lack of teacher-led video instruction. In surrounding districts, teachers would have class meetings via video conferencing software up to three times a week that included instruction. Methacton did not. The amount of work assigned for 1st grade was adequate. My experience at Arrowhead with Fourth Grade was EXTREMELY disappointing. Along with also not having enough teacher-led video instruction, the amount of work was lacking. Once work began to be assigned through Google Classroom, there did not seem like enough mandatory work was assigned and little direction on the priority of optional work. My child is able to finish most of the work early in the week, with little to do for the balance of the week. It was also disappointing to see how long it took the District to get the online schooling up and running via Google Classrooms. Our district was weeks behind others in the area in getting instruction and work assigned to the students. Lastly, it has been frustrating to see how our district did not modify the school calendar once the schools where mandated to be closed for the rest of the year. I would have expected some days off around Spring Break to be transitioned back to school days, since we lost over two weeks while the District waited for guidance from the state. I would have hoped the administration would have been more proactive on developing a plan to address this situation, rather than waiting to be told what to do. I expected a lot more from our district. I hope these issues can be rectified if we need to continue this in the Fall.


       Organize assignments better Inform parents more

       Please see my comments above, it will be critical to ensure there is interactive online instruction for the students via Google Meet or Zoom, etc. The teachers have done their best during this school year, with what was available, but for the students, having an online interactive class is crucial.

       Continued interactive videos and posts. Possibly add collective meeting time if children are organized into classes.

       More zoom and online teaching

       If Zoom can be used for instructing students, it would give them structure and a more formal approach to their education, so that while theyre missing the onsite format they still have something that is structured and has the semblance of being students.

       I would like to see more of zoom video per class room, each day. Have a class room interaction zoom lesson.

       More interaction between student and teachers via computer options, such as zoom. Need more feedback from teachers to parents about progress child is making (haven't received any during this current online instruction period). Though this last marking period was Pass/Fail, having no indication of where student could make greater improvement is hard to do when there is no feedback from the school.

       To have a daily structure like school with changing class times and teachers teaching at least a few times each week to reinforce what is being given online. The way it is set up now, if you are a good student, you manage. If you struggle in any areas, it must be more of a struggle or a shut down. The lack of structure/schedule I think will continue to contribute to mental illness. The lack of teacher to class teaching time is going to also impact mental illness and the quality of what will be learned. I know it is not ideal, but once it would be set up, the daily teacher to student interaction should maintain itself. Perhaps there could be pre-recorded videos that the kids can access. That might alleviate the tech issues and then mandatory office hours for the kids with questions as a follow up. You gain as a student not only from the teaching part but the question and answering part.

       more interactive learning and instructional support

       There needs to be actual teaching of the material. Most work was assigned with no Learning. I was surprised the teachers did not have videos of them teaching the material

       No online learning environment supports my special needs child. My son has autism, has limited verbal communication and behaviors and this virtual learning is failing him as well as all his therapies, this can not take the place of in-person learning and support! This goes against his IEP and the law.

       Not make heavy assignments on Fri due on Monday routinely. My only issue with online for my 9th graders was that the way the work was assigned, they had school 7 days a week

       Live classrooms. It is very hard to keep younger children engaged and also HS students struggle with learning the material and then taking tests with no real instruction. I will add that my middle child in 7th grade has an IEP and was given excellent instruction with a daily open forum that she enjoyed participating in and aided in clarifying any questions she had with the instructional material.

       Set up an online school schedule day for the children and have the teachers teaching the students With Zoom classrooms ,instead of the parents and grandparents doing the work.

       More online instruction/classes with Interactive teaching and teacher videos - not just assignments being given & overloaded in some cases where the student has to teach his/herself the material

       regarding question #6, would recommend option for hybrid schooling - online AND on premises - to facilitate a safe transition this fall

       More Zoom meetings that are instructional vs social. I think right now the kids need socialization but eventually i'd like to see the teachers teach class online, if they can't return to school.

       For the younger ones, more student interaction with teachers actually teaching- not making them learn on their own.

       I feel that the Zoom calls have been very effective and as I said before, as long as my child has access to her teachers easily that should be all the support that she needs.

       I would appreciate if live instruction via video conferencing was provided across each of the core subjects daily. For students in grades who are learning to read, I would appreciate if sound is added to each slide which reads the instructions to the student. This will help these students to navigate the content more independently.

       More direct contact: phone calls, Facetime calls, Zoom etc. Even if the teachers and counselors broke up their list of students so that each child got 1 phone call from 1 teacher, it would be good. The online programming this spring has been so distant and impersonal, that students who need human contact for emotional support, guidance, positive feedback etc are lacking that this Spring.

       Have zoom classes. They have had very little instruction on material from teachers

       I thought this year was fine. However I do worry for the "incoming". Meaning that this happened while the teachers knew thier students during a semester, so I worry about how the new year will be with incoming kids like freshman.

       More real time learning.

       More support !!

       Classroom learning via ZOOM

       More instructional classes on video to assist with questions or roadblocks with the different lessons. Interactive lessons would also be helpful.

       I wish there were more zoom online learning and if possible printouts. It was a challenge to go back and between slides when answering questions. We printed out some documents for them, which helped a lot and not all families have printers in their homes.

       I'd like to see the teachers post videos of themselves teaching their lessons as if the kids were in school. There appeared to be no new learning for elementary school. It was only worksheets and busy work. There were no teaching lessons videos from our elementary school. The quality of instruction for our elementary student was not adequate. Only one of the teachers from Arcola posted videos of their lessons. Some of the high school teachers posted videos of their lessons. There was no consistency of instruction across the school district.


       Loved the weekly zoom call with classmates. But would like to see more interactive zoom calls with experiments or games like bingo. Something fun.

       Provide parents with more support in what they are learning about. I have family struggling to relearn math the new way

       Often online classroom like sessions will keep student(s) focussed and engaged.

       More structured zoom sessions that are Mandatory. My children would not participate in the optional zoom sessions. More face-to-face time with teachers would help provide a better learning experience for the students. My children who attend Arcola spent only 2 hours max. on homework/day and did not seem challenged whereas my high school student seemed to have a sufficient amount of work. The students need to be held more accountable if classes are on-line in the fall, although I understand the circumstances which the on-line classes were begun this spring made that difficult. If possible, make distance learning more rigorous than these past few months. The reason I would rather have online classes in the fall is it would be less disruptive if there is a second wave of the virus and the schools would need to be shut down again.

       Daily zoom lesson

       A real time teaching environment, like a virtual class may be helpful

       Using the Kami program, longer office hours to answer emails more promptly .

       live online teaching instruction. Q/A session live via zoom with each student during the week (1 per week as an example) to go over questions or issues with assignments.

       Teachers should lecture to the kids either via zoom or provide a pre-recorded presentation of daily content. Providing links to external sites or recordings of other teachers is not effective. Similar to other schools in the area, there are live zoom classes each day. We believe this would be most effective and simulate an in school learning environment.

       Learning from March to June went well, woodlands teachers did thier part in completing this quarter with sharing videos and good assignments. We would prefer interactive learning in coming school year. Hope everyone should cross this situation and school should go normal.

       Do more teaching on line, not just Zoom once a week with no learning involved

       1)make sure their personal children ARE NOT on any zoom calls this way their attention is strictly on the students & not their own children 2)offer a zoom call for parents...to answer any questions

       I think it will be great if teacher can explain topics to students through videos or zoom call in place of youtube links.

       zoom meetings

       Provide some instruction via video chat/meeting

       More Zoom meetings and more lessons done that way as well if it's possible.

       Live lectures and more actual teaching rather then jusy assigning work.

       Teachers should have a normal instructional day with breaks. Classes should be done via video conference just as you would on a normal school day. Google classroom used for assignments. At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a very long pause in instruction. I was assuming this time was being used to come up with a plan for online/video learning. Instead kids were then given an "optional" learning instruction website which most did not participate. Again, this was even more time wasted. I was assuming the district was needing more time to develop a plan, but once the optional time was over, the kids simply proceeded with google classroom which they could have done from the beginning. I work at a hospital. We are used to mobilizing and coming up with a plan to deal with situations quickly and we are able to adjust quickly as needed. This is not what happened. The time was too long and the outcome was less than ideal. These kids missed a large chunk of instruction and I have no idea how they are going to get it back. Moving forward, online/video instruction should always be at the ready for situations like this and for any type of situation when kids can't get to school. It should be done in a way the keeps the day as "regular" as possible so that kids don't get their schedules disrupted completely. All that being said, I think that the teachers did a great job with the situation they were given. And i really appreciated those that did zoom calls on occasion. I would have loved to see this more. Thanks

       Second grade feedback Need better mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning. Need more live instruction and zoom meetings. (We had one zoom meeting per week). Need instruction to be more rigorous and continuous. But and this is very important need materials that are designed as digital-first learning resources, or offline project-based learning. The digital worksheets (drag this circle-shape over the correct response, enter an answer into this text box in a PPT) didnt work effectively, and caused terrible technical difficulties. This was a MAJOR problem that required a LOT of parental involvement and prohibited my kid from being as self-directed as he should have been.

       I was pleased with all the online courses my kids had from March through June and the video lessons were useful. The problem with learning Spanish remotely was if the video did not answer a question my student had - there was no recourse for getting an answer. The only subject that was difficult online was Spanish and the amount of work per week was excessive. I would like to see more instructional videos if required to do remote learning again in the future.

       more virtual calls. include the teachers giving live virtual lessons that simulate the classroom environment.

       Actual online classes, interactive course participation. No need for 1/20 student teach ratio, classes can even be recorded with some interactive response requirements/grading. I would much prefer higher quality recorded courses than marginally interactive live courses with existing teachers.

       I work in education policy and am working with districts across the country as they begin to outline their "back-to-school" instructional plans. I have been incredibly disappointed with the fact that there has been literally NO instruction happening since mid-March. If this continues the district will have to figure out how to train teachers to teach in a blended model. My older daughter is a very independent self-motivated kid and even she is disengaged and uninterested in school. While her teacher is lovely, there is no outreach, connection, or individual communication beyond a 30 min Zoom "fun" time once a week (if that). There are MANY ways teachers can effectively teach and form connections with students even via an online platform, but that is not happening. Our kids do not see the value in anything they are doing especially since it is all pass/fail and they get VERY little constructive feedback. Overall, the district MUST do a better job of training teachers and developing a truly blended curriculum that will allow for periods of in and out of the brick and mortar school since that is most likely what we will be dealing with for the next half to full school year. There are many models across the country that are working very well. I urge the district to ensure they are working with these districts to enhance the instruction for our students moving forward.

       Better use of Google Classroom. Some teachers werent posting assignments in the right areas or with enough time to complete assignments.

       Online classes should be proper subject wise teacher-student interactive sessions (zoom) like how they did in school. Teachers should validate and provide comments on students class assignments or homework everyday. All subject assignments should have strict dead lines. Teachers should be trained interactive internet based class environment.

       I would like to see my child learn face to face with the teacher and not alone.

       make a parental portal, so I can see what work they need to do so that it is not late being turned in. it seems like I could only sign in as one kid on one computer, I had to use another computer to sign in another kid. the computers wouldn't let you switch users easy. I really want it to be easier. I know this was a learning curve, but there's gotta be something easier. can u make it a quick app so I can check in and see what assignments are open and what their grades are.

       Live lecture formats at least weekly or in some structured format

       I would like to see virtual classrooms where the teacher is instructing live and the kids can actively participate and ask questions directly as if in a classroom, as would my daughter. Getting just work to complete doesn't feel like they are actually learning anything they are going to remember. My daughter also said the same thing, shes not retaining any of the work she has to complete beyond getting it done.

       zoom interactive class, scheduled as if they were attending the actual class in school, but online.

       Post videos of them teaching the lessons and returning assignments so that students can see their errors.

       better communicate what they are expected to learn each week.

       Actual virtual classrooms where teachers teach the children not just assign assignments.

       Online learning should be a mere extension of the physical classroom. This is the year 2020....we certainly have the tools and for those that are less fortunate, there are ways to provide assistance. My experience with the district's attempt at online learning has been very poor. I would encourage the district to seek assistance with other public schools and organizations to learn methods of improving the delivery of online learning. We are in this together. Recognizing gaps and gaining advice from successful programs outside the district would only help all students. This would show strong leadership.

       Explain in zoom the same way in class for whole students

       The same exact thing we have done since March. 2ish hours of work a day, only giving the kids the important info they need to meet the requirements of their grade. Keep zoom as optional (both of my kids were uncomfortable and not interested in zoom) & allow flexibility of timing in the work (so parents can help when they are available).

       Have the instruction done to simulate in class lectures. Face to face sessions such as Zoom meetings. Possibly have scheduled times when students have to attend each class, similar to in person learning. If the previous is possible, the limit homework to very little or none unless needed for a review of a test or for research papers, etc.

       more interaction- zoom, or other ways for students and teachers to stay in touch and have discussions

       Teach the class virtually

       I would like to see more zoom (or similar format) classes as opposed to posting assignments. Posting assignments is not teaching. I also thought that attendance should not be taken- completion of activities should be attendance enough.

       Weekly/bi-weekly virtual class meetings with subject teachers to help students feel engaged.

       Weekly quiz or tests

       There needs to be some 1:1 interaction between student and teacher, routinely.

       Continue with the same guidelines as the school year before.

       I would like to see live instruction by teachers on Zoom.

       I would like to see the teachers film a lecture and make it available for student viewing Mon. Then have work/homework to do tues/wed. Then a question&answer Thurs on that work.

       teacher / class engagement in synchronous environment - even if just once a week per class

       Teaching with live interaction instead of pre-recorded instruction. Art / graphic design projects were time-fillers as opposed to hands-on experiences to enrich a portfolio; which was unfortunate and I am unsure how to address this issue.

       Provide for live video instruction and opportunities to ask questions and receive correction on homework assignments. Also a half day of instruction plus homework each day. Is there a way to test for learning? For North Montco students, there should be hands-on experience provided.

       I would like to see a hybrid of on-line and in-school learning. The students need some in classroom learning and some social interaction. Any on-line learning needs to be synchronous in nature allowing for instruction, socialization, and social distancing in one. The style of teaching by making posts and asking the kids to teach themselves in middle school and high-school is inadequate at this level. There are several schools/school districts for you to model. Great Valley School District has used a model where the kids logged in by 8/9 Am and had several hours of on-line live classes with teachers. The afternoon was for completing lessons/homework to turn in later that evening. Pope John Paul 2 high school also has used synchronous teaching in the morning and homework in the afternoon which was due in the evening. These schools were able to launch synchronous learning very quickly. I would hope that Methacton could get a similar situation ready for the Fall. In the event that students go back to school part-time or full-time, please consider looking at the drop-off schedule as I expect more parents may want to drop their kids to school in cars instead of buses. This may cause more traffic congestion and we may need more time to accomplish this. Thanks for giving parents a voice. Best of luck.

       We feel that daily online teacher instruction (about 30 mins) with a class would be helpful for our child to introduce a concept and assignment expectations. This could then be followed by assignments that expand or review on this content.

       More video learning is preferred, and use Zoom more

       Have required daily contact with the students

       Office hours in evening. Conference calls for instructions, paper instead of everything on computer maybe have a drop off bin at school on weekends with a wait time for virus to expire. Personally I feel the children lost valuable learning time with current online classroom....this is no ones fault as it was unexpectedly trust on everyone....but I think with the summer ahead everything needs to be restructured for a better learning environment. thank you again for reaching out.

       Continued on-line instruction.

       live video interactive instruction

       Online teaching recorded

       I know that it is a new process but I think that the teachers need to be a little bit more demanding

       Teach over Zoom rather than simply assign work and grade it offline. What is happening now is not acceptable.

       Have teachers video their lessons ahead of time and post a lesson every day. Then, students could watch the lesson when they are able to during the day. It is more difficult to make all students available at the same time for a live Zoom lesson.

       School work not to be offered as optional, but mandatory. Zoom calls starting in the morning, daily at the same time with all of their teachers, to make this as similar to a classroom setting as possible. Parents to have the ability to see their grades in the portal at all times in order to stay connected with their learning. Private Zoom calls with teachers when needed for extra support and guidance. Clearer guidelines as to what their assignments are and when they are due. We had some challenges navigating assignments at times. Our Methacton teachers and community are absolutely amazing! We are blessed to be a part of this school district for many reasons. Virtual learning has been anything but easy for all of us. I am grateful for all of the efforts put forth by the entire staff and teachers behind the scenes! Thank-you!

       More emotional support for my child. We feel that she is missing the hands on experience that she would get from going to tech school for Animal Science.

       Conduct actual classes. There was no instruction for my 11th grader. She just did the assignments and asked questions when necessary. This is not enriching.

       For the kids to follow an actual bell schedule and have the teachers teach live classes to the kids through zoom, go to meeting, go to webinar or another web based meeting site, where they can ask questions as they would in the classroom. I do not expect the kids to be taught through slides posted in PowerPoint or pre-recorded video. And they should have the ability to get help during their 8th period as they would if they were in the school building

       More Google Meet/Zoom interaction.

       We would like teachers to directly do online teaching sessions which would help them to better understand the concepts rather than watching videos and some handwritten home works.

       Mandatory virtual classroom time as opposed to independent learning and a more structured day.

       Provide lessons with easy instructions to allow learning with ease, so that they can accelerate and achieve goals set forth by school and parents alike.

       I am aware that these are unprecedented times. Im very pleased how the Arcola teachers handle the quick transition to online classwork. However, being that there is a high risk that we would need to transfer to online education again next year due to the risk of a second wave of covid19, I would like to see it as a virtual classroom. Where are the teachers are actually teaching in real time via zoom Or some other platform. Where the student would log into the first period, second period, etc. classroom and be taught in real time virtually from that teacher. As you prepare for on site reopening in the school district, I hope there is a plan in place if need be to convert to a virtual classroom so there will be the least amount of interruptions to the students education. Once again I am very pleased with how the Arcola Teachers convert it to online classwork, each one of my teachers made themselves accessible to my son if he should have any questions or concerns. Thank you

       I like the curriculum approach the way it was set up this spring. I would like to see more live virtual instruction . I also think the children need more instruction than 2 hours a day. Additionally, I would like to see more personalized teaching, maybe 1 on 1 web calls with a child. Also I think the children need to be assessed for reading and math so they can keep growing individually instead of keeping the class at the same level.

       More quality work with live instruction and ability for child to ask questions and get help on line as well with breaks built into schedule. My child would like more teaching and explanations involved in the lesson plans to help him better understand the material.

       1 to 2 times per week do virtual classrooms.

       Live virtual teaching. Reading specialist accessibility.

       There is no teaching thats happening in an online instruction. The students are just given only assignments. If teachers could record the lesson and post it on google classroom so that the students could watch it would be helpful. Or the teachers can have online teaching sessions via zoom or Microsoft Teams.

       Maybe a zoom class for math

       Some real time instruction and interaction would be great

       smaller group zoom sessions with the teachers live lessons for classes

       we would like video-classroom sessions with class teacher.

       I think kids should have interactive video conference with teachers and friends daily.

       Right amount of school work also related with what theyre suppose to learn instead just made up work

       Continue with educational format and communication, however add perhaps Zoom classroom settings for each class once or twice a week.

       They should have zoom or some kind of virtual learning with teachers providing instruction every day. Trying to teach students a foreign language without any face to face interaction is difficult. I also feel that there was not enough work assigned.

       I am aware that these are unprecedented times. Im very pleased how the Arcola teachers handle the quick transition to online classwork. However, being that there is a high risk that we would need to transfer to online education again next year due to the risk of a second wave of covid19, I would like to see it as a virtual classroom. Where are the teachers are actually teaching in real time via zoom Or some other platform. Where the student would log into the first period, second period, etc. classroom and be taught in real time virtually from that teacher. As you prepare for on site reopening in the school district, I hope there is a plan in place if need be to convert to a virtual classroom so there will be the least amount of interruptions to the students education. Once again I am very pleased with how the Arcola Teachers convert it to online classwork, each one of my teachers made themselves accessible to my son if he should have any questions or concerns. Thank you

       teach lessons in real time

       I would have liked a zoom with other children on it as a real class. I've heard that some kids had that but we were not offered that option. We had a fair amount of technical issues that we had to work thru that put my son's anxieties thru the roof. That must run more smoothly from our end too. We have no camera on our PCs or laptop which has been an obstacle since everything has been on chrome book. We will have to look into purchasing a new laptop with camera. My son also attends MCIU 2 days a week and we heard nothing from them. So he's had no job training from MCIU since early March.

       Hold online zoom classes similar to what they were doing in school on premises. Don't understand why the kids cannot be in full day school following normal letter schedule. Both students and teachers need to be fully engage for online learning to work.

       I dont feel they had enough work to do. Maybe only an hour every day. And I wish they would have had more zoom classes.

       Monitoring and followup after each class to ensure assignments and homework are complete

       First, I wonder if a combination of on-line and in-person learning would be helpful. Maybe freshman and juniors could attend two days a week, and sophomores and seniors another two days, with all students participating in on-line learning on opposite days. It seems like this could help with social distancing while in the school building. The fifth day of the week (no students) could be for deep cleaning. Second, if the format is all on-line learning, I do think more structured time committments and more live-instruction (e.g. Zoom) would be helpful.

       As a former teacher of the district, it was easy for my to help my child but I couldnt imagine those that didnt already have prior knowledge and experience with the material, apps, websites, and content. I am hoping for daily interaction with the teacher instead of weekly.

       Add face to face, virtual, instruction and more office hour time for questions. Also, it would be a lot less confusing if all classes/assignments were asked to be submitted the same way. Currently there are different ways to submit work and this can get confusing for middle school and lower.

       A zoom style interaction with the teacher.

       I would like to see our teachers doing more online teaching rather than sending content for parents to teach. Teach a lesson then have them practice but return to an online forum (Skype, zoom, etc.) for questions and interactions.

       More live teaching that is not optional. My child had 1 optional Zoom a week, that is not sufficient. Students need more opportunities to interact with peers and teachers.

       We need emails and rapid communication.

       Online classrooms

       Synchronous learning with recorded sessions available if u missed the class or didn't understand material. More consistency in the amount of work required/provided by all teachers. Graded work, not pass/fail. Live office hours or extra help sessions for answering questions. In general, more live teacher interaction and instruction and less self instruction from reading slides or assignments. Hard copy textbooks at home for reading and looking up questions so not all learning is done on a screen.

       Some live (Zoom)instruction in addition to Self directed on line learning

       Real time teaching. Q&A only time. Social time.

       I would like him to have classes just like before but on zoom. I teach an 8 hr class on zoom. It can be done. This spring was a simplistic version of school. Either provide real school online or go to school

       Regular interactions via video calls

       I would like to see some type of on-line classroom learning instead of just watching videos and handing out assignments.

       Nothing. My kids will continue to adjust

       I would prefer more interaction of the teachers with the students and not just provide homework. Maybe teachers can be at school and hold classes virtually with students connected from home. Want more structured instructions where they can interact for class and not just to socialize

       I would like to see some daily instruction over zoom even if it just an hour.

       I would like the teacher to teach some lessons via zoom each day if possible, even if only for an hour and not just zoom check ups on the kids once a week.

       Daily assignments work instead of weekly. Teacher should meet with every student once a week at least.

       Zoom-type instruction. Having the teacher hold the class live on-line.

       Zoom classes to connect the kids with their teachers and with their classmates

       I would like to see a classroom-like environment where students and teachers have scheduled school-like sessions with interactions, that allow students to ask questions if they need to and at the same time show accountability for the materials taught. The level of intensity of the program should depend on the grade of students in elementary, middle and high school.

       Please offer virtual on-line classes that cover the regular school day hours and subjects, say from 9am to 3pm. Not just assignments.

       According to their abilities group them and assign the work, so that every child can work to their potential.

       Synchronous learning via video

       Same as above, if we continue with any on line instruction, the classes should be live, as if the students were at school. One zoom class to the next - just as they do if in school. The kids need to be engaged in learning. Nothing should be optional, all classes required. For my one son, who has an IEP, ideally, a couple 1/2 hour 1-1 zooms a week to have someone help him with questions he may need. Many other schools in the surrounding area have been doing this since March - Methacton kids are behind.

       More online actual teaching albiet zoom or some type of interactive (with teachers)video learning. My college student used Blackboard (program)for her classes and suggested it for Methacton. Just getting assignments and not being taught is not school/learning.

       Zoom netting once or twice a week and talking some problems and helping

       Update power school daily so that parents can see if there kids are struggling or not turning in assignments. As it stand now all off the teachers for my 3 children do NOT update power school even on a weekly level making it impossible to accurately know the progress you child education.

       Zoom. Webinar. Video link.

       Just to be available if questions arise

       More direct learning from the teacher, K-12 programs have a live teacher to teach the students for the hour of learning.

       Actually online classes through Zoom or Google Meet. Instead of the non-mandatory instruction

       At least 3 day virtual meetings with an additional group class virtual meeting of all the students to maintain social communication.

       Zoom meetings and the teacher actually teaching the material via video

       They have to have mandatory zoom class meetings. It can't be optional. They need to attend school daily whether that is in the classroom or virtual classroom. Private schools did this and kids continued to learn. My kids hardly learned anything new. I am concerned that they will be behind starting in the fall. The school district absolutely need to keep that in mind. There should be some type of review system since they pretty much stopped learning when school closed.

       Teachers can provide video calling so that kids would be more likely interested in class

       Have expanded office hours.

       Present challenging projects for AP and honors level students to do, collaborative projects, research projects, papers to write

       I would prefer 1. more online face to face learning sessions between the teacher and the class students, rather than assignments given with completion dates. 2. Set times in the day for class interaction, to provide a more regulated learning envoronment. 3. Lack of social interaction with peers had been particularly hard on many kids. Additional social time planned once every couple of weeks, where the kids get to interact with each other and share their experiences (almost like an online recess)

       Hard to say. I dont know the teaching styles of the next grade level teachers.

       More robust class assignments that would challenge my child. A classroom attendance policy that would entail a start time and an end time for my child. Interactive lessons with the teacher and other students.

       Being available more the 1 1:2 hours a day and assignments not being due the following day. If my child is on and dies her work and didnt get back on till the next day to find an assignment was missed because she was offline before the assignment was assigned.

       Direct instruction from the teachers either as live instruction or as tutorial videos that the teacher records. Advanced material covered in Honors and AP courses is not always material that students can grasp on their own just by reading about it in a textbook or in notes provided by the teacher, they may need one-on-one teaching so the material can be discussed and questions asked. Zoom meetings so the students can ask the teacher questions because most teachers were not responding to emails my child sent with questions, possibly because they didnt have long enough office hours to address all emails from students, but if theres a Zoom meeting then the teacher can address questions just once that multiple students may have. My child said that she would like to see more organization from the teachers in the posting of assignments for each week. A few teachers wouldnt post assignments until Wednesday or Thursday that needed to be turned in by end of day Friday of the same week. My child said she felt stressed out by not being able to plan her course load schedule for the week if a large amount of coursework wasnt posted until the middle or end of the week.

       I would have preferred more "original" instruction from my childs' actual teachers as time moved on later thoughout this...I am a public school math teacher...I had my voiceover on almost every video lesson and/or some face videos and some "synchronous" check-ins weekly with my students.(my wife did too as a public school teacher). ..(our whole district did this)..doesn't mean kids HAD to login synchronously, but it gave the students an opportunity to "hear" or "see" their actual teachers' voice throughout this crisis...gave the kids a little bit of comfort...I hate to be critical because I know Methacton teachers work HARD...this should have been an admin directive from curricular and tech chairpeople to incorporate more of their teachers' voice or provide a weekly "live" -- (maybe 30 min max) on one day, live checkin opportunity...however, all things being considered...I give credit to the teachers for doing their best... would like to have seen more change from admin...but if it was a behind scenes contractual bargaining conflict that prevented it, I would be disappointed to hear that...

       I felt no personal connection from my teacher except for when i sent a personal email and got a (quick) response. My kindergarten son felt her absence and therefore didn't want to do any of the online work. Teachers are what make our kids want to work so when they stop personally connecting the desire to do worksheets was non existent.

       Provide some sort of structure the kids have to keep to. Like, a morning session where the child is expected to definitely attend and complete the work or the afternoon session... This would reduce conflict at home when parents are most tired during the day (end of the work day).

       First off, the teachers did several things right (providing attention during zoom calls, giving fun things to do during zoom calls and offering office hours. However, many things need to change, educationally, if an online instructional environment is to benefit our children well. 1- The teachers should schedule weekly private zoom calls with our children. This can be a time for the teachers to review what the kids are doing wrong or right in regards to the assigned work. Teachers now just send back the answer sheet saying answers were wrong but do not provide feedback or teach them how to do it right. That needs to change. The time to give this type of instruction can be scheduled during office hours and be a short time for example, 15min each. I understand not all children will require this but offer it anyway just incase concerns arise. 2- The zoom calls have been fun for the kids. Lots of games and chatting and reconnecting which is wonderful. However, if this is going to be a new norm, at least for awhile, then the zoom calls should be instruction based. Teachers should teach subjects and require students to engage and answer back in some way. I think this will give a lot of meaning to the online work. 3- Instructional videos have come from youtube or other websites. My children have missed seeing their teachers teach them. They don't want to learn from some video that is being taught by someone with an accent. It can be difficult to follow along for them. I suggest that the teachers make 3-4 min videos showcasing the lesson for the day per subject. This is the same length as the videos they are sending from youtube and other websites. Also, the google forms or worksheets that the teachers have sent, for math specifically, are very grainy and hard to view unless you enlarge to a specific size. Correcting this so it's easier to view would be helpful and less stressful for the children. 5- One of my children who is in Skyview had a TV show to watch almost every day for one subject. The Magic School Bus. I'm not saying that this is a waste but it got old and having my child watch a TV show for school is not an appropriate way to learn about a subject. Also, that show is very out of date and is hard to keep a 5th graders attention. 6- I would like to suggest (if permitted by gov. officials) that should we be in a similar state as we are now and are allowed back in the classroom, that we split each class and send 15 children on Monday's and Wednesday's and the other 15 children in to the classroom on Tuesday's and Thursday's for in school instruction. Then all the kids get together for a virtual class on Fridays through zoom. This would meet the requirements of smaller class sizes and help with meeting the other health requirements. It would take a lot of stress off of the teachers and the children. 7-I have seen other school districts implement the above things (Phoenixville, PV and OJR). Seeing other teachers do this with their classes reassures me that Methacton will be able to provide an outstanding online education for our children should this be our avenue for learning next school year. 8- I have to give MASSIVE praise to the band and orchestra departments of Eagleville Elem and Skyview. They have excelled in meeting our expectations for online learning. They have gone above and beyond with reaching out to the kids ensuring they have lesson plans for the week and providing zoom calls for face to face instruction. BRAVO! We couldn't be happier. Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider all that I have said. Have a wonderful summer!

       We felt being thrown into this stay-at-home situation that everyone (teachers and students) did the best they could under the circumstances. It was a whole new concept for everyone. I felt my son's 8th grade teachers did a great job with the content and instructions for online learning. I felt that there was a good amount of work provided for each class, but to be honest it did not take long for my son to complete the work, so perhaps there could have been more. I believe they were hoping for approximately 15 hours of class work per week, and I think my son average about 7-8 hours a week. If it's required to continue with virtual instruction, I think it would be great if there could be virtual classes with interaction among the teachers/students (at least for the core classes). Additional classwork or project work might be good to solidify the concepts learned, and more check points (or homework to turn in during the week) might also be good to prevent procrastination. I'm really hoping that we're back in the class room this fall!

       face to face or touch base with student via phone call or face time would be nice occasionally. E-mails to the kids allow the child to ignore teachers message. Face time or voice time makes child more likely to connect with teacher and tell them where they are struggling in the subject.

       Put assignments, including zoom meetings (even if optional) in the google calendar so that parents can subscribe to the google calendar and it will show up on their own calendar. Put grades in Power School so that parents can check on their student's progress. Have zoom meetings where the teacher is teaching new content and kids can ask questions along the way and have them recorded so kids can watch it later if necessary. Have zoom meetings where kids can have discussions about assignments and the teacher moderates the discussion. Sometimes my child is so confused by an assignment that hearing how other kids answered the questions would help him a lot. When I say zoom, I mean any video conferencing app, such as google meet or anything else you decide to use.

       Actual teacher based instruction with lesson planning via zoom or another platform. As if the teacher could go into the classroom and then do the instruction while it is being zoomed to the student at home. Including the special art teachers too. Why not take their current second grade bell schedule and turn that into a virtual settings. Same times and bells. However the platform is zoom instead of in classroom. Also incorporating google classroom into how to get the papers to the students for the lessons being taught. Doing this hands on and virtual simontanously together

       Live teaching zoom classes. Learning on their own isnt easy for elementary kids.

       Easier understanding of how program is to work. More instructions via zoom and classes on it. More work to be completed

       Have a virtual "homeroom" in the beginning of the day - every teacher is assigned a group of kids (like a real homeroom/class). ..take attendance, assign daily work & assign homework, and answer any questions from previous day's work, offer 1 to 1 instructional periods - this would be an amazing addition and help break down the weekload of assignments, and also provide flexibility to the teachers who like to assign work in the middle/end of the week!! Nothing like thinking you're work is done for the week and a teacher assigns something the night before it is due!! (mostly high school)

       More interactive learning. If online learning is going to be needed for a longer term basis, I'd like to see a shift away from the # of assignments/deadline format and more Zoom calls/instruction/chance to interact and ask questions...etc.

       Communication with students

       More work. Our 8th grader did less than 1 hr per day this spring. Amy of work for our 11th grader was ok.

       Continue to communicate through email, google classroom and Zoom calls. My children also did excellent with pacing guides and work preassigned per day.

       I would not be interested in that type of learning with Methacton School District. They did appear to know how to teach on line. In comparison to other school districts in the area, Methacton did not rank well. I would look for a cyber school or a private in house instruction.

       I would like live support from the special education teacher.

       Zoom meeting and reponsive office hours which they are doing well.

       Virtual classroom. I currently sit with my daughter for half the day helping her navigate the google classroom and complete her tasks. If I was making a teachers salary for it, I wouldn't mind. Before, I occasionally helped with homework for a half hour to one hour in the evenings. I can manage that scenario. I don't think them posting a youtube video of some random joe teach how to read a clock and posting a worksheet qualifies teachers salaries. It is fine for a temporary band-aid to the problem covid has caused. An entire year of the same approach in my mind is not sufficient. My husband is out of work. If things don't go back to normal, he will need to get another job and I may need to work also to supplement income. In which case I wouldn't be able to hold my child hand through google classrooms. Both my kids have IEPs, they need extra help and setting up zoom meetings and coordinating all that is a hassle. Also I have one computer my son uses and a iPad my daughter uses. Google classroom on a iPad is a nightmare. I emailed about getting a google chrome from the school and never heard anything back. All the supplies that our tax dollars pay for.....where will that money go if school is virtual next year.

       Maybe more hands on videos Language and math are hard to grasp without the visuals.

       a structured school day with school monday thru Friday even if not a full day as prior to the pandemic. Teachers presenting lessons instead of just giving assignments my child said he barely learned anything & one of his teachers gave too much work, and that the online schooling was terrible

       Reaching out personally via Zoom or FaceTime. My kids didn't like the virtual groups setting, but I felt that they needed a more personal connection with their teachers. Also, one of my son's 7th grade teachers sent a schedule of when to do the work (Monday had a specific assignment, Tuesday had a specific assignment, etc.). She was clear that the work did not need to be finished on that day necessarily, but that the work should be done in that order. It was so much easier to help him and to manage our time with that sort of schedule for the work- as opposed to a long list of work that needs to be finished by the end of the week.

       Be more hands on with instruction, the assigning busy work and the kids teaching themselves the content especially for my elementary aged child who does not have concept of using computer to access online information nor the focus to teach himself content before completing an assingment. The current system does not work for working parents who can not assist their children with schoolwork.

       more zoom meeting to teach them and give them instructions for their learning real formed material like paper for their home work. like school home work packet. we can take a photo for home work done and send it email to teacher to check. especially kinder kids need physical paper home work packet not only all for computer settings please.

       I think all teachers are doing a great job. I think maybe more videos/flipgrids/Zooms of the teachers showing new instruction especially math. I know my my child has benefited from her math teacher showing videos of how to do certain math problems.

       If school continues online I would like my child to be able to have at least 2 Zoom meetings a week with their class and 1 Zoom a week for Team Time.

       More online classes

       Where to begin. they need to teach. Period. Loading documents on GC is not adequate or effective. Kids are unmotivated and quite frankly falling behind. TEACH lessons. get out of your comfort zone and get on video. this is your job and your responsibility. Because what we have been doing since March, or the lack thereof, can hardly be called "school".

       More academic activities should be provided.

       I would like to see zoom classes

       Provide face to face learning to the kids via zoom or another video platform. Once a week touch points will not be enough for them to continue to learn.

       Live interactive sessions only

       Be available for help if necessary.

       A Zoom or virtual live class/instruction would be great, even if only for one or two of the classes (e.g., math and ELA). The kids handled this well but direct instruction from their teachers is something they missed.

       See response to #7 above. We need actual classes, not just assignments!

       Have Materials/ work available by Sunday and allow up through Sunday to complete previous week.

       Teachers need to provide synchronous learning and live sessions. Also be available to have virtual sessions for assistance.

       More interaction with teacher and classmates in the form of video chat and pre-recorded videos. My student was very excited every time he saw his teacher and was more motivated to follow instruction. Also, children may feel less isolated if they see their teacher and classmates. The flipgrids were helpful to show that other students were doing the same work so similar strategies such as that would help as well.

       more personal instruction, through Zoom or a similar service. I think it is important for the kids to get some instruction time from the teachers as well as complete the given assignments. I am talking about instruction for all children, not just the ones who are struggling.

       I feel the way it has been would be amazing! My daughters grades have improved due to less anxiety and pressure from teachers.

       Virtual Instruction Possible one on one teacher calls or group calls, direct with students as if they were physically there. More outreach from teachers More feedback from teachers An understanding if the materials is enough to educate the kids and not provide busy work

       There were various websites that were used for learning. On the main page for the teachers online learning it would be nice to have the usernames and passwords for all of these websites. There were numerous times when I had to email the teacher for this information. It would be easier for everyone involved to just have this information in one central location.

       Utilize zoom meeting regularly and require (dont give optional) the children to attend so that they can interact with their peers. It doesnt have to be a lesson but some sort of interaction would be beneficial (IMO)

       Less mandatory work and more optional. Coming from a household with 2 full time working parents and 3 kids total, its too hard to juggle the amount of work. Some weeks are better then others. I struggle to find the time to complete everything with him. I try not to move on until he understands but there seems to be a lot of work on one concept each week. If we could focus on just one and then have additional practices that are optional this may relieve some stress for parents.

       Teachers teaching students over video calls.

       I know the teachers are trying their best, but for special needs children, online doesnt work.

       More direct interaction. Some teachers were able to post assignments randomly and I think the teachers should stick to a schedule. I also feel that methods for students to return work should be the same. For instances my students had to figure out how to screen shot and or print and photograph work and it was very confusing.

       They would need to come to my home and teach the kid at the home so I can go to work. I can't work from home so this is not an option.

       Feedback on work turned in

       I stated this above..our teachers should have the capability to teach online. Maybe 2 hours per day.

       To create lessons on video so that my children can learn new concepts from their teacher virtually as opposed to watching YouTube videos of somebody else explaining the concept. My children are more attentive and interested when a familiar face is presenting new information in a familiar teaching style.

       Perhaps you could require the teachers to teach? My child never saw a teacher, via live class or in a recorded video, since March 11. She also never received any power points or anything to actually teach the material. What this district provided was the equivalent to me opening up a workbook, pointing to a random page, and saying, Do It. Oh -- and I'm going to grade you on it as if someone actually taught you the material. This district should look around at what other districts did -- how they helped the children get through this difficult time, provided them love and support -- and be absolutely ashamed and embarrassed. The number of excuses doled out by the district astounded me. It is amazing to see how other districts were able to over come the issues, while Methacton used them as an excuse. For example, the issue of liability of teachers conducting live classes. The other districts worked around it. And as the parent of a senior, SHAME ON YOU for not giving these kids what they deserve. In the midst of the same pandemic as Methacton is facing, the surrounding districts found ways to celebrate their students and still make this a memorable, meaningful time in their lives. And they are giving it to them RIGHT NOW -- not in July, not in August. You had parents of seniors ready and willing to do EVERYTHING for these kids, and yet you still were not willing to give up control and let these kids have a positive experience. The kids could not have a socially distant ceremony on the football field because they might congregate after? Perhaps you could have had them have a procession off the field in an orderly manner or thought of another idea other than just saying No. Not rescheduling prom in the summer because the kids will have "moved on" and yet you are not allowing them to come back to the HS until July for pictures and August for a BBQ? Take a lesson from Neshaminy School District who is trying their best to have an in person graduation for their kids. Even if they can't get the approval, those kids KNOW the district was on their side. Those parents KNOW the district cared about their kids. You have made this district a LAUGHING STOCK in the community, for both academic reasons and social reasons.

       Im impressed with my boys teachers. I Have found out with having the boys home all day and doing schoolwork they definitely need the structure of being in the classroom away from home but I think their teachers did a fabulous job with having to throw all this together and maintain it through this pandemic theyve all been wonderful.

       Live teaching. I have been extremely disappointed that Methacton did not have live instruction during this time

       More teacher instruction via video or live zoom, NOT you tube videos or links to things online for my children to view. These elementary kids need interaction - random videos do not soak in their heads. Those videos are great for a "extra optional view" but NOT teaching my kids anything.

       Every day Zoom live classes

       As two working parents it is hard to assist our son and get our work done. It would be great if teachers took some time to do some work one on one with kids or in smaller groups (via zoom or whatever) to help those of us who can't spent the time teaching.

       I was ok with the Educere program in the beginning as the district recovered from being hit by the virus. However, once we were a few weeks into Google Classroom, I was disappointed by the lack of face to face teaching. Two out of my three kids have consistent zoom meetings with their teachers to connect, but no teaching is being done. My third child, who is a twin, has barely met with his teacher on zoom. The only zoom opportunity was a small group to review daily math for those who did poorly. All of that is fine, but there were huge inconsistencies between my kids, two of which are in the same grade & team. Unfortunately there has been a loss of connection between my kids and their teachers and classmates. I think more frequent zooms and live teaching should have occurred as things began to settle. Although we appreciate the teachers efforts, watching YouTube videos and filling out exit slips should be an extension and assessment of learning after the teacher has taught the lesson, not the lesson itself. The success of the current program relies on the independence and stamina/focus of the child. In addition, two of my children had a 504 and an IEP/GIEP where needs were not met. For my sons IEP, theres been zero services provided. His teachers attempted to meet his GIEP but were not able to hold him accountable for extra challenge work. All of this needs to charge if we continue virtual next year. There needs to be consistent online teaching where kids can see their classmates and learn from their teachers. Services that are law protected need to be provided virtually so IEP/GIEP goals are being met. I hope that the district is preparing and training their teachers for how to be online educators next year. We love Methacton teachers and understand that this has turned their teaching upside down. However, in order for our students to continue to grow & be challenged academically, an overhaul of virtual teaching needs to be done for next year. I also wanted to compliment the music program because Mrs. Basalik & Mrs. Bugosh have consistently held zoom meetings where they are teaching in small groups. We are very grateful for their efforts to help grow our childrens musical learning. We have faith in our district and believe that a more thoughtful, academic based virtual program will be put together for next year.

       Continue meeting with students via zoom. I want to see my child continue to have a social life with peers and teachers

       Have structured classes not just assignments Zoom classrooms? There is no structure currently.

       Take ownership of their responsibilities to teach, not just send out a pile of disorganized work, that always is formatted differently, and work that takes students to websites covered in advertisements and links on pages unrelated to education. Any level of consistent interaction would be helpful.

       I would like to see the kids follow their prescribed schedule using Zoom classes.

       Teacher should do everyday zoom meeting with the kids.

       Video chat with students, patents and teachers on a regular basis. Extra material.

       Assignments need to have flexible submission dates to accommodate parent schedules. It would be nice to have more than one week at a time so can move at own pace when time is available.

       more interactive, teacher instructed learning sessions.

       Perform actual teaching via videos or live online teaching.

       Virtual live classroom learning sessions and recorded for later review if needed.

       They keep a online Communication opened for my child and my self.

       If the cildren can get either some study books or a workbook to study besides the online assignments.

       More interactive online classes and not just assigning work. Teachers can use Whiteboard option on Zoom to teach.

       I would like to see more class interaction with teachers/students via Zoom or other group chat platform.

       Give more work. Mandatory reading and more writing assignments.

       Regular teacher - student video conferencing to ensure they are adequately understanding the material. 2.) Guidance on how to keep the younger students interested and involved with their studies. 3.) printed materials/lessons 4.) access to outlined lessons plans so we as parents can prepare to teach

       I think teachers should make a group of few kids and discuss with them about study every week and also share what r the accomplishment for the week .

       Zoom instructional lessons and video recordings of teacher lessons. My daughters receive more zoom instruction through their church and club sports teams than they do through school. They also watch my numerous zoom lessons per week and wonder why they are not receiving similar instruction. I didn't have an answer to give them.

       Have a virtual classroom with teachers interacting with students

       Video conferencing

       An actual virtual teaching each day for the students with a curriculum of courses they would receive as if they were present in school.

       I feel that teachers should explain the assignments as they would in the classroom whether it be through zoom or recorded video. Assigning work and showing how to do the work are two totally different things. I feel that the online learning was more assigning work and not enough instruction.

       Act immediately and not wait. My daughter was sitting around for weeks until she received guidance from the school. Not a success.

       We would like our child to have the regular classes online.

       My children will not participate in an online program and I will take extensive action against the state and district to ensure they go back to school and receive the education they need and deserve.

       The teachers need to teach. Live classrooms settings should be in place even at the elementary school level. These sessions can also be recorded as needed. A teacher can teach a lesson, then assign work. Students work on the assignment and those that need help can seek it directly on the live session. Then move on to next subject. The technology exists. All students should be given a district issues chromebook as ipads dont work well. A course packwork can be mailed or available for pick monthly/each semester so students can work directly on paper at times. Hopefully reduction in facility costs, overhead, etc would offset some of the additional costs to fund the chromebooks and software needs. May need to consider furloughing also to reduce costs if tax dollars decline.

       Zoom instructional classes

       Give them more work to do and organize lessons in a more sequential manner that follows the curriculum closely.

       Zoom meeting weekly once with teachers is great


       Live class instruction

       Back to normal school schedules even in an online environment

       I am not sure. Its difficult for parents that have kids with IOEP. I think they need more face to face time with the teachers individually or group. Older kids dont need hours and hours of work, they need "better" work

       More assignments.

       Leverage video for lessons

       Stream classes. Office hours. Group projects to have kids collaborate and interact. IEP support

       Would prefer to see the teachers perform live instruction/teaching so that kids may interact with the teacher and ask questions during lessons. Also would like to see the kids be quizzed to gauge proficiency of learning.

       Try to reach out personally to them if possible at sporadic points. Theyve done a great job of that between zoom and emails this far

       Replace the internet found lessons with lessons taught & recorded by their teacher. A better platform than google classroom. Fidgeting with the textboxs & squigle tool was difficult for the young ones. My kids miss paper & pencil work and get frustrated by all the typing that theyre not used to. Highly recommend offering a typing program over the summer. For Highschool- get all teachers to present work to students in a more clear cut & uniform way not just the way each individual teacher decides. It becomes very scattered and not always easy to follow from teacher to teacher.

       If we continue with online learning in the fall, we would appreciate more interactive instruction with the teachers via a virtual classroom setting. From March through today, the core subjects were well represented with a variety of online activities to keep my child's interest as best they could. However, from our point of view it was mostly a self taught environment. Please note this does not reflect on the teachers availability, but more on the way the material was actually delivered. In addition, while we appreciated the specials being optional, it would enhanced our child's learning if the optional specials had been included as tiles in our specific google classroom as opposed to on the Skyview home page. If we go back in the fall with online only, I think computer lit should be a core course for 6th grade. Or maybe alternate computer lit core one week and then tech ed core the next.

       Normal school schedule, classes are taught live by zoom and are recorded In case students have technical problems. Thanks.

       multiple and redundant communication to students and parents, and mercy with tech. challenges.


       Online classes rather than just instructions. More interactive sessions. Daily schedule rather than weekly to mimic school schedule.

       On line teaching per class

       More actively teach them on Zoom calls and answer any questions.

       Proceed as usual.

       online live education. following an established daily schedule.

       Mandatory video classes to provide a social environment, they check into class on a daily schedule how they do in school switching classes at certain times, there has to be more social options

       Live lessons instead of only giving assignments.

       More communication maybe one on one sessions at least once a week. More teacher/student interaction.

       More zoom classroom type teaching on learning topics instead of only slides for self learning in the google classroom. The zooms were too short and not enough academic related topics discussed.

       More structure. Daily required work.

       Scheduled class times with video instructions/demonstrations

       Continue to be accessible by e-mail. Continue to offer parents updates on auto-generated Google Classroom assignments. Do not require students to meet teachers virtually online at a specific time/on a specific schedule. Continue to post grades on PowerSchool.

       Conduct live class

       Have real live classes with teachers to learn the material. Have more teacher availability time wise not just 2-3 hours to email or call

       More office hours

       Better tools and access to teachers, online lessons should be better and have a fixed format like on-premises

       I would like daily face time interaction to keep my daughters motivated. Daily instruction is key.

       The school district must provide actual instructor led classes via virtual classrooms not what they are doing today. We as tax payers are funding the schools to provide teacher led instruction and I expect nothing less. To continue to put the onus on parents is unacceptable and cannot be continued. In our situation, our teacher has been making every effort to post lessons and communicate primarily through classroom messenger to provide some level of consistency but I feel the issue is that the district has not done enough to prepare for virtual learning and we are abysmyally far behind neighboring communities in this regard. If online only is enforced, Methacton SD needs to make drastic changes and do a much better job of actually continuing our children's education from what is available at present. Continuing in the current form is detrimental to our children's education.

       The teachers have been wonderful, teaching videos to watch and email if you have questions- some zoom meetings, probably would like zoom to be mandatory

       Students should have their regular class schedules from morning to afternoon including recess, lunch time, and breaks .

       Teachers should give more challenging work and zoom classrooms will be great for interactions . Teachers can create questions for topics n give as homework on weekends so students are engaged in constructive manner . Essays/ poems/ etc can be more encouraged.

       Weekly once interactive sessions from teachers as done in class room. Explaining kids with required course guidance

       I would like to see more instructional learning, the teachers could use zoom or record their lectures. I feel my child has lost three months of learning.

       In speaking with parents from other school districts, it sounded like some were getting anywhere from 1x per week to 3x per week online instructional teaching via zoom or similar conferencing. My son did not receive any instruction like this - Zoom meetings started the past 3 weeks or so but those were more "fun" activities, almost teambuilding, but not instruction. I think it would be much better to do a 30-minute instructional Zoom several times a week with the kids. I was spending 1-2 hours a day instructing my son completing all of the course work and special work, which is time I only have available due to partial furlough. I expect (and hope) to be back to 100% working by the fall in which case I will not have this time available. From looking at the uploads/participation on the "specials" it looks like many parents just skipped these items. They're very time-consuming but I do think they're important. Perhaps supplemental zooms could be done for those. I don't know - it is definitely challenging when two working parents need to find time to handle all of the instruction. Older kids may not need that support structure but younger kids whose reading comprehension isn't as strong, are going to really struggle without any support.

       Live lessons for subjects

       Our son has done well but I am concerned that the workload is not enough. 5 honors courses at the HS and barely any work with all high "A"s. He also needs more live interaction with his teachers. Even if it isn't for instruction but just to talk.

       To teach kids their lessons in Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies

       I would like to see teachers check on students to make sure that they're doing the work and /or if they're learning well ; to provide guidance.

       I feel like the teachers are doing a fine job with teaching my kid and there has not been any complaints by me or my son.

       Daily updates as to what assignments need to be done is very helpful. Also, the system is used to check the students in was problematic. Oftentimes our kids had checked in but we then received emails later in the day stating that our children had not checked in. We were often having to clear up this issue.

       More structured curriculum available online support.

       smaller group interactions - blend of instruction

       Online Zoom classes and more interaction with the teacher. The work was too easy for our child with the work assigned.

       One on one check ins with the students

       mandatory zoom classes not optional.

       Definitely more zoom time. I also like how some of my daughters teacher laid out what they should do everyday

       One on one zoom calls when needed

       More structured for younger ages. My 1st grader refuses to do a majority of the work that is provided, since he knows it is optional. A coworker of mine has a kindergartener that has mandatory assignments to turn in, so he completes them.

       More live teaching, and more one on one teaching.

       Teachers should hold zoom classes each day to teach the children. The classes should be recorded for students that cant attend live. Teachers should also meet one on one with students at least every other week to see how they are progressing. Spelling used to be assigned weekly but we have not received a new list of spelling words since this began.

       I would like to see more online videos of teachers demonstrating new lessons, as well as, better organization of class material so that assignments are easier to find.

       Live teaching classes and instruction

       Zoom in person classes. Also prep support for seniors for college admissions

       All slides to have audio instruction.

       Daily Zoom meetings as if they were in a classroom at school to teach new material & answer questions

       Extended due dates for assignments through weekends to give working parents extra hours to help, a posted guided/suggested daily/weekly schedule by teacher to keep child on task, Availability for virtual help via zoom or FaceTime when struggling with concept or problem.

       More online instruction.

       Synchronous teaching so that classmates attend classes as they would with their real schedule. They can see kids in their class and listen to classes as if they were in the real classroom much like universities have done this spring.

       Some zoom type of interaction with teachers and students. Not just the student doing work alone.

       I would like to see more vidyard videos from the teachers doing recorded instruction. I would like to see alternatives to google slides as I found them difficult to use. I would also like to have materials that have the option for printing so that my children can keep up with their handwriting skills.

       We wish there was a way to have more hands on learning. Possible at home kits or occasionally have live, online classes with the high school teachers. Currently nothing is live. This might help students feel slightly more connected. We also wish there was some way for my son who attends North Montco Tech for Mechactronics, to be able to continue with his training. I know this is not really a Methacton SD issue but I wanted to express the concerns for those who attend tech; they are really missing out on the hands on experiences/certifications. We would possibly consider sending our son to school but there would need to be strict guidelines to prevent the spread of virus within the school and testing to determine each student's vulnerability or immunity to the virus.

       Live instruction via zoom/google meetings/etc. At the elementary level they need to see and hear their teacher on a consistent basis.

       Additional zoom meetings.

       Have more school work for during the day for adequate learning.

       More zoom classroom learning meetings

       Ms Raley did a great job

       1. Video taped, short, easy to understand instructional videos with the students specific teacher as the instructor. 2. Attendance should not be mandatory, but if it is mandatory the time to submit should be midnight, especially for High School students. 3. Assignments for the entire week should be given on Monday, this gives the students and parents more flexibility.

       I would like to get the updates regarding home work

       Greater clarity and regularity of weekly workloads, more unified and consistent use of 3rd party learning websites, and regular small-group zoom meetings to encourage peer socialization.

       My daughter is in Kindergarten and there were no live sessions for her. I would like to have online live classroom sessions for her in first grade with mandatory assignment submission dates. This would keep the kids disciplined and will take classes seriously.

       The children watching their teachers live through out the day (like private schools did) so they have a full day of school and are much more engaged.

       More interactive learning using Microsoft Teams/Zoom. Actual teaching. Not powerpoint presentations with NO interaction.

       do classes on zoom so the teacher can teach them

       Synchronous learning. Peer interaction. Direct instruction. PCA Support.

       I would want to see live virtual teacher led instruction in all curriculum areas. We cannot continue with the current asynchronous model. This was fine for a 3 month stop gap, but if we needed to go forward online if the fall, we need a live online solution.

       Children should have more zoom classes and work spread out throughout the week. There needs to be more interaction between the students and the faculty. Students should not be learning through only self-guided lessons posted 1x per week

       not as heavy on the school work

       Work with him on their assignments.

       Create a simple to navigate, cohesive online platform that the child can navigate with minimal adult oversight.

       More contact via zoom or video learning

       Interact with the students daily. Provide direct instruction virtually instead of uploading YouTube videos or powerpoints created by others. Elementary specials teachers have been rockstars! Theyve provided individualized feedback on all assignments! It meant a lot to my child. Great job!

       More instruction from teachers via Zoom or another platform.

       Have virtual live classes in zoom and make sessions more interactive, specially for elementary class kids. Right now its mainly giving assignments.

       Student/Teacher Zoom meeting availability. Zoom Classes. My child has an IEP and needs more assistance than what I can provide.

       Zoom classes EVERY day so the children can actually learn and retain the information rather than just giving them nonstop worksheets.

       Communicate with students more often

       Need more hands on. More tactile learning. Continued sessions/support with work.

       Interactive instruction

       More video conference or interaction with kids

       Online face to face classes

       As is...

       Have live video chats one on one at least once a week to check in and keep him engaged with the class and teacher. My kinder did not do well with the online environment this year as it was me giving him 100% of the instructions while working and then also taking care of a newborn towards the end of school year.

       Zoom video explanations of exercises / work / lesson plans.

       Virtual online zoom with real teaching from the teacher.

       More zoom driven programs to engage with kids

       exactly what they are doing now - it's working.

       I am not a fan of the self guided learning as too many times my kids just neglected to do the work....Id like then to attend virtual classes

       There needs to be a better format other than the google classroom . I believe that Classes should be held in video form via zoom or some other type of learning style with student - teacher interaction .

       More live conversations with the teachers. My daughters thrived when they got to see/talk to their teachers and interact with them instead of just watching videos of them.

       Not teachers.... hire additional maintenance crew

       I do not feel that there was enough instruction from the teachers. I feel that more classroom zoom type instruction would be more beneficial.

       I would prefer more actual instruction by the teacher whether that is synchronous or asynchronous. There were too many videos and need for me to teach my children content

       Have synchronous live virtual classroom sessions as a major component of the online learning program. The biggest miss on the current virtual school is exclusive reliance on asynchronous learning. I selected satisfied with the current virtual school program, but only because neutral was not provided as a choice. The only reason I was not dissatisfied is because I know that you had to throw together an unplanned program on short notice and that was difficult. If this was a cyber school program planned outside of a global pandemic, I would rate it poorly. Further, I submitted likely as a choice for sending our kids back to school in Aug only because "I don't know" was not a choice. If the covid conditions are as they are now or worse in Aug/Sept, I would not want them going back, but who knows what it will look like by that time.

       I hope this doesnt happen. The kids really need to be in school to socialize. Maybe try half days with half the kids. Online learning seems to be going okay with current format of assigning work beginning of the week to be completed by end of week. Maybe include live video instruction giving them opportunities to ask questions.

       If in an online only environment, wed hope to see an opportunity for the class to see each other and their teacher virtually a couple of times a week so there is some opportunity for social interaction. Wed hope for a reasonable amount of work and, when possible, a recorded lesson from the teacher when new concepts are being taught.

       If we move to online learning for a longer duration, parents need tools to teach new math concepts. These are difficult to teach kids remotely (unlike new spelling words or other memorization). Also, more live interaction (perhaps in small groups based on skill level) for teaching would be ideal.

       Teachers be dedicated to the time and enforce expectations from student by supporting students on any of their questions and it will be challenge for teachers to adapt as well given their own kids asking for attentions so really appreciate all that teachers do to keep students engaged.

       Much more video teaching by the actual Methacton teachers. Teach through videos exactly how they would teach if they were in the actual classroom. Students should be learning from their teachers not from YouTube or other sources.

       I prefer high school juniors taking online courses via zoom rather than pre-recorded video in Google classroom

-          more projects - more guided learning from the actual teachers as opposed to videos from YouTube or Khan Academy (not necessarily Zoom)

       Improved instruction and interaction live. Homework seems to have been disproportional vs pre-covid 19.

       I would like to see more actual instruction and oversight of the students' work. All of the teaching we experienced was through videos - my student likes her teacher because he makes everything fun, and finds the videos boring. I would not want all 22 or so students in a class to be in one online session with a teacher, I feel that would be overwhelming for the teacher and significantly reduce what each student gets out of it. During regular school, the kids are partnered up or broken out in small groups to work together on tasks which makes it more engaging. Similar small zoom groups could be set up. I would also like to see a better form used for gathering student responses for assignments. This year the teachers used google presentations, and it was too easy for my student to modify the document, accidentally delete sections, text boxes, slides, etc. A form where only the answer boxes can be filled in, and which lets you know how many of the questions have been answered would be better (similar to the survey I am filling out right now would work) Clear and consistent guidelines on when work is due - for regular classwork, we were given deadlines for most assignments. For specials, most did not have a deadline. This led to a lot of confusion and contention over whether or not assignments with no deadline had to be done. I will probably have more ideas if you want to send another survey out later but these are our big pain points right now - thanks for asking for the feedback!

       If we are going to proceed with online learning I think that we need to have classes led by the teachers rather then the self teaching that took place at the end of the year. I was ok with my children learning this way short term but I did not see the engagement that I would like to see for my kids in what they were learning.

-          teaching videos- not all teachers used them this time around but the ones that did made online learning easier - a weekly schedule for each class detailing assignments and due dates published on Friday morning of the previous week. Bonus points if the school district could implement some sort of google calendar that would auto integrate google classroom start and due dates for each assignment and would have subject matter assigned by color (ie green for science; blue for social studies, etc) - elective classes struggled to have any real depth especially the more hands on such as art and music. I know that the goal was to not stress out students and allow them to focus on core subjects but they wound up being busy work assignments instead of learning opportunities.

       I would like to see live instruction (through zoom or other technology) instead of asynchronous learning. The method of learning from March on was not very effective. I would also like to see "office hours" with the teachers which are conducted through zoom or other technology so students can get answers to question and/or help in real time.

       More direct instruction/explanation via zoom or some other technology

       More consistency with the times that things are due. Right now, it is very difficult for kids to keep up with 5-8 Google classrooms and then keep track of die times that could be midnight, noon, 3pm, 5pm, 9pm etc etc. Also, standardize when things are assigned (Mondays) so that kids arent spending their morning checking every classroom in case a new assignment was added. Flexibility in late assignments as well.

       More structured live learning and interaction via zoom/skype/some means of meeting software on a more regular basis than once a week for a half hour. Either daily or every other day for at least an hour. Maybe 2 sessions in a day at a regular time for a half hour or hour depending on the age group.

       Zoom videos. Actual teacher instruction, as opposed to lame YouTube videos from creepy old people. More accountability.

       Be more available. Consistent and transparent lesson plan

       There has to be more interaction with the teachers. My child didn't get to see her teacher or classmates for a long time. The pre-recorded videos isnot teaching. Although i realize that everyone was scrambling to come up with a plan, I do hope during the summer there is a better plan. I see many distracts where the kids were sitting in front of their computer live with their teacher, raising their hand, and participating. I feel the kids will fall behind if i am just doing the assignments.

       Zoom or teams for each class on a schedule as if it were a regular school day.

       Treat the kids online as if in they were in school. Have a schedule of zoom classes with kids required to attend. That's what the private school were able to do.

       I would like to see more live teaching (e.g., zoom, webex, etc.) where there is instruction and time for interaction with students. Further, I do not feel the assignments provided from March-June were challenging.

       Institute more videos, face to face learning. Not just posting assignments & a due date. Decrease self-taught responsibilities.

       Provide Zoom or other media interaction daily, make most assigments due at the end of each day as opposed to end of week and provide opportunity to complete missed work

       I have no issue with the teachers. The district, however, did a very poor job of being nimble in the situation. I feel they hamstringed the teachers with providing the quality instruction they are used to giving. There was far too great of a lag in starting back up with any sort of true instruction. There was no opportunity for live teacher interaction. I think everyone would have benefited from actual online instruction, not just having assignments handed out for completion. Even my son, who struggles with school sometimes, felt it was way too easy and he missed the challenges he gets. If the school year is going to start with online learning, then Methacton better get some help from somewhere to make it useful, efficient, engaging, or I will be enrolling my son in cyber school full time so he doesn't get any further behind. I am already going to have to pay for tutoring this summer so he isn't starting middle school behind the eight ball.

       I'd prefer that his current team of 7th grade teachers also be his teachers next year. They already know each other which would make starting the school year in an online format so much easier. I know this may not be possible but has been something I've thought about over the last few weeks!

       The volume of work was not enough. I know my children are bright, but they spent under 2 hours per day Monday through Friday excluding reading. Although it probably isn't reasonable, if they could have worksheets that I could print out for them or lessons out of a book they answer on paper in addition to the computer, it would be better. If they did have to use the screen for 5 hours a day, it would be a strain on their posture and eyesight (I know as I do it for 8+ hours a day). Finally, a lot of activities were optional and I would have liked them to be mandatory. It is difficult to force optional activities when none of their friends have to do them. I am grateful for what the school district and teachers were able to accomplish in such a short period, so please don't take my suggestions as criticism!

       If online learning became more long term, I would like to have a curriculum overview and possibly whatever paper textbooks/workbooks would ordinarily be used in school, to minimize time on screens.


       More live teaching opportunities or requirements to attend Zooms. Neither of my children attended any Zooms the entire time. Most of their teachers did not offer a set time. Some had Zoom office hours once a week for questions. Most offered no zoom opportunities especially at the HS.

       Offer more zoom meetings (but not all day, perhaps a regular meeting 1-2x a week and not just for extra help, but instruction). But I hate the idea of online only. What about planning in school instruction with an online move in November/ December when/ if cases rise? This allows kids to care about school and connect with teachers and friends, it makes it meaningful.

       I would like the school district to adequately TRAIN the teachers on online instruction. I am an educator (formerly in the Methacton, PV, and Norristown School Districts). I am appalled at the lack of training for teachers on online educating. It seemed like the district was so scared to be sued for using online streaming tools, that the children greatly suffered in a lack of education. The teachers did a FANTASTIC job with the strict restrictions that were placed on them, but WHY were the teachers limited to 30 min once a week for zoom? And even at that, those sessions could not be used for any instruction? WHY????? Compared to MANY other districts locally, our district was WAY BEHIND on helping to instruct the students in this environment. The students and parents were forced to figure things out by themselves, and were strictly limited in their discussions with their teachers. It was quite embarrassing when talking with families from other districts as to how ARCHAIC and scared our school district is in their regards to online instruction. If online instruction is going to continue - Give the teachers and the students the resources to succeed. Do not give busy work to comply with the mandated requirements. Allow the individual teachers to teach IN THEIR OWN WAY - not a "one size fits all" approach for each grade, and each subject - especially in High School!!! The students figured out VERY QUICKLY that all classes were doing the exact same assignments, which greatly discredited what they were attempting to learn. Most upper level students viewed their assignments as "busy work" and "pointless" and "a joke". I can't say that I disagree with them. Teachers should be permitted and ENCOURAGED to instruct the students. Not just give them worksheets and assignments that they have to figure out on their own. I am very disappointed and discouraged at our district's approach to online instruction. We have a lot to learn from neighboring districts. If we are to return to this style of education either in the fall, or any time in the future - the district has a lot of work to do to keep on-par with others in the state. We are, and will continue to fall behind if we continue with the current attempts at online instruction.

       Provide actual instruction. My son had no live interaction with any teacher. The assignments were sometimes vague causing undue frustration. Language is not easily taught online especially for those who struggle with learning language. If online, language requirement should be waived.

       I would like to see a regular schedule with synchrous learning happening at least a few days each week to supplement the asynchronous learning that happened this year.

       It is essential that teachers provide instruction to students on a daily basis so that new material can be introduced . I am in string support of students attending school in person in the Fall.

       it is a disgrace that there was absolutely no live virtual learning. the amount of schoolwork was almost nothing. my child was already placed in classed below her level and now she gets almost no assignment. to say methacton let us down is an understatement.

       Help with daily structure with more activities. Free tutoring for subjects. Working parents will have a difficult time balancing work and online schooling.

       More live teaching, more work. My child was able to complete almost the wholes weeks worth of assignments in 1 to 2 days.

       Have twice a week meeting so kids have the feeling of interaction and connection. Just giving Hw and if there is no interaction, I dont think there will be much kids get from it . Online study is ok as long as there is verbal meetings and interaction.


       Ensure the amount of work is not overwhelming, especially when considering students are receiving assignments from multiple teachers who may not be coordinating workloads. Parents don't always have ample time to assist with explaining/teaching for intensive assignments, and it adds extra stress to the current situation. So far, though, all the teachers we've worked with have been very realistic and appropriate with respect to the workloads assigned.

       They need more social outlets. They need a way to connect with their peers and teachers. We survived just fine, but they absolutely miss the structure and their friends. Feeling connected to their peers and teachers helps their self esteem and their mental health. It makes them want to get online and get their work done.

       My daughter is in the high school. For her, I think the teachers are doing the best they can under current conditions.

       Id like to see some of the high school teachers more engaged. My sons AP teacher didnt bother grading assignments that were meant to help with the test until TWO WEEKS after the test. In general, it feels like there is not enough work assigned. I know they were thrown into the unknown with this, but it is my hope that with time to prepare over the summer, better options will be available at the start of the new school year. I dont feel like my kids are learning as much now as they did during the rest of the school year.

       Additional virtual classrooms with teacher-led instructions.

       It would be great if you would be able to follow a K12 type of online learning platform.

       More Zoom/video sessions with teachers teaching online during the session rather than providing links to learning on other websites. Weekly or biweekly check-in with a student(not the whole class) using a brief 15 min call to let the student know how they are doing, any areas they need to focus on.

       More Zoom meetings

       I felt as though limited work was done my teachers at the high school level - they basically assigned far more work than they would have in the "normal" environment, and there was no interaction - one teacher assigned You Tube videos to teach biology - there are far larger public schools that made their teachers available to interact with students - even a once a week mental check in would have gone a long way - horribly disappointed in the way methacton handled this, my 10th grader lost a full semester


       Zoom learning with accountability

       Improved learning platform. More teacher videos of instruction.

       My 7th grader has adhd and it made it very difficult to get a clear understanding of his workload and help him break it down to manage his time effectively since most classes sent him one document every week with everything he Needed to do for the week. It would have helped if it was broken up into individual assignments.

       I'm hopeful for a return to school in the fall. Online school has been okay and my daughter has been able to complete all required work easily. Not sure she has been challenged much. Why are specials optional online? Not optional when at school. I thought Mrs. Basilik and Mrs. Bugosh had frequent communication with us and provided some great online lessons / activities thru zoom meetings. Again, not sure why they were optional for online learning. If we must be online in the fall, I would hope for more interactive learning. I realize all children are different in adapting to change and that the current times are nothing like we have seen before, but if we must continue with online learning, I hope my daughter will be busier with school work than she is currently.


       Have students check ins with their assignments mandatory . Having 4 kids that were all given different amount of work , different schedules ( some work was given and done daily , others where an amount to complete in a week - ( this was a problem for one of my children that has a 504 and no time management skills took too many breaks not motivated at home or redirection from one parent all day ) Possibly some hard copy of a text or book kids spend so much time going on different sites and links have so many windows open they take longer to complete work

       My children are doing good now. They contact the teachers when needed.

       My youngest was in 8th grade this year and I was frustrated because grades/progress weren't posted. I was notified by email of missing assignments and poor test scores. I would have known about the progress if it was posted in powerschool. The Highschool posted the grades I don't understand why the middle school didn't.

       I would like to see more opportunity for interaction via Zoom, phone, etc between students and teachers. Some concepts, especially math and science, are difficult to teach without being able to ask questions in real time.

       every single one of my daughter Angelique's teachers have gone above AND beyond throughout this entire pandemic to best assist her with what she needs. I cannot thank them enough .

       More mandatory zoom calls with instructional teaching. Currently it is only voluntary if a student needs help.

       I would like to see more personal instructional learning curriculum by teachers rotating by subjects instead of instructional videos. I feel like the approach gives them a open forum to ask questions if they dont understand. This would help strongly with working parents in not having to teach them additionally. If there are students who need additional assistance, I hope they can have a separate time with the specialist once a week as well.

       Zoom. Kids need live classes and more interaction

       Use of video conferences for teaching lessons

       If both parents are working full-time not from home and the child is young it makes it very difficult to complete schoolwork. Only had 45 minutes in the morning to do schoolwork and then in the evening from 6 to 9pm this was very difficult! I would prefer for my children to be logged in and have a live conversation with the teacher. Our teacher did a phenomenal job with videos and assignments however we had to sit with our child to complete the work. If its mandatory that kids must wear a mask and learning is very limited with space our kids will not be returning. We would consider cyber school or a private school if they have less restrictions.


       The lack of socialization can be detrimental to childrens development. I would like to see regular class zooms and one on one check ins between child and teacher. However, I am really hoping the kids are back to school with very limited restrictions. Parents who prefer to keep their children home have the choice to do so. There are several virtual/online schools already available to them.

       Live online instruction. Daily. At least 4 hours daily live online, plus assignments. Children are visually oriented; they need structure, and the connection with their teachers and peers. My kids are young. The older they are the better they can adapt to online learning. LIttle ones need normalcy and structure that a classroom provides, and in lieu of that they need live interaction and instruction and accountablitily driven by their teachers. They can't discriminate between home and school--home is home for younger ones, school is school. There are ways to divide up the classes and provide a better learning environment which is interactive, engaging and holds both the kids and teachers accountable for meeting goals. I can provide laptops for my kids, and will happily donate to a fund set up to making sure kids in need in the district have the right equipment.

       The teachers should be providing guided virtual sessions to assist with assignments just like they do in a classroom. Im not a teacher, there needs to be a routine with structure scheduled class time for the younger students. They are not able to work independently without instruction.

       Daily, scheduled 6 hour Live Zoom classes with homework to follow. It would a be subpar replacement but better than what is in place now. The Monday assignment and Friday completion in place now is terrible.

       The online learning was not at all successful. My child did not feel like they learned anything at all. If there were more online meetings or actual live class instruction, the experience may have been different. Teachers only posted assignments, leaving the students to google answers. In order for this to work, teachers have to be able to teach live.

       I would like to see more teachers using group video chat (e.g., Zoom) for regularly scheduled check-ins. We had only one teacher who used this option and my son found it very beneficial. Having regularly scheduled face-to-face time provides some normalcy for students and it gives them a forum to ask questions and interact a bit with their peers.

       Updates on assignments, projects, expectations.

       More uniformity. Having 4 children they are all using various subscriptions, sites, due dates for end of week vary by Friday or Sunday. Etc

       maybe small group zoom meetings at the same time weekly? Ex: groups of 10 or less, and they have 2 pre-set times each week. 30 mins max would be sufficient! Just for some of the social interaction and little bit of a "classroom" feel.

       I would like to see virtual teaching using Google Hangout or something comparable so there is face to face teaching and contact with other students. My daughter literally spends no more than an hour and half or less a day doing school work. Also, students need more instruction than just busy work which seems to be what is provided. I also believe phys ed needs to be given where parents have to sign off that they did the activity required by the teacher.

       Nothing. I am an essential employee. I am still going to work full time. My current childcare is my 65 yo mother who is completely inept to the technology. Going back to school is our only option.

       There should be some type of "live" instruction. Each teacher could have a Zoom classroom and record it for those students that can't attend at the time it is scheduled. If a teacher is out sick, then a substitute would need to take the classroom. Virtual learning doesn't mean that there is NO interaction. If the teacher can't do "live" instruction, then they should video and then post it for viewing, as if they are teaching the class "live" There should be hours set up where the students have to attend where the students ask questions and the others can learn from the questions asked. There are so many ways to bring MORE interaction into the on-line learning. MSD can do this!! Other cyber schools do!

       Teachers need to teach the subjects to the classes. I also am a teacher and I zoomed my lessons. Giving videos to watch is not helpful for all students.

       Yes!!! They should have visual learning. I think thats the biggest mistake made during the current online learning. And....daily expectations with end of week due dates.

       Provide longer instruction hours in an interactive way.

       It would be better to have online classes rather than virtual classes

       Sue the government but have more zoom on line classes face to face online and networked with other classmates seeing and interacting with teacher and students is essential weee people for gods sake real interaction iud essencial that what hurts my son the most playing with friends interaction physic ally is essencial whats Tom wolf is doing is crazy most of Europe is open and children ar back in school

       Teleconference, record lessons, office hours

       More zoom meetings

       I wish the school have a strict schedule everyday. And not just giving student homework or open book test, I wish the teachers actually teach new materials through video just like they are in school.

       More zoom meetings for parents

       I would be nice to have some real-time instruction via Zoom or something like it. The videos are ok, but I think my daughter would be more engaged if it was real-time with the teacher. My survey answers notwithstanding, I'm torn about the amount of work assigned. It's not that much, and I have concerns about how much will be retained with relatively little repetition. That said, I'm not sure how I would manage to oversee any more work than is currently assigned given I'm also trying to work 40+ hr /week at home. It's no-win for everyone...

       I don't have an opinion about this. My son is in HS and I haven't had any reason to get involved in his online instruction. He is handling it well and getting his work done.

       Continue to be available for questions.

       more zoom sessions

       More pencil to paper assignments. Maybe the school can provide workbooks for students to work out of.

       I have two MHS students. One thing that was very difficult was the lack of consistency both across teachers and within specific classes. It would help students immensely if there was more consistency across the board. For example: - every assignment should be due at a standard turn in time (turn in times varied widely across the board, and made it easy for kids to lose track of when things were due so there were a lot of missed/late assignments). Keep it consistent across the board. - all assignments and posts should be posted to the Google Classroom by a standard time. Having to frequently refresh the google classroom or keep up with an avalanche of notifications and new posts makes it easy to miss something. Post everything for that day by 10am. - Standardize posting format. Due dates/times should be clearly communicated in the classroom interface so they can be seen at-at-glance instead of embedded in power points or attached .pdfs. - encourage students to mark all assignments as done in the Google Classroom, even those done on outside apps or sites. This can help the kids keep track of their workflow and be informative if there is a technology issue between teacher & student. - Both of my students strongly preferred when teachers posted a Weekly Plan on Monday mornings so they could appropriately plan their workflow. - Increase the utilization of video, synchronous office hours so that students could possibly have a weekly check-in if needed with their teachers, or answer questions live. - MHS teachers showed remarkable grace and understanding for the kids during this crisis. If we return to online school or some hybrid in the fall, I would appreciate if this would continue. This is an ongoing stressful situation, and online learning is no substitute for the learning environment that in-person instruction provides. I truly appreciate that teachers have acknowledged the stress and strain that this has put on kids executive function and show understanding for lapses.

       Make more videos for instruction. Interactive instruction would be better, if possible

       I would need all the teachers to post assignments exactly the same way.

       Live classes would be nice where the student and teach can interact.

       Direct daily teaching via an online environment with the ability to ask questions and work in small groups with the support of teachers and staff, like in a traditional classroom setting. It would also be ideal to have a more typical school week approach. Having a daily schedule that more closely mimics a typical academic day would be very helpful. If we choose online instruction, I would want to see the typical educational rigor applied to the online instruction as would be expected in traditional schooling. I would also want to see traditional grading applied to student work. We should work hard to maintain the integrity of Methacton academic expectations.

       Atleast once a day zoom meeting for kids to learn from teacher personally .

       For my Seventh Grader... I felt there should have been more Zoom which included other students, not just one on one. I did like the study buddy system, but the interaction was merely with the other 3 students and the teachers. I felt like she was missing the interaction with other students.

       more one on one interaction with students, better/easier instruction for parents instead of multiple different ways of contact from different teaches. I'd like to have them all contact me one one email, not konstella, or text, or email, or student email.. too many options for teachers to choose from and too many for me to check.

       Mini videos and live stream instruction

       Have a live classroom for some part of the day/week to for learning of new material

       A actual schedule to follow with online zoom with teachers and students in attendance.

       zoom or webex instruction

       Have more zoom meeting, so the students see their teach. They can interact more with the teacher and it would be more like school.

       Coursework for direct instruction class at my son's level and meets his needs.

       Some more face to face time. Maybe a ZOOM hour each day to help explain a topic. Each day it could be ELA, next day Math etc.

       Make it so all work can be done on line, with no printing or scanning and turned in on line.

       I think there needs to be more projects to keep the kids busy and learning.

       I would recommend the learning to be interactive and research based.

       I would like teachers to include zoom, so students can engage with teachers and other students. I think it would be helpful if teachers reached out to parents once a week to go over what students should be doing, and if they are completing their assignments in a timely manner, and if they are doing well or not. Lastly, I think students need to be involved with their online schooling for a greater amount of time.

       Provide timely feedback to student work.

       Actual instruction

       Live teaching via Zoom or some other platform. Interactive student participation.

       The videos provided by some teachers were very helpful especially in math. Even if the kids go back to school in person, I think those videos should be available and continue to be made. As a parent, I was able to watch them and then help my child when needed. My daughter who does not have an IEP also benefitted greatly from those videos.

       Virtual instruction, zoom rooms for small group instruction, one on one with instructors, tutors coming to the home (I'm sure that is not even feasible), a more robust schedule that involved online instruction and break outs for kids needing extra help. Both of my children need me to work with them one on one to get any of their school work accomplished. I cannot sustain that kind of support and work full time. Something needs to change. I don't know what the best fix is, but this isn't sustainable.

       I think the apps that is being taught online is not user friendly

       More on line iterative classrooms.

       I hope the students will have real zoom class everyday. It may not have to be the full class length as in school, but a well structured zoom schedule for each subject will help the student to follow. Also, daily homework instead of weekly lump sum is preferred.

       The material is fine, but I'm not a teacher. I actually need someone that my kids can see and hear and follow along with their instruction. See my response to question 7.

       Please keep parents informed of progress and upcoming assignments, etc. so I can remind my son of where he needs to focus.


       Zoom classroom or similar. Other schools are doing it and we should also be doing it.

       Posting lessons with clear steps students can follow in order to complete the assignments.

       Make sure to include Zoom meetings with the class. Specifically social meetings to interact with other kids.

       Hopefully, that DOES NOT happen, the on-line schooling has taken its toll and has added depression and anxiety to my daughter's life

       I would like to see zoom call classes and actual instruction daily. There needs to be more face to face instruction, even if it is only via zoom.

       A syllabus that includes the focus of each subject for every marking period. Daily instruction and assignments, instead of all work due at the end of the week. Require art, music, gym, health ect.. in the curriculum; instead of optional. Regular zoom meetings each week per subject for students to have face to face interaction with their teachers for questions, instruction ect.. Use zoom meetings for group projects between students. Provide supplies for students for school projects (art class as well).

       The children need zoom classes just as if they were in school. The teachers did a great job in a short time, but there was not enough actual on-line learning with the teacher. Most provided assignments with power point or a quick video and the students were left to learn it on their own. Office hours did not work well. My son who has ADD needs interaction as if he is sitting in a class to keep him engaged. If we are forced to go virtual again full time it needs to be more in line with a schedule as if they were sitting in the class room.

       Need more 1 to 1 face time for questions and understanding through Google Meet or hangouts.

       I would like interaction maybe a zoom call every now and then with the whole class, just to say hi and see how everyone is doing.

       Live teacher instruction in small groups for a short amount of time for math and reading. A scheduled one-on one time weekly twice a week to go through certain posted activities with the student (my child is in learning support)

       At the high school level, if we have to stay with online instruction in the fall I would much prefer zoom classes where the students have to log in and attend an actual class. Like college students have to do for online instruction. Or more typical online schools. Maybe not every class every day, but at least sometimes. My main issue now is that there is no structure for High School students. Hard to be productive and learn without structure.

       Everything the teachers are currently doing is great.

       More regular synchronous sessions, and more asynchronous content from the teacher, longer office hours

       Provide synchronous learning

       At least periodic Zoom classrooms with interaction between teachers and students and participation by students.

       Exactly what they did during this time of remote learning. We appreciate all the hard work and time the teachers put into online learning

       Ore virtual learning

       More actual instruction instead of just busy work (and there was A LOT of busy work). Videos/ instruction from the teacher. My husband and I are both teachers and spent HOURS making videos/ resources for our students. There was no video instruction from either of my children's teachers (except for read aloud). There was also no weekly agenda, just everything posted to Google Classroom and just "do this". Thankfully my husband and I both use Google Classroom/ G-suite so we can help our children (and sometimes the teachers because I am becoming a Google Certified Trainer). What they were given were not very conducive for 1st and 4th grades. We 100% understand that the teachers were thrown into this and did the best they could with what time they had. I'm hopeful that we will have summer to prepare to make things better for students in the fall (if needed). My older son has a 504 for ADHD and he normally struggles with social interaction. I would hope in the future that there would be more small group instruction/ groups online for him to work on this skill (the current 30 minutes a week with his whole class isn't working). My younger son has an IEP for speech. I think it needs to be more than 15 minutes online and if it is missed one week due to a day off then it needs to be rescheduled for that week.

       As stated, I have time to assist but maybe more videos or live instruction with some areas.

       I feel at least one or two subjects being taught through zoom would be helpful. It would help engage my child in learning.

       I'd like the teachers to grade the children in the same way they're teaching the children. As we allow a learning curve for the teachers I feel they should allow a learning curve for the children. I don't feel they did that for 3rd marking period & wondering how 4th marking period will go.

       I don't have time to help. There needs to be more classes that are zoomed. I'm not a teacher and shouldnt be expected to be.

       More interacting zoom meeting.

       We need more access to zoom meetings with the teacher and counselor. My daughter needs emotional support during all of this.

       online learning via classes - teaching rather than just providing assignments where parents need to be teaching

       Live instructional teachings everyday during regular school hours.

       More optional class zooming. The kids miss eachother.

       web based teaching. this environment was very difficult to navigate through and work from home. my 1st grader struggled big time and my 3rd grader was bored. there is no way my kids will advance if online learning next year mirrored this enviroment.

       Teach their classes online as a class. Not rely on parents to instruct as they are more versed in child educational methods.

       I would like to see the Methacton teachers teach live lessons over a video platform such as zoom especially for Math. The students still need to be taught be a teacher and not rely solely on videos from outside resources for instruction and learning. There needs to be a daily check in to review the work assigned each day and the children need to have an opportunity to ask questions in person. Overall I am very disappointed in the quality of the work given from March to June and the amount of work was not nearly enough. I was impressed with the effort made by the music teachers to have weekly lessons.

       I like how my kids were given weekly assignments to enable them to manage their time/deadlines. The Zoom calls are great compromises to allow the interaction, so they should be scattered through out the learning. I am pleased with the process, in this crazy circumstance, so am hopeful ...

       To provide Live Lessons to my 12th grade son & daughter at least 2x a week in each subject area. To provide at least 4 hours of school work a day. To be sure that the schoolwork carries into 5 days a week of work. Thursday & Friday should require at least 4 hours of work, too.

       Zoom classes be mandatory for every subject.

       as much as possible, I feel like each class should be provided live on a zoom platform, same classwork/lectures, homework, testing as if they were in school. Kids should be required to "clock in" each class during their normal time. Keep them on same schedule as they would if they were in the building, omitting time for class changes and lunch. At a minimum, I feel the classes should be prerecorded video of their teachers lecture for the day. The online platform (with the intent for the students to return to school at some point) should be more challenging the currently provided. That being said, I understand we all were completely caught off guard with the situation and I am very grateful for what has been offered for the 4th quarter. But, my student has really missed seeing & hearing her teachers live.

       A hybrid of online instruction - say 30 minutes to an hour teaching specific lessons. Better instructions and expectations for how parents can assist and teach/guide kids to ensure we are complementing teachers efforts.

       Keep up the connection via Zoom chats, videoed read alouds, etc. Foster connection between families and students.

       more zoom teaching

       For students in a challenge program, it would be nice if they got challenge homework and lessons to keep the schoolwork more interesting

       more one on one zoom meetings

       More virtual classes in real time. More availability for one on one assistance.

       Unsure. Teaching elementary requires parent involvement. Teachers have been very responsive. I love that they started laying out daily work instead of weekly.

       Please institute the following changes so that the online learning environment closely matches on-prem learning: - Ensure that school hrs. are similar to on-prem learning, 8.30-3.00 - Ensure each period is conducted similar to on-prem, with a teacher visible on Video and interacting with the students during the class. - Ensure that Student attendance on Video is mandatory and not optional as is currently the case. - Provide ability for parents and children to interact with teachers as and when required and provide feedback on questions within a stipulated time by email or phone. - Consult with other school districts on how they are able to conduct video based classes for their students and institute best practices.

       More zoom classes

       Direct instruction by the teacher of new materials on a live video platform, more involvement with the classmates, one-on-one communication by zoom to check in at least weekly by classroom teachers, and having special classes (art, gym, library, music) be more interactive and live. On-line learning needs to be more interactive and engaging and not so video/worksheet driven

       I think that live online teaching would be good, not completely for all subjects but in a careful, well thought out, limited approach.

       I will move to a different state so this would not apply to us.

       Have a virtual class environment part of the time where kids and teachers can see/hear each other. School doesn't have to be more than a few hours, but needs to be a little more than 1 1/2-2 hours that they're getting now.

       I think more zoom meetings could be valuable especially since teachers and students wouldn't know each other in September. I also think teachers need to provide more work to the students and be a little more understanding regarding technical challenges. Sometimes the teachers are the ones challenged causing some rework and frustration to the students

       They should have Zoom classes. The kid should sign in at a time and have at least 1 hour of class. Same should be applied to special class. That will ensure that they have a guide. It has been very difficult for us, because both parents work. Plus do not say optional, they dont what to do those works.

       I really feel that the teachers my children had were great. They were always available for support and instruction if need be. They gave work clearly and easy to follow.

       small zoom meeting groups for office hours teaching, better balance of workload for sufficient educational challenge

       I require the teachers to actually teach instead of just creating a slightly different google slide deck each day. At one point for kindergarten, slides with number bonds suddenly appeared with no information at all (Hey kids, here's math no big deal, you'll figure it out or maybe your parents can). Not even a link to a video or anything. Despite having numerous ways via zoom, teams, recorded videos, etc... to provide actual instruction like all other online schools do. Our teachers have provided no instruction at all for last 3 months of school.

       It would be good to have periodic audio instruction for lessons (some children learn better auditorily) and periodic opportunities for students to collaborate on projects with each other. Also, virtual clubs and have students invent new virtual sports experiences. Note: I did answer "on premise instruction only" for the one question, but only because I had to choose one or the other. I honestly can't say which I would choose in August until we see what the situation is. If more cases of COVID-19 are occurring, I would choose online instruction. If new cases continue to be on the decline, the in school might be ok, but until there's a vaccine and everyone is vaccinated, we'll continue to be at risk. Thank you to the Methacton team for all you are doing!

       There HAS to be online class environment lead by teachers!!!

       Make sure they aren't behind from the lack of learning at the end of last year. Clarify expectations for what should be done outside the classoom.

       I would like my son's teachers to record themselves teaching the subject matter occasionally. It would make it more personal instead of using You Tube videos by random people who have nothing to do with Methacton. The students are already removed enough from the community, it would be nice to hear their own teacher's voices teaching them. Other districts are doing this, not sure why Methacton is not. Holding class meetings occasionally would also be nice, only 1 of my son's teachers has done this and out of 22 students, only 9 joined the zoom meeting. Everything has been made 'optional'- to a student that often means 'not necessary', there should be required check ins with the class and teacher, holding the students accountable. If the students are 1:1 with devices to complete school work, then it should be feasible. I know how difficult this is for all, I am grateful for the online learning that has been provided. The teachers have done a great job in a short amount of time. Thank you.

       From my perspective too much work, that needs to be done without the assistance of a teacher is being given. Too many assignments are being assigned in many, but not all subjects. Also, I would like the teacher's to answer emails on a daily basis from students. If a student is working on an assignment that is due that day and the teacher doesn't get back to them it adds stress to an already stressful situation and the assignment is now late. I

       More in person instruction! Synchronized learning was non existent. Going months without contact with or from there team teachers is unacceptable. It was an absolute embarrassment what my children received from there so called team teachers (Celestials). It wasnt until parents spoke up that there was some connection. That so called connection was ONE ZOOM meeting. There should be one team meeting and one synchronous learning opportunity per 6 day cycle. That would be the minimum! The other piece is that the teachers will not know the students and have no relationship with them come this fall if we are at home. Our experience from March 13th on was beyond upsetting. We had NO 504 outreach for our diabetic son. This is not even legal! The 504 was not even addressed before the pandemic. How is that possible? As parents who value public education we could not be happier that we are moving to a new building and can put Skyview experience behind us. Our hope is that Arcola is a MUCH BETTER EXPERIENCE!

       They need to hold virtual classes. Currently what they are teaching and assigning is busy work. My children have learned nothing since March.

       Videos of the teachers teaching and reading books. Interactive zoom sessions with the teachers and smaller groups of kids, I.e. 5 kids instead of a whole classroom at a time.

       Live online classes with more teaching rather than just assignments posted.

       *All work for week assigned on Monday *Flexibility in due dates of assignments (all due following Sunday - may complete as you wish during the week) *Require at least a once per week live lesson for each subject area (my son does not want to attend the optional lesson but it think it would be good to stay connected) *Continue with no required work in the specials areas and instead offer some virtual clubs - books club, cooking club, fitness club, art club, animal care club, music club, etc. *Require less BUSY work - and instead fill the time with required reading of novels (this applies mainly to science and ss - seeing a lot of busy work in these classes)

       Zoom meetings on a regular basis throughout the week to provide instruction. The kids are very lost on the material and with my wife and I working full time at home, it is very difficult to stop what we're doing, catchup on material we haven't learned in decades, and proceed to teach them.

       Nothing. I think the teachers have done a tremendous job especially given the lack of notice.

       One on on zoom meetings since there is no going for help during study hall if they were in school.

       Teach! Live, online via zoom or google teams. This is NOT acceptable and we will pursue other educational options. It is insane to pay teachers/aides/administrators/support staff a full wage for no instruction. This is not about anyones health. Expect feedback on Election Day.

       coordinate due dates and posting dates. this year my high school students classes were all over the place with due dates and posting dates which made it difficult to follow. my elementary student had little work and it appeared more like practice than new instruction

       Zoom meetings bi-weekly to keep kids engaged

       Take the time to asses each child individually in order to ensure they understand the lessons or concepts that needed to be learned before moving on to the next level.

       Make the learning more fun. Like games that teach them. I had a really hard time getting my son to complete the work for school because he found it boring, but more success with games. Sight word and math games.

       Could they teach an actual "live" lesson through Zoom or other online applications at least a few times a week? Just sending the kids projects and assignments without any instruction cannot be the ongoing plan for next year.

       Interactive learning environment

       instruction for 7th grade was well thought out. Keep the Pass/fail versus letter grades though.

       Have hand sanitizers available at all times. The classroom/desks need to be cleaned after every period in order to stay safe.

       What theyre doing has been wonderful. Thank you.

       More conference teaching or teacher videos. A more streamlined platform. Single sign in would be preferable.

       The teachers need to do Zoom classes, not Google Classroom with slide decks.

       I would like the current pattern of education to continue with more opportunities for the kids to interact with their classmates and friends. Online meetings where they do an activity together or discuss a topic like they would in class. I would also request that parents who are able, be given an opportunity to be more involved too.

       New content , more live instruction, not just review and videos.

       Actual virtual classroom learning like all the other schools are doing and a full day as the they would normally have

       more live Zoom interactive learning sessions. ability to get progress notes emailed to parents

       The current format of placing assignments online only is far from sufficient for children's learning. Placing assignments online is not an effective way to let kids learn, particularly for young children. They need to have structure in their day. They need to have people teaching them what each idea, concept means and how to apply to real life. As such, I would highly recommend to do online meetings for all classes.

       More structured zoom online learning.

       I feel that if online learning is needed that there needs to be online teaching. I do not think my children learned anything without actually being "taught" the information through either live learning sessions or taped sessions. My husband and I are still working FT from home and must work during 8-5 hrs so it was very difficult to have to try and "teach" our children the lesson as well as sit with them and help them do the work as well. It is also very difficult to have to use numerous avenues to complete work. It would be much smoother if all work could be done through the same system. Or at least could be found in the same area. It was just very difficult to have to work out of numerous systems and find the information in all different areas, especially when having more than one child. I think Methacton needs to communicate with other districts and see how others are doing it and what systems they are using that they may be having success with.

       Regular Q&A zoom calls

       More real-time online classes / interaction

       Things that have worked: --Google Classroom --Videos created by actual Methacton teachers --email support between teachers and students --Work that is scheduled and due on a daily basis Things I would like to see changed: --Teachers relying too heavily on "prefab videos" they find on Youtube. There's a lot of "video burnout" in our home. --Teachers assigning a bulk of work on a Monday that's all due on Friday. Children monitor their work better with one assignment given a day, and due that same day. --Inconsistent work load. No offense to anyone, but if the course is not math, reading, or science then the workload should be minimal. Some teachers are posting so much work for classes that are not truly essential, that it is pulling time from math, reading, and science. --Virtual classes held weekly and REQUIRED. Virtual class time used by teachers to actually teach a lesson -- not just answer questions.

       It would be great if actual classes could be taught online, not just watching videos to teach. My child gets so distracted at home (example: playing with the dog, getting a snack, texting on his phone, etc). It would be great if there was a set time (a class schedule like they have in school), where they would have to log on to a zoom class where students could actually watch the teacher teach the lesson, like in a true online school. This would keep kids from rushing through lessons and it would feel more like actual school

       Have a normal scheduled day with actual zoom classes with students appearing online. But this is not what I want . This is ridiculous.

       Online school is insufficient.

       combination of live and recorded sessions

       Arcola did not hold a single zoom session for my current 8th grader. There was also NO reading assignments.

       Additional video lessons of the teachers introducing content/learning vs. reliance on videos from other sources. I think other videos are great, but I think having an instructional or intro video from the teacher him/herself will help the kids feel more connected to the teachers.

       Be available for students who have questions or problems with subject matter or other class related issues.

       At this time I really don't have that answer, we're in a learning process also. I'm counting on them to design the program.

       There has been no on-line teaching. These children have basically taught themselves for the last 2 1/2 months. If there will be no "teaching" happening by qualified teachers and we need to continue in a virtual environment then I will be looking into cyber school for my children.

       Something better for the Tech students. It is supposed to be hands on learning. That is why they choose to go there, not to sit at a computer.

       More one-on-one or classroom (zoom) learning and teaching. More writing work to help develop writing. The re-introduction of spelling practice/tests.

       Same Program as they had March through June . This program was excellent, it provided everything my child needed online. It was also very challenging.

       I would like to see more interaction with the teacher. In the current online environment my son saw his teacher very minimally and for only a minute or two. It was very disappointing. It does not have to be live, but recordings of her actually demonstrating things, reading stories, instead of all YouTube videos all the time would be nice.

-          Taking Oral Tests 2. Hand-in Reading Books not online 3. Children making presentations and presenting them.

       I would like to see the actual grades my children are receiving in Powerschool or some other means. I understand the 4th marking period is pass/fail; however I only know where my 7th grader is at in some of his classes because the teachers are putting the grades in Google Classroom. Some of his other teachers are only listing pass/fail. My son's 4th grade teacher is not entering grades at all. I would like to see the actual grades, A, B, C, D or F, so I know if they are understanding the topics they are studying. Also, please note that I only prefer the online learning environment until a vaccine and anti-viral drugs are available for COVID-19. I do not want my kids in face masks all day long at school. It's hard enough wearing one at the grocery store for an hour.

       Be available throughout the school day (as to limited office hours). Have online classroom instruction similar to what other schools are doing. Have more interactive dialogue - like other schools are doing.

       Ensure there is at least some live contact with teachers (audio and/or video)

       daily video conference with kids in smaller group to keep them engaged and teach effectively.

       Virtual classes everyday for all subjects

       They should be teaching live & need to stick to a normal schedule. Children need structure and with working parents (both inside and outside of the home) it is extremely difficult for children to be successful if there isnt a consistent academic structure. Just posting a bunch of work on a Monday and telling them when its due isnt teaching and it isnt structure. I highly encourage Methacton to consider a hybrid of online and in person learning to Accommodate every level of learning. It seems like the current structure is set up to support the minimal performers.

       More web/Zoom/online presenting and teaching


       mandatory zoom classes

       More interactions with teacher on zoom meetings

       I have no opinion as I am 100% against online school.

       Zoom calls are helpful but will be difficult to do with two working parents. My baby sitter cant watch 8 kids and do zoom calls all day with all of them.

       There should be an online classroom where teacher and students should interact with each other. It must be like a regular school day but done online

       More interactive learning. This was difficult for my son as he does have adhd and learning primarily on his own proved to be difficult

       I am so impressed and grateful for all the teachers have done. I believe they have gone above and beyond. And I think they have not overloaded the kids at this time and for that I will be eternally grateful.

       My 6th grader needs more interaction. He cant learn online only. Zoom calls. Videos of teachers etc would be more helpful

       possibly to have instruction by teacher via video

       the online system that has currently been instituted can continue as is

       Teachers should provide a variety of learning. If they are not going to hold live classes, they should at least have small group check-ins weekly. The amount of work that is self-directed seems to be overwhelming for students.

       We feel the first grade teachers at Worcester Elem. did a fantastic job. What they have done to move learning online, in a short amount of time, is incredible. The use of videos made online learning more personal (and allowed for some balance for full time working parents.) The subject choice sheets were very good as well. Please keep the videos and choice sheets!

       More instructional learning. A virtual online learning where the kids can interact with the teacher.

       I think you need to look at what other Districts did for instruction. I have a Senior so I didnt answer the questions effecting next year. My Senior had very little instruction, except for her French class Zooms which she loved. I heard so many interesting ways others schools handled on-line

       Perhaps more video instructions sent via email, not necessarily zoom, but the teacher explaining the weeks instructions/lesson plan in a video email/YouTube video. All children learn differently, and I feel strongly that sometimes the written instruction is just not enough, hearing the teacher explain the weeks lesson plans could be beneficial to both student and teacher.

       I think more Zoom meetings would be helpful. My son loved seeing his other classmates on Zoom.

       zoom type classes for high school

       Frequent zoom calls and interactions. Zoom calls should be made mandatory to attend and teacher should discuss specific lessons and topics during those zoom calls. More interaction is needed for Maths and Science subjects specifically as its difficult for children to learn and understand on their own.

       Same as above: Consistency with items being posted in the AM, for the week and more consistent timing for items being due, not having items due at 12, 2, 10am, 3, 6 and 9 on a school day would be helpful..... My biggest concern and I have sent countless emails regarding this was with the HS. There were various times every day that items were due from all of the classs, one teacher posted daily at 10:00 pm that night for that day, (not the next day), one teacher did not post until 3 or 4 pm every single day for that days work, some teachers would not post that days work until 11 am. These kids days should be. Ran the same as the school day. Subjects posted by 7 or 8 am. With 3 in HS and one with a 504 for ADHD this was exhausting that they would sit there waiting for work to get posted......there is a finite amount of time that ADHD Meds work and this is ridiculous. One of the responses I received back from administration was Im sorry you have unique circumstances but there is nothing we can do to have the teachers post in a timely fashion. The problem here was its not all teachers it was some. The overall issue was inconsistency and the need for an overall set of standards for the HS programming is apparent. The Arcola and Elem school teachers work was clear, concise and well organized for the students. My only other concern was tests timing out. Many times in the middle of a geometry or Bio or Chem test, something that may take a little longer, would time out.... With 6 kids here and me trying to spread myself over helping 6 of them with their schoolwork and they have a question while taking their test and I need to help them, timing can be difficult to balance.

       The optional requirements need to become mandatory as appropriate.

       Small group synchronous instruction. The class zooms this spring have been great for maintaining social instruction, but wed also like our son to have an ELA concept each week delivered via the teacher on zoom. And in a small group of peers so that he can learn alongside of them. Same thing for a math concept each week.

       There needs to be some form of video instruction (either synchronized classes or YouTube like instructions with office hours from teachers)

       Teaching online to the class instead of all of this independent work;

       I don't know how to support students, but I think online schooling may not be teaching students the material properly. I think it is a balance of making some students who are not engaged to do the work and others who are engaged to learn instead of just passing.

       If possible, I would like mandatory zoom calls, but I understand that this is likely not possible for a number of reasons. I am just concerned that the kids are going to feel isolated so anything that can be done to prevent that, I would ask the school district to consider. Thank you.

       Virtual classes. It is hard enough to try to maneuver through submitting the work and figuring that out (which she cannot do on her own, I even struggle!) that leaves no time for me to actual TEACH her because I have a full time job. Thought there'd be more interaction with teachers.

       Instruct. They did no instruction, just gave them online assignments.

       I would expect that each and every student would be able to get the education and help that is needed with being careful and protective in situations like we are going through now.

       zoom classes or teams classes

       I think they have all been great, but it would be helpful to have a centralized and easy to use portal to see assignments and due dates with immediate feedback loop if something does not get done when required. Feedback can certainly be done via email, such as an automated message that your students math assignment was not submitted as required on May 27.

       something more hands-on or visual while being virtual

       Sorry, see answer above. I would like to see face to face interaction with teachers via zoom calls or similar. They are learning the same teaching themselves. They need the interaction of being taught to. They miss their teachers. Its very isolating at present.

       More school work and more communication throughout the week.

       Short videos of teachers teaching/explaining lessons, more online/zoom meetings (Not just once a week)

       Provide face to face virtual instruction. A structured schedule to follow.

       More synchronous learning opportunities.

       More zoom meetings with students.

       Provide adequate instruction on completing assignments. Virtual live facilitation. I work full time and dont have time to sit and teach my child all day as well. I would need true virtual classroom and assistance with assignments as well.

       Zoom instruction! Little to no instruction this year! More work for lower grades. My son finished his work in less than one hour. Need more instruction and work.

       Face to face teaching, not just fun calls.

       a little more structure on the on-line learning.

       Project based learning, WebQuests, student centered learning objectives that are inspired by the child's interests and values, curriculum that starts where the child is at and the child progresses from there instead of a one size fits all approach. WHAT ARE THE POSSIBILITY OF MY CHILD HAVING THE SAME TEACHER AS LAST YEAR IF THE TEACHER HAS SAME DESIRE (I'm aware logistics are tricky but are teachers who ask for this option going to be well received?) Thank you for taking feedback.

       I would like to see at the K-4 level zoom face to face instruction for portions of the day if not a good chunk of the day. Weekly art kits or projects sent to/ pick up for at home that could be opened and ready for use with face to face instruction via zoom. I would like to see face to face instruction for phys ed & music. We've seen plenty of online adult gym classes held I think something similar can be applied for our children. I also think at the high school level there can be face to face zoom instruction as well. No different than if the teachers were teaching in the classroom. I know that online material preparation is time consuming as well as the grading process. However, with restrictions being lifted there could be a mechanism for pick up and drop off of hard copy materials for classes at all levels. For families that can't get to school pick ups/ drop offs, if needed the use of our school buses which are not in operation but something our taxes pay for.

       Not give the kids so much work they are doing more being online then at school and homework combined.

       More interaction with the students - more teaching and less sending videos

       Be aware that some students need more time to get work done. One of mind was given a lot of work while the other not so much.

       More face to face learning, not just submitting homework...especially in those areas students are struggling. That connection is lost and if it hasn't been lost then I am unaware of those avenues of action.

       An increase in live sessions. I notice a higher rate in my kids' well being on days they interact live.

       weekly individual check-ins via zoom or facetime

       More Interaction between students and teachers with Classes on Zoom

       Video conferencing mandatory one day a week per teacher

       Exactly how they did it with this school year was perfect to do this upcoming Aug.

       Actual lectures using Zoom or similar platform.

       It cannot be parent supported, the childen need online teacher instruction.

       Focus on providing course instruction to prepare students for the next level of education.

       Zoom claas

       Provide opportunities for kids to socialize by organizing Zoom meetings. That's really the biggest thing they're missing right now.

       Synchronous learning. Disappointed with the process as a whole currently.

       My child did not receive any actual instruction. I would have liked to see zoom meetings where the teacher taught the class.

       Especially with new subjects I think more live instruction where they can ask questions would be helpful.

       No comments at this time.

       Additional Zoom instructions to allow student-to-student interactions. Thank you for everything Methacton has done in these times! Keep up the great work.

       I would want to see more interaction between teacher and kids. Understand this current year was a sudden change and appreciate everything that the district and teachers had to implement so quickly. If students start a year virtually I believe it will be important for teachers to find a way to connect with students more than once per week via zoom. Having correspondence via email does not allow for Ideal well rounded communication On all topics. Thank you

       Teacher video lessons, Google Classroom to be a little more user friendly

       More zoom meetings and instructions on a face to face setting. More of a teaching setting through zoom so the kids can interact with each other and the teacher.

       Run the online class as if it were a in school class.

       Giving less assignments given that the children take longer to learn the material

       Have small zoom calls where teachers can provide lessons to the children on a weekly basis. Maybe 1 or 2 days per week, where 4-5 children join a call and get classroom instructions from their teacher.

       There needs to be more teacher led instruction maybe through videos or Zoom. The students taught themselves the material for many classes or did busy work. I realize the schools did the best they could but worry that long term, continuing without formal instruction like most kids need will be harmful in the long run.

       I think my childrens teachers (Brower, Hogstrom) have done an amazing job with implementing online instructions as long as all teachers are implementing the same type of instruction I suggest no changes.

       I would like to see 6 hours of a zoom meeting. The children can have interactive sessions and see their friends and teachers. This would allow for a somewhat real classroom environment. I feel this would be the perfect experience and I would prefer this than rush back and put our children at risk.

       Review the past years learning for the first month.

       More live learning lessons or recorded videos of lessons being taught

       Teach entire courses. There's no reason why my child can't sit through each class via Zoom and learn actual subjects. I watched my husband finish his college courses via Zoom lectures. Kids can do it, too.

       More classes live to teach.

       Br consistent and accurate with information in Google Classroom and Konstella (assignment grades/status, due dates), so we can help ensure he stays on track.

       Hold lectures with zoom or similar app and actually teach material. Require more graded work that they can't copy off the internet or each other!

       I just answered that question in question #7. Also my girls are finishing in 2-3 hours 5 days a week. I feel It should be a bit longer maybe 3-4 hours a day 5 days a week.

       More video instruction. Mak8ng sure teachers and or tutors are available to answer any questions and help students work through a problem. Fun things to keep them motivated and engaged.


       It would be nice to have more Interaction with classmates and teachers

       Provide textbooks.

       better hours and structure

       listed about

       My child has an autoimmune disease which places her at higher rusk We will have to wait to see where things stand come August before we can decide which schooling will be best for her health. I think the best way my child, or any child, can be helped with online learning is to have organization & consistency (lessons uploaded at set time, easy access to assignments/due dates). It is a difficult situation and I commend all the teachers and staff for all they do!

       be able to talk to them ,vision is important.asking questios is much needed

       There should be virtual classrooms where teachers do actual interactive teaching rather than posting assignments. Many homeworks appear to be redundant and not very useful. Their educational value is not proportional to the time invested.

       I would like to see more scheduled instruction and not just assignments.


       Live learning, record it for those who can not be on the call at the allotted time

       I would like to see Zoom or online meetings more frequently and make it mandatory instead of optional attendance.

       Online interaction with children at set time(s).

       Interactive group assignments between students.

       I would like to see Zoom calls or some type of instruction. Between my two sons, there was ONE scheduled zoom. That was quite ridiculous. I am an educator and we had three mandatory zoom calls per WEEK from the second week of online instruction. My kids had none!!!!!!!

       Less homework .

       You need to open the schools. Let the kids have a life again. They need socialization. They need activities, sports, face to face interaction. If I wanted my child homeschooled Idve done it years ago. Online schooling is not the best way to support my childs learning. We pay taxes to keep schools open for our kids to learn. Keep it that way

       Teach from where they left off. I feel like nothing new is being taught. It is either review or busy work

       I hope we dont do this

       Hope Methacton teachers could provide online real time Zoom teaching.

       Teachers need to provide more structured curriculum and routine set up with reasonable assignments, and also have online presence, to interact with the students daily, so that the students can feel the virtual learning environment and effectively learn during this situation.

       I would strongly suggest zoom calls where teachers are teaching...they can be recorded for students who cannot attend in the live to watch later. OR instead of teachers taking so much time to create google classroom documents have them record themselves teaching the work and we can watch at convenience. The zoom calls were too infrequent and students really missed interacting with their teachers. Additionally, there was zero guided reading or check ins with students-i.e. do a 10 minute zoom with a student to quiz on multiplication. Both my husband and I work full time however we will make the time necessary for the kids to learn. More interactions with the teachers via the screen vs email would make a huge difference. Finally, many parents do work and have multiple kids. Returning to school for kids to have stagger arrival/departure times on different days will be a scheduling nightmare. I would much rather have everyone home until a normal schedule can resume. Finally, I cannot fathom sending a 5 year old who did not even finish preschool onto a school bus or into a strange classroom without some type of parents to have orientation and they are to sit there with. limited students, around plexi or shower curtains in a mask. It will be absolutely terrifying for them. However my biggest ask is that there be more video check ins with students, 1;1s, guided reading small groups, whatever it is.

       We would need larger computers. The chrome books are so small. We can one see partial documents, that make it difficult to work on. They need face to face teacher with actual instructors. Right now its kind of like no one actually cares if the work gets done.

       Students should get more interaction hours and not only with home room teacher but also with other teacher too. In specials, students should not get only assignments but they should get interactions with teachers too. Thanks

       Student should have all subject classes in video conferencing mode. Like they have classes in normal school session, same way they should have all the classes on video conferencing. Thanks

       Teach a class virtually, not rely on videos and articles

       I honestly wish I could answer this question. I do not know at this time.

       I would like to not only provide materials but have the children physically see their teachers in a class meeting and meet their class mates via video conference at a minimum once a week. If this is going to be online only, there needs to be a sense of a classroom environment and not just school work. Im not sure how possible this is to logistically accomplish. All I know is the children miss being in a school environment and learning alongside classmates.

       There needs to be more actual learning and a more rigorous day. There needs to be actual instruction and teaching, not just YouTube videos and busy work.

       Need more homework and weekly zoom classes of each subject. So that teacher n student get in touch.

       Live Virtual classes

       More direct instruction of students via Zoom or similar platform. Right now, I feel like I have to teach my kid everything.

       Slightly more Zoom sessions, perhaps with some instruction and/or a bit more structure. I think what was done for this year was completely fine given the circumstances. I have no complaints and feel like it was designed / implemented in a way the met families wherever they could meet. But if the online-only environment had to continue next school year, I think it could be beefed up a bit. Id love to see teachers be able to teach from their classrooms, even if students had to remain at home. I think that would go a long way in bridging the gap.

       Some synchronous instruction. Only one of my daughters teachers had live sessions (just a few, but not daily or weekly). This is what was lacking. Teachers should have to meet with each class several times per week. How can teachers be paid full salaries with minimal work responsibilities? Students suffer without direct instruction and opportunities to interact with teachers and classmates.

       Zoom or google class room meetings instead of piling on papers and assignments

       Zoom classes

       The teachers will directly teach the classes via zoom meeting instead of letting the kids watch slides/ video. Just like the normal school learning way.

       Not sure

       More teacher interaction on live sessions. Both parents work full time, and have little time to teach.

       I feel that once the glitches were fixed the days got easier. I feel like my oldest child has struggled with some of the programs not giving him credit for a right answer only because of how it was typed with a space stating the whole question was wrong. My youngest loves learning and has gotten very engaged but can be overwhelmed with the amount of work each day. The work takes up most of the day and part of this is my fault as I have him do most of the optional work provided As I feel that is important for him to excel. The days are long on him however and I am I not sure where the balance is. The zoom meetings have been wonderful. These children desperately miss their teachers and friends. All in all the program has evolved well and is effective. With an ongoing focus on efficiency and learning I feel as if online should be the preferred choice to start the new year for the safety of all.

       Keep parents informed with a summary email about the plan for the week and daily progress.

       Check with them weekly and offer support if they need it .

       More zoom type learning

       Have on line instruction for all classes, on line lectures, on line videos to support learning.

       I would love to see a more consistent classroom type situation where there is more live interaction with the teacher. Instead of just reading online and completing papers, I would love to see a more cumulative type of leaning so the children know that they are not just memorizing facts but do actually need to learn.

       Have ALL the teachers use the same platform, and not just 1 teacher zoom! They all must be able to interact with our children

       Get feedback from students on the amount of homework - one of my children had too much work and was on the computer too many hours

       provide online teaching to the students as.if they were actually in class. i found the assignments were too much, students could only focus for about 2 hrs a day.

       More Zoom Meetings of one hour instead of a half hour that would be structure like a class.

       live classes

       Teachers are already doing their best. I would like teachers to more frequently like the work of kids and give their feedback on assignments. I believe positive feedback from teachers keeps the kid super charged and motivated.

       Use of synchronous online learning would be helpful.

       I love the class zoom meetings so they get socialization too

       Offer some sort of prerecorded lesson instruction (short, asynchronous) and weekly or biweekly check ins with peers included to offer socialization.

       A way for teachers to have a feedback about the students work or create a better dialogue between the students and teachers.

       Teach to them not just provide a video of someone else teaching and then expect parents to teach completely

       Not sure if my child is learning enough to help them succeed in college

       The daily schedule will be the same as normal school schedule. The teachers directly teach the classes via zoom meeting instead of letting the kids look at videos/slides.

       More active participation in teaching and some more homework and learning classes

       More zoom meeting

       Additional zoom classes. YouTube videos are not sustainable at a young age.

       -make sure kids are able to easily able to read and understand the material and make sure they can write answers right there and not have to copy to other docs to submit.

       I think my sons teacher is doing an amazing job. She zooms when needed to help with math.

       live / interactive instructions

       Giving students more flexibility with turning in school work. I know my child had assignments due at the same time or day. This caused a little issue at times. I appreciate everyones efforts.

       I would like to see online classes be on normal class schedule. Teachers actually host the classes instead of just giving assignments.

       Offer levels of instruction to challenge kids who are easily able to complete the work at the level provided. Have direct instructional contact with the teacher. My child has not had any live/zoom/Skype contact with their teacher to date. Im able to identify and assign work time in educational apps- I hope the teachers could interact with the students to provide some of the instruction. On a separate note- if my young children have to return to an environment in which everyone is wearing masks and theres no recess, playing with friends and social distancing is strongly enforced we will NOT send our kids back. I believe the social and emotional impacts this will have on them are incredible.

       Blended instruction (synchronous, asynchronous, etc) with pre-tests, differentiated instruction, and post tests.

       The only recommendation I have would be the option to submit attendance via email, for those of us with multiple kids and limited computers. I feel that my children did benefit in many ways from the one on one support they have gotten during their virtual learning. Especially ones like my own with learning difficulties. And there is nothing more important than their (and everyones) health and safety. Therefore, I am 100% on board for the virtual learning to continue into the next school year. I believe sending these kids to school during a pandemic, and requiring them to wear masks and behave differently, could cause unnecessary stress and anxiety to our children. Thank you for considering our feelings towards this matter!

       Online live classes More of a schedule during the day.

       More frequent meetings - longer meetings

       More zoom time

       Zoom classes to teach

       More work that would be Helpful in the future for children . A better system for math.

       There needs to be scheduled online classes. My child did not learn adequately. I work 7-4 and am not home for his school time. Teachers need to be more involved

       Make sure that the children with ieps and 504s get a separate curriculum that is tailored for them.

       A better home school curriculum to where my child isnt on a computer all day long completing assignments.

       If zoom is not allowed perhaps they could video themselves teaching their lesson. Each child can watch as many times as they need. Teachers then need to be available for questions for more than 2 hours a day.

       Ease of deadlines. Especially attendance. Most schoolwork needed to be done in late afternoon, evenings and weekends.

       I would like to see teachers teach, answer questions and explain the assignments through live conference call with the kids every school day.

       I greatly appreciate the lack of zoom calls, because I do not have time to coordinate them with my work schedule. That said, once or twice per week would be nice for social interaction and teaching.

       Using zoom

       Create structure for the kids by doing online teaching followed by an assignment, online teaching then assignment, and repeat. If families cant make the scheduled times then recordings online should be offered. Assignments should be given in two blocks during the day and completed at two intervals: 12:00 and 3:00 (with exceptions as needed). Time should be allocated where kids can easily access a teacher for help in the two block time period. This could be achieved through FaceTime or an app that is easily accessible and understandable to kids. Jumping through the technology hoops was a nightmare in the first few weeks. It has gotten better with google classroom and gmail but there still seems to be a hodge podge of sites that are not consistent even within the same grade levels at the school.

       Be more available for a little individual time once a week. If work is missing, notify the parent.

       Methacton teachers are doing a great job with online teaching. My children are doing very well at home with their school work.

       Have more face to face online learning. My daughter is lacking the personal experience and seeing her peers.

       Research projects, small group zoom, find ways to use topics that interest the kids to support learning

       Allow for some self-directed research projects/self directed learning.

       Continue to check in on the students

       Teach online/ present slides for chapter or provide book source to read instead of videos.

       Atleast 3 to 4 hours of online video classes by various teachers. 7 periods a day...so each teacher should take 30 mins with 5 mins break inbetween.

       There wasnt enough work or teaching. We need full day zoom classes where the teacher teaches. Videos are not helpful and lose the interaction with the kids. Work needs to be meaningful and serve a purpose not to give work.

       Availability for questions to be broader then this passing school year. Presently 10 to 11:30 doesn't work if parent is working 10 to 2. Therefore you have to wait 24 hrs to get a response.

       Video instruction, per each class, by the teacher explaining what they are asking the children to do along with what they expect the student to achieve after the course. In addition the expected time to complete the training and the work. In the video also show where the associated tools (video links, etc.) are (supportive training) for the class. Availability to assist the student if needed. Please at the start of any online classes, have one class dedicated on organizing your day. I miss most the structure of the assignment book and we have kids that will be in 3, 6, 7, and 10th grades. I would welcome a how to be successful at online school classes on day one spending that first couple of hours in teaching about being organized. (Create email folders per subject when the assignment is competed listed in the email inbox move the email to the completed subject folder). The Inbins are overwhelming to me.

       Live online teaching. Recorded/videos of teaching. Teachers record class in their classroom for students to watch. Increase interactions.

       At least teacher should came every day 1hour

       I'd like teachers to be free to answer student's questions without the administration telling them they cannot provide information/instruction/etc. The problem isn't the teachers. Administration wasn't prepared and got in the way of teachers.

       The teacher being live in an online video so it feels more like an in person class. Less you tube like videos from other people Give assignments at the beginning of the week and have them due on Friday. I find it hard for the kids to stay motivated with online classes and these things may help some.

       Live online classes face to face with student . Its hard for parents to be present all day

       Have live classes via the computer

       I think it was a lot of work for the kids to keep up with. I know it is difficult because you have to get the content in, but the amount of written work or busy work takes a long time for children to complete, especially when parents are working from home and when there are multiple children in homes that rely on their parents for help. Less written work and more live teaching would be helpful.

       Online virtual class

       More links that's easier to access when doing research.

       Every once a month conference calls with parents Yo see school progress

       Review and grades on work submitted. Weekly check in with parents.

       Rather than just recorded/canned lessons, more opportunity to hold live instructional sessions would be great. While this may be challenging to implement, the lack of daily connection with peers and teachers has been hard for everyone.

       Recorded lessons by teachers, more in depth content, more socialization for the kids, daily goals

       Regular online video calls. Providing study material and practice sheet which can be easily completed by child with minimal help.

       Education my children via zoom. Not just hand out assignments.

       Real classes in online sessions via zoom or webex where teachers actually teach and care to answer kids questions. I have several examples of teachers never responding to my kids requests. You tube videos and PowerPoints dont equate to learning. Also- all first graders can not use a laptop to submit all assignments - can they be easier or iPad only? Think about the audience. If an online format is chosen- I hope it is not half fast which is what we have now.

       More class work to keep to a closer curriculum similar to in person instruction

       I think that what my daughters teachers have done so far has been a great support to her. The only thing I would like is for my daughter to have longer OT and longer behavioral sessions.

       Recorded instructional lessons done by the teachers themselves and office hour times for q&a

       It would be very helpful to have at least have once a week interaction like video for the teachers to check in with the students.

       Less online and more hard copies. I'd like more textbooks and workbooks and less presentation decks and typing. I'd like the curriculum take advantage of local organizations providing online options, like the Academy of Natural Sciences or Elmwood Park zoo. I would like more live teaching to engage elementary kids more and allow for better socialization among their classmates.

       Be more available, more thoughts into the lessons, not just busy work.

       Videoconferencing With teacher and other classmates and regular videos from the teacher to communicate expectations for students

       Better communication and grading of assignments need to improve. The student teacher interaction needs to be greater. More zoom classes. A better ability to go back and forth with the teacher.

       Interact, engage and teach lessons online to aid in comprehension, especially Math.

       Live classes would be awesome!

       Virtual classroom

       More virtual classroom teaching. The children enjoy seeing their teacher and classmates and I the 1 day zoom energized the kids to complete their work.

       More instructional teaching through a platform such as zoom.

       More virtual face to face time

       I would like to see more flexibility with getting assignments completed-for instance-my daughter often completes her work in the morning, there were a few times where assignments would get posted later in the day and were due the next day. I don't expect her to get on the computer all day if she has completed her work and there were instances like this where her grades were affected-so perhaps consistency and flexibility would be greatly appreciated.

       Not sure

       Zoom classes, not just google classroom assignments

       Try to provide some type of teaching over zoom, not just give busy work. I need a way to ensure my child is provided her IEP services in an online setting. I fear she is regressing.

       Right now I feel my child is getting lots of homework with no learning. If online classes need to continue the teachers should be teaching the classes via Zoom meetings over a live feed. So kids can be taught by trained educators and can ask real time questions as needed. This is not new and colleges already do this. The focus should cover only core classes; not electives. Homework assignments /tests can be managed in the same manner as they currently are using online tools. One positive - the 5 grade teachers post a weekly suggested assignment schedule which helps my child plan her day and mange the tasks at hand. Without this she and I would be lost because we cannot predict how long each assignment will take.

       See above response

       Offer video instruction

       More video broadcast lectures -see the teachers teaching. Id prefer less robotic voices reading to my kids and then asking multiple answer questions- more interactive discussions

       see #7

       More interaction with students

       Live zoom lecture. My 4th grader had the right amount t of daily work and support - Mr Hogstrom was amazing! My 8th grader did not have enough work to get him through the week and. Hold benefit from live instruction on zoom.

       More virtual teaching less videos. My oldest goes to private school and the classes continued as if they were in school. With teachers teaching via google classroom. I understand the elementary school level children are a little more difficult however I think Teachers teaching math lessons or science lessons etc over the computer has a larger impact then watching a video. Offer alternate forms of learning the material for those whom do not learn the same way.

       I strongly suggest teacher uses more zoom or google classroom meeting. This will make students feel like real classroom. The curriculum should be set like regular school days, so they won't think they are still on vacation.

       Our daughter truly does not care for the online or virtual learning environment, so I dont how any teacher could help with her disdain.

       Continue teaching the curriculum by mixing lessons with videos of teaching as well as assignments

       PCAs need to find a better way of assisting. My child currently doubles the amount of time an assignment takes to explain and read everything to his PCA. He has this service for behavioral issues, so this is not really helpful. And judging from past experience, he will likely not be given make-up hours, or staff will try to convince me he no longer requires these services in building should I choose to forego them in the online platform. For now it seems a waste of time and resources for all.

       To be available during regular business hours.

       None of my daughters high school teachers attempted any online instruction. It was all just assigned work. There needs to be actual teaching happening if we are going to continue on in this way.

       Dont reinvent the wheel. Study whats worked well in China or even outstanding online schools.

       Have a full schedule with zoom classrooms. Switch teaches as you do in regular school. Maybe start at 9 am with breaks in between and wrap the day up at 1, may not be a full day but its much better than whats going on now. Other schools put this in place mid March and it has been wonderful.

       Teach online in virtual classrooms.

       More one-on-one with teachers Maybe there could be scheduled live time with the teacher and a smaller subset of the class every once in awhile, so that the students would be more likely to ask questions and to make sure the teachers have a handle on how the students are progressing (and so they can get to know each other). I worry that quiet students (like my child), who need to be encouraged and feel connected in order to excel, will slip through the cracks and not learn up to their potential. Have you investigated schools that are fully online, to see if their instruction methods might be useful to your staff? Perhaps they have some ideas that could enhance your staffs plans. My child says that the instruction provided this spring was fine. Thank you to everyone at Methacton for trying to make the best of this challenging time.

       Allocate individual time to check in (15 minutes) once or twice a week with parent and child for children who need learning support. I have 2 children both in K-4, one is doing great and I have no concerns. My younger daughter who was struggling in school prior to the transition to online learning may not be getting the guidance she needs to keep up with children enter the next grade. One on one learning with a parents oversight is not the same as keeping up in a classroom full of children. I am a working professional, but not a teacher, so I am not sure if I am providing the guidance my child needs to continue to be successful once we return to a traditional learning environment.

       It would need to be synchronous learning. And papers provided to kids. For younger age, especially low elementary grades, the children do not have the computer skill set.

       So far, we have been impressed with the teacher's help and teaching. If my child had a question or needed assistance, we feel that the teachers on my child's team were available even on the weekend.

       I would send my child to on premises school and that is our preference. If we have to do online school Id like to see more synchronous teaching/ learning included. Also would like more frequent updates on work completed or not completed and what that work level is. For elementary school kids- difficulty/ slowness of typing and navigating the computer needs to be addressed- It can be difficult for some kids especially those with special needs.

       I would like more live instruction or learning. More involvement between students and teachers. Not a just a checklist of assignments they need to complete. They need to see and hear their teachers instruct.


       Deliver more content live instead of all class work being given as independent assignments.

       More face to face time. Its hard to learn lessons on out own without instruction. Little YouTube videos are not enough to teach content. I am a teacher in another district and I due to my childrens age and lack of independence I had to help them navigate all of the google classroom stuff so it would wait until I had time.

       Recorded instruction in addition to current resources

       Put the work on daily and more organized, complicated to work through some of the work

       Teach actual materials and not just busy work

       Little less homework for 2nd grade. The online work load for 1st grade seemed to be a lot. Focus more time on child's weaknesses.

       Weekly zoom call

       More teaching online

       Full time online classes need to start.

       I would want to see live virtual classes with a teacher and students daily. Students should have a set schedule (ex Math 9-9:40, English 9:50-10:30, etc. all done via a zoom-type setting. They need to be engaged more and pushed harder to continue to learn. The You Tube videos for learning are not effective long term. In addition to the virtual learning with their teacher, they should have typical homework/quizzes/tests.

       I would suggest to have teachers teach online and just not share the videos and assignments. Run the online sessions as it happens in the school but in virtual mode.

       Some live teaching and help

       Live or recorded instruction of lessons

       Conduct more zoom meetings and have the kids participate in live classes as opposed to learning on their own.

       Adhere to giving out assignments one time in the beginning of the week with clear cut due date and not adding extra assignments or tests later in the week

       At least for the younger grades There should be no or minimal links to random YouTube videos for teaching. Instruction should be teacher led whether it be live or pre-recorded. The IEP program also needs to start and continue as it was stopped in March for my child. At least once a week zoom with the class to touch base and see friends and teachers.

       synchronous or real time learning with teachers and peers; more opportunities for socializing with peers so student doesn't feel so isolated. for question #6, we would prefer our student attends hybrid of on premises and online.

       teachers need to do video conferencing teaching with the students as though they were in school and NOT just assign work for them to accomplish.

       See notes above (more interaction) and better use of google classroom and assignments. Way too much clicking and reading slides. I expect more from MSD, especially when our neighboring school's teachers were interacting daily!

       Not as much homework- maybe do different subjects for different days

       Daily and or weekly updates

       Have a set schedule as if school was still normal/in person- at the very least for the high school level. Require zoom classroom attendance & have teachers instruct students live on a daily basis. I understand it couldn't be planned for this year, but knowing this far in advance, there should be no excuse not to organize this in case it is needed next year. PA has several cyber schools that do this already, so it is definitely possible

       More live interaction with the students!

       More face to face zoom instructional classes......This survey is useless.....all families would prefer their children back in school otherwise kids would be enrolled in a charter cyber school. The survey should also consider a hybrid approach to on-line and in-class room instruction. You may need to consider year-round school, split school days/split weekdays, or rotating marking periods.

       Teach! Live, online via zoom or google teams. This is NOT acceptable and we will pursue other educational options. It is insane to pay teachers/aides/administrators/support staff a full wage for no instruction. This is not about anyones health. Expect feedback on Election Day.

       Active zoom classrooms for one of my children. The second child has an IEP and none of his goals can be met via online learning. He has not benefited at all from online learning.

       Encourage the kids to interact with each other.

       Real teacher ... on line .. teaching real content material ...

       - face time or some tool with a visual of the teacher and with the class (can be optional...but would make a world of difference for so many kids to still feel as if they are part of a class) - have teachers update their team sites with assignments and when due dates - have an easier way to log in attendance...if kids are doing the work...they attended - all the learning styles should be addressed in virtual learning... make sure there is audio, visual, and hands on (however possible) - parent need a better way to know how their children are doing - when teachers provide answer sheets for math/science- the work on how to get the answer should be provided to help kids understand if they got the problem wrong...rather than waiting 24 hours or more for a teacher to respond during their office hours -if students in each grade get the same virtual homework have a general q/a email or blog for students to reach out to or for teachers to post on so everyone can go to one spot and get quick answers ( many students may have the same questions) the blog can be by week/topic/assignment -general guidance to students on how to organize and stay organized in a virtual environment is critical...prioritize...do hard subjects first so you have time to reach out to teachers for help and so the teachers have time to reply back and forth...

       Asynchronous learning to allow for equitable participation by all students. Zoom sessions for researching and tutoring and intervention.

       Give some positive feedback, instead of only negative

       Teach!! Provide actual daily instruction on a schedule that required the students be physically present and allow the parents to do their jobs. Have a schedule that provides real time instruction and also allows for flexibility to complete work after hours. Parents cannot be expected to teach and perform their paying jobs with any level of success. Unless you plan on returning my school taxes?

       More Zoom sessions for kids with LDs. I needed to become my son's primary teacher during the 3rd and 4th marking periods.

       More zoom full class interactions

       Zoom classes

       If the 2020-21 school year starts as an online environment, teachers need to be teaching lessons, giving lectures, etc either in a real time Zoom-type environment or pre recorded videos for students to access. I also believe that students would need more frequent mandatory calls with teachers as a check in, q&a and relationship building tool.

       A first grader doesnt have the computer literacy skills to effectively and independently complete work. If its possible to send all work in the beginning of the week, with a synchronous meeting twice a week to review new concepts, that would help. Also, create packets to work though so work can be done by the student independently.

       Face to face instruction.

       We had no interaction with our teachers besides emails. One or two zoom calls to play games...:there were NO Interaction with teachers via zoom, there was no teaching at all and no new Material. All review and busy work which I had to help bother children with. I was very very dissatisfied with the online learning that was provided. The kids had no motivation at all. If we are not going back and online is the only option, many changes have to be made to teach our children. We need ONLINE learning not just YouTube videos.

       I truly hope that is not the case. While I have certainly tried my best, I am not a qualified teacher and I think my child has missed out academically and socially as a result of the pandemic. While I value the safety of the students and faculty above all else, I am hopeful there will be a way everyone is able to return to school safely in August.

       Provide end target learning goals, ie my 2nd grader should know multiplication up to 1212, or division up to whatever skill level. Lessons have been very random and skip around with a lot of links to websites/YouTube content. Same for ela, one day it's learning about adverbs and the next about the soft vowel sounds

       Better user friendly assignments.

       Clear expectations for students and parents and mindfulness about time required. Easier systems for support.

       Be consistent on when assignments are due

       Simplify the assignments to be able to just click on them and do them without logging onto to all these different sites.

       Zoom learning would have been nice. Sad that the students could not interact with their teachers other than an email. Although teachers were responsive it was impersonal. My child was able to adjust because she has the skills to teach herself but I can see other students struggling with out the opportunity to communicate with their teacher face to face.

       require each student to read at least one book per semester.

       Post teachers lessons recorded and then zoom sessions for support.

       Regular parent updates/touch bases and opportunity for group class interactions, discussions whenever possible to discuss class content.

       I hope my children study same as school time frame(8-2:30 with each period) with homework.

       More live classes and pre-recorded sessions

       Be consistent with assignment due date timeframes. They are not sitting on the computer all day to see an assignment given mid day and due that night.

       1.Less students in the classroom so more space between each student 2 Instruction within online lessons are vague- kids are teaching themselves and then completing several Assignments or quizzes but no corrections are given for students to know what they have gotten wrong. What is the point of learning if you dont know how to correct what you got wrong? 3. Some students are going above and beyond to complete work and projects- others arent even attempting or turning it in a week late- there has to be some accountability for middle schoolers and up. Not fair for students that are really trying and putting in a lot of time and 100% effort. 4. Dont overcompensate for instruction lost for March-June- Change expectations of curriculum so that the return to school will be a smooth transition. Less anxiety, less sitting and more specials and physical activity Is necessary. The older kids are not as resilient as the younger kids. The content is harder and parents are unable to teach it. These kids are teaching themselves. We are observing that more instruction and more assignments does not always equal better grades and smarter students, especially when learning virtually. It just makes them sit in front of a laptop longer which is unhealthy.

       Zoom classes. For learning. Not just for socializing.

       They need to actually teach lessons live and be available/present at least 4 hours per day. Possibly smaller groups via zoom twice per week per subject with live office hours if needed.

       Live teaching with structured times and real instruction. The Methacton program was laughable and the lack of effort was evident.

       Zoom lessons would be great

       If Im provided with the materials, I can continue to guide my children at home. I would need teachers to provide a learning community (especially for my rising kindergartener) where students get to know each other and have chances to interact. That being said, I get that other parents do not have the flexibility that I do. If given a choice, Id happily instruct my kids at home while other students attend in person to keep our classroom numbers down and allow for better distancing.

       Have regular classes through Teams or Zoom

       Its ok. But parents always can not sit with Kids to complete all assignments

       More feedback from teachers regarding how a student is doing. Instruction provided from the teachers via interactive Zoom meetings with the class.


       Since my child would be a senior, I feel that more detailed power points for easy referral while studying. Plus video taped lessons Of teacher teaching the subject matter. Assignments should be on a google calendar to avoid confusion when they are due. Giving more of a time schedule to help children get a better routine. So if that class would be at 8:30am that child should be expected to see homework posted at that time.

       I really feel like there needs to be more instruction time. Students should have option to log in and watch lessons live from teachers.

       No idea, but I think the district needs to get our teacher high level training in designing online instruction. Our teachers did a great job on the fly, but teaching effectively online FT is a very different skill set to execute.

       Live teaching. More time for teachers to conference with parents, if needed, to share expectations, assignments, and student progress.

       Assistance with APs next year and certify online enducational sites

       Little more interaction

       I have 3 students in 3 different schools. My older 2 have adapted well but online learning has been a difficult adjustment for the youngest. A more structured online environment with specific due dates for assignments may provide help in that area. Dont make everything due per week. Also, many shared videos by teachers in online instruction have been blocked by MSD online security - so the online content lacks in continuity of message and delivery

       More zoom calls for instruction and also a packet sent home with all WS that need to be completed and then we can scan and send back. Some of the worksheets were hard for the kids to complete without me helping enter the answer they were providing.

       more structured. with real time lessons given by teachers via zoom or alternative. office hours available. more feedback on assignments given

       Online hours to assist kids with questions related to their assignments

       Continued prayers

       I would love if the teachers could have more individual check-in's with the students. My daughters are shy and don't say a word in the full class zoom meetings so they have had very little (if any) direct interaction with their teachers. The work on google classroom was good but if possible, more videos of their own teacher giving lessons/advice/support/encouragement would be good. (Dr. Morgan did a great job of this, I wish others could have done so as well!) And, maybe 1-2 videos a week of their own teacher giving a lesson or specific subject instruction would be nice too. Anything to make the kids feel more connected to the teachers. Maybe zoom calls with a smaller group of kids (4-6 or so) would help and be more manageable for the teachers and the kids. I also would like some way to motivate the kids to do quality work - mine figured out really quickly that they just had to "get it done" and they'd get credit for it. They only listen to so many "do you best work" talks from mom/dad - some graded assignments would be helpful! Thank you for reading and thank you for doing all you can to help get our kids through this crazy time while still learning something!

       Zoom calls for frequent interaction. Homework Make them do some extra credits using other online platforms for APs using HBR or other qualified sites to consider into grades.

       Zoom class at least 2 times a week

       Pre recorder lessons ( only 1 teacher has to recited them), the teacher with the best video presence! Follow up weekly zoom calls for Q&A. Easier attendance check in or make it mandatory only for students who are not completing 1/2 of their assignments. Organization tips for virtual learning. Teachers to post weekly assignments and deadline on their webpage so students can see at a glance what is due and when. Student blogs by teacher/subject, to share ideas, ask questions, and support each other in a virtual environment. Zoom calls with no subject in mind...just the home room teacher sending a positive encouraging message to their students!

       Just try and keep the kids engaged, zoom meetings seem to help remind them the teachers are there for them.

       Engage a lot more! Id like to see more interaction between teacher + students, and student to student. Id like A LOT more actual instruction of learning materials. Id like my childs teacher to check in with her, individually, even just once every few weeks for a few moments.

       Zoom type sessions

       My daughters teacher (Elementary) was extremely engaging. I felt she learned a great deal since March. She felt completely connected to her teacher and to her school. My son, on the other hand, I am very disappointed. If online only instruction environment was only offered by the district I would enroll my son into cyber school. My son was not interested in school because he was not engaged. The older kids need to have more direct instruction from their teachers.

       More interaction. Activities and clubs online. IEP reading support via zoom

       I am not a teacher. My child should be in a class environment

       Synchronous, full day learning with their teachers virtually with homework

       not Sure

       I think that the attendance check in is scheduled to late especially for older students 9-12.

       Online learning needs to be more technologically advanced. Power point slides where kids have to drag and drop things are not efficient and are time consuming. There must be better methods for learning than PowerPoint slides. I would also like to see some way to differentiate and cater to childrens capabilities as much of the elearning was not challenging enough for my son.

       I would like the teacher to do live classes with the children everyday

       online classes

       Instructional classes in real-time using Zoom and other interactive tools so kids can ask questions and learn from each other.

       Zoom every class...the whole actual school day. Have actual structure. If it was a class in person in school, it needs to be a zoom class.

       More interaction. Engaging for students. It is not healthy or normal for a kindergarten or first grade student to stare at computer for learning. Also it is not good for the other eays they need to develop. Socially, listening skills etc. This age is when they grow and learn how to manage school.

       More teacher video instructional lessons- especially in math and science. I dont feel like the teachers did any videos of instructional lessons. My son has not seen or interacted with his teachers in a live zoom/ lesson since March. Far too many YouTube tutorials.

       Interactive learning instead of videos.

       Consistently in the learning environment with synchronized teaching and virtual classrooms. Shared best practices between teachers/educators. As close to a live classroom Experience as possible.

       Offer more teaching video and more persnonal follow up when students don't meet expectation.

       I would like to see some required instruction in the areas of Math, English & Science taught at least 2x per week as a class on Zoom. This way, especially with Math, kids could participate & ask questions if needed.

       I know it would be difficult but live classes

       Perhaps live virtual classrooms with lessons being taught in a zoom like format enabling real-time communication between teachers and students.

       Smaller classroom setting so students could be spaced apart would be ideal but I think its unreal to expect them to social distance.

       Simply More teacher led instruction would be helpful. More recorded lessons, voice-over lesson. More positive interaction. Thanks.

       Regular zoom conferences with teacher instruction. (Not just social visit/ interaction)

       Understand that children become easily unorganized and overwhelmed. Having a large amount of assignments presented on Monday due Friday is very overwhelming. Having daily assignments is easier for children to manage their day and week by. Live instruction would be helpful as well. Parents are doing this 24/7 and working at the same time. Its extremely difficult especially with children who have an IEP.

       I need more time to think about this question

       Earlier required log in time and video lectures that can be rewatched if needed

       Live lessons with the teacher in at least ELA and Math every day. West Chester Area SD is offering this, we should as well. Live instruction for other subjects should be available throughout the week. Recordings of these lessons should be made available if a student cannot attend the live class. Adobe Connect is a great program for this. Educere was a terrible experience at the elementary level. Quality online Instruction is more than a posted power point and quiz. My son has a 504. Discussions of what this looks like in the online environment should happen before the beginning of the school year.

       Work was inadequate. There were no assignments aside from the four core courses. I know that other school districts challenged their students much more and health, PE, Music, Computers etc were part of the curriculum.

       Online teacher directed instruction rather than YouTube videos. I think my daughter would learn better from her actual teacher doing a virtual lesson than from watching a YouTube video on the topic.

       They are doing amazing so far. Continue to keep the course load appropriate since I will be returning to work by then and wont have as much time.

       Somehow get different support than the online structure given now. My child struggles at time with online learning in math class

       More live classes for instruction and student interaction. Better feedback on skill development.

       Consistency with assignments in google classroom for all classes. Easier for parents to monitor what work is due and when. One teacher had 4 of 5 assignments as a task on google classroom and 3 weeks in a row the one assignment that was listed in the body of the page and not assigned a task was missed. That was the only assignment missed by my student and it happened 3 times. I think the ability to go back to a recorded lesson was helpful especially for math.

       Move towards required structured zoom classes where the teachers actually teach the kids with regular hours and expected interaction. The kids need actual instruction not just videos and worksheets. Th e teach have done a great job ting and stepping utgis p without expectati

       Check in via video conferencing not only to teach but to support the social aspects that we are currently living in today. Pulse Checks. Create some social activities among classmates. With the new norm...challenge teachers to be creative in what and how they teach as these times are drastically different.

       I would like more online interactive instruction, not just busy work.

       Live consistent online class meetings and instruction, daily, throughout the day.

       Online class

       A teachers face and voice along with classmates, there is no better substitute. School is about experiences as well as curriculum. This offers a little bit of both.

       Teachers should record their teachings online for kids to see, not just giving links for different sites.

       Have zoom for the entire class every day

       For the IEP, keeping in touch maybe every other week with an email or phone call maybe?

       More interactive meetings.

       Be available for questions and assistance at regular times daily. As much as possible given that it is a different world these days.

       Actually engage with the children and provide real time instruction. These kids are too young to self teach through reading assignment and worksheets alone. They need the teachers to help link the what and why of their assignments.

       More face time

       Online classes on zoom for each class period

       Record didactic portions of the lessons.

       Would like video conference based online learning where teachers can have direct one on one (or a section of the class pupil) interaction. If not for the entire duration this can be done for an hour or so each day to get as close as possible to on premise learning as this will help assess the child in a better way.

       Provide synchronous instruction throughout the day

       Provide more live learning through Zoom

       Broader plans posted in advance, it was tough to complete all assignments each day. Assignments tended to pile up by Friday.

       Consistent communication is key, not only with the students but with parents as well (or making sure that the parents have easy access to what is communicated to the students.) Streamlining that communication would be helpful for those of us with students in multiple schools.

       They are already doing a good job. We would like more video calls or some video sessions.

       I would like them to creat MEANINGFUL lessons that are not busy work. Busy work seemed to be the theme and that has let students think this is how online learning will be going forward.

       Actual online instruction.

       Please see comment in #7 2. Check in with the students once a week via email or phone or zoom. This could be done as a group. One zoom a day per course. Just to get them together to ask questions, etc. Teachers have been inaccessible and that's not okay. These kids were on their own. And not all students can learn in an online environment.

       More video time to explain assignments

       We experienced 1st grade-Additional Zoom meetings For the social interaction (currently only 1x a week), Lessons that are self guided for longer than 5 minutes at a time...maybe links to google doc learning content within the lesson so the student can continue on (for about 20-30 minutes) without needing mom & dad every few minutes to navigate....(and mom and dad can get an email in here and there during their work day.)

       An actual teacher not videos. I will not have anyone to watch my child during the day.

       interact more with the kids regardless age, they need attention , encouragement , more details on homework subjects , they need more feedback

       More live instructions.

       More zoom sessions with actual interactive teaching provided from the teachers. Right now they only have 1 30-min zoom session every week, where people basically just touched base and chatted with each other. 2. More feedback on how they did on their homework. Right now they submitted their homework, and most of the time did not know if it were good or needed correctly. I recommend each assigned homework should be checked/graded and sent back to the student.

       Face to face learning using Zoom or something similar.

       Zoom lectures, more homework, tests... my son has learned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from March to May 2020.

       Live instructional Zoom calls.

       I do not think my child is motivated enough to independently complete her work. I believe when my in the classroom my child takes more accountability. I hope there would be a reasonable way to physically distance but if it is not safe I would have my child stay home.

       Zoom classes instead of only google classroom-more interactive learning.

       less homework

       Teach similar curriculum as on the premisses.

       Make an effort to personally get to know each student and their individual learning styles. Teachers need to adapt their teaching styles to the needs of their students since children learn in different ways. How can that happen through a computer? I realize high school students are more independent, however online learning for elementary students is trickier. How can you help younger children gain confidence and academic success?

       The teachers at Arrowhead did an amazing job at turning on a dime and moving to google. That was tremendous and they deserve everything for that. I feel like any opportunity to do small group zooms or meetings would help. My daughter responded well to pre-recordings from her teacher as well. Also, please do not ever go back to educere, that was terrible.

       Scheduled live classrooms with active instruction. Parents cannot continue to be 'teachers'.

       When using the technology such as Google Classroom, the teacher should set up a test student account, so that the teacher sees exactly what a student would see and can configure settings accordingly. Also, teachers should provide significantly work/assignments that require more time from the students. Our students have been assigned about an hour of school work per day which is very inadequate.

       Just keep communicating. I think they did an excellent job in the constraints they were given.

       There needs to be more interactive, zoom meeting type classroom environment. I think you should reach out to cyber schools for a better system. No specials. They are too difficult to do.

       I think on line school should run the same schedule as normal school with all zoom meetings

       The students need to go back. My children got nothing from their online studies. Daily instruction through a platform like zoom with teachers actually instructing & structured school hours should have been done. The lack of daily work & structure has proven whatever Methacton chose to do does not work. Honestly it has been a joke.

       I have been happy with what theyve done so far

       More face time with the kids especially math instruction

       Have the teacher instruct the class via computer/zoom. I think online schooling should be taught live.

       Assign reasonable amounts of work and realize that some parents are essential workers and not available to provide instruction and monitoring

       More instruction through videos versus relying on students to read content/info. Need to mimic as if you are in the classroom.

       Video lectures for each class. More consistent amounts of work from each class. Closely mimicking the curriculum to how it would be as if we were in normal school. Teachers show maximum effort in lesson planning to instill student confidence and productivity.

       Have them help the kids like they did when they were doing on line class .

       Hold actual lessons virtual. Have the support teachers set up one-on-one or small group learning. Have an actual school day

       My son is a NMTCC student so online learning will never work for him

       Zoom classroom instruction. There was no I instruction or formal assignments in my sons kindergarten class . In addition my junior in high school would have preferred more zoom as well.

       Teach online classes on Zoom 2. More homework

       I have two children with very different needs. One child has an IEP and the volume and type of online work for him as a kindergartner was extremely high. My other child has a GIEP and has not be sufficiently challenged during our time at home. I have chosen to assign her extra work every day in order to keep her occupied.

       -Dedicated virtual instruction to engage my sons attention. - it was sometimes confusing having assignments in GC and emails from teachers. Ensure assignments are centralized Although not prepared in the beginning, the district did an outstanding job once up and running. - Would have liked to been connected with the emotional support team sooner.

       Meet at least twice per week teaching with the students. Follow up on previous weekly assignments

       Im actually pleased with how the school handles my childs online learning.!

       Limiting the amount of tests and quizzes given online would help. If necessary do not put a time limit on the amount of time it takes to complete the test. Since instruction is different obviously learning and processing the information is different. My daughter felt huge pressure to answer the questions in the time given and I know she could have performed better without the pressure of the time limits.

       More virtual face time and communication as a group. We feel the social aspect is being lost under the current program.

       More hands on communication, classroom zoom sessions. More work that my child doesn't need assistance with

       Zoom which is required. When you tell teen kids it is optional they dont want to do it. I know we are the parents ,but when we have to teach on top of everything else it makes arguing over optional things not worth it. It is just in order to keep peace in the house during very stressful times I dont have the energy to fight over it.

       Teach classes as a live stream

       Give them work to do each day instead of a week at a time. That way they dont finish all their work for the week by Wednesday.

       I would like the teachers to conduct zoom classrooms .

       Call her via zoom, but that is not really working.

       more online classes in person! 30 min one time a week is a joke!

       Engage more with the students and classroom

       Offer zoom classroom instruction sessions

       More virtual instruction with the teacher

       1. Zoom classes with lectures, videos 2. Clear, easy to understand instructions in one font. One color. 3. Required reading with instructions with optional book club discussions 4. Group assignments/discussions to encourage interactions with peers 5. Resources/answers provided to the tests the following week as a way of learning what the student did wrong (languages) 6. Clubs or social interactions for the students 7. Zoom classes with special classes (gym, tech ed, etc) - can these classes give a one project or other assignments for the whole semester to perform at home?

       Zoom type "live" class taught by teacher

       Video of each chapter explained with examples by the teacher.

       More actually instruction and not just assignments given on things the children have not learned yet. Google in not an appropriate means to learn answers for assignments.

       Conduct virtual classrooms! Give more homework. Be more available to students/parents if have questions.

       I would like to see the teacher provide feedback to students as well as have live or pre-recorded lessons. Students in elementary school need to practice the fundamentals of physically writing with pencil and paper as well as practicing math facts on paper. Teachers should correct those papers and provide constant feedback. Elementary Ed students need to know what is correct writing and numbering. Teachers need to provide that feedback.

       More instruction where the student can see their teachers! I think the kids really miss the interaction with teachers and peers. I have even heard of just playing video games with each other where they can chat.

       More Zoom calls with instructional training

       I hope not, but if we do I would like actual lessons for the teacher to teach through zoom. They have all been fabulous at communicating and helping when needed but its NOT even closely comparable to live instruction.

       Only1 of ,my children have a IEP. I was dissatisfied with the online, there should of had more interaction with there teachers. If the children are unable to return to school in August, there should be more teacher involvement, not just assigning the students their assignments. No I don't want my children to return to school if there is no vaccine. I believe my child contracted Covid-19 in school early February into the first week March they all had a dry cough and chest congestion and a headache. One on my children was unable to attend school because she was to sick.

       Do online lecturing, share screens for clarifications . Make sure kids are taking it as mandatory learning not optional!!

       Please tell the teachers that they should make the students more responsible to make sure that they (the students) hand all assignments or homework in on time. And make the student understand that there are consequences if the work assignments are not completed.

       I would also like to have more communication with the teachers. I only heard from 1 out of 9 teachers from my son. Only one teacher offered help. Very disappointing.

       We would really like part of the day in which students would engage in real time learning with teachers. Our son going into second grade struggles with reading and math. Id love some smaller groups to address his individual needs (for example - guided reading however that might look).

       Use some apps to have an interaction classes

       The kids need more than 1-2 hours worth of work and DEFINITELY more ability to see their peers. Microsoft TEAMS or ZOOM, but the inability to see their peers is a problem at Methacton. I realize this is a challenge and it is all new, but seeing their teacher instruct, much like they would in an y virtual classroom is also vital. Just seeing their face is not really a proven way to teach. Make it seem like they are sitting in class, given the teachers the ability to be in the classroom, out of the home, but safe, free and clear of children. Children are known "safe carriers" and they will just bring whatever is from the infected homes to the schools, then back to "clean" homes - where 1-2-3 generations are under a roof. Not safe yet.

       Do not have too many expectations from my son. It's too hard for him to have online schooling. And unfortunately, I can't explain English grammar to him.

       I have four children in the district and they all have adjusted pretty well to remote learning. It took a few weeks to get used to, but they are good now. The support from their teachers has been great. My concern would be if they needed to spend more time on their screens. If so, I would encourage more outdoor activities. Thank you!!!!! I hope this finds you well!

       Teachers to be more organized and consistent on when assignments are due.

       Not sure

       Nothing different from what was done in past few months.

       Challenge kids who are academically advanced more

       Ugh! This will definitely be hard. I hope they can go back.

       Need more online live synchronous teacher students sessions

       Get to know them personally

       Application of the IEP accommodations. Scheduled time for assistant teachers to help child with work as opposed to child/parent having to ask for assistance. Scheduled class times to learn, review material I. E. abbreviated but typical school day similar to the schedule they had at school.

       Periodic check in and online lectures

       in person instruction via zoom etc

       Some actual online instruction. Small group instruction in elementary. Not just reading stories. TEACH A LESSON

       I think that what Eagleville fourth grade teachers did this year was perfect. Asychronous work with options for zoom help and chatting through Google classroom. I liked that there was only one zoom class per week for purely social emotional check-ins with classmates. Videotaped lessons from specialists would be a nice addition.

       Teachers can give books/workbooks for home in the same way as we'll be collecting stuff for last year and then they can give instructions online. This way kids wont have to work on screen all time. Teachers can give little more work to keep them more occupied

       More Zoom instruction for classes

       More face-to-face meetings (zoom), Group is fine, and maybe a 10 minute individual call once in a while.

       Face to Face interaction through online

       May be periodic online monitoring

       Doing a great job already

       The biggest need is teacher video or virtual instruction. The teacher actually reviewing the material either live or via recording. Also, feedback from assignments would be great (we did not receive any).

       Would like to see live classes like Zoom with teachers and students. My senior this year was not challenged and again next year I will have another senior. My graduating senior Did not have an adequate workload and was finished the weeks assignments in a few hours.

       The material needs to be streamlined. A lot of the assignments require you to go in and out of different applications over and over. Sometimes assignments uploaded did not show submitted and had to be reuploaded. The educere format was much easier then google classroom. Instructions need to be accurate and any assignments requiring outside applications and websites must be clearly noted with login information. I feel like we are jumping back-and-forth so much in the google classroom and submitting daily attendance by noon for working parents sometimes is not feasible. There are nights we have had to do schoolwork between the hours of 7 to 9 PM . As long as you submit attendance for the day there should be no time restraints on that.

       Ensure the teaching material and learning progression meets State required common core standard, and clearly state and demonstrate what the standards are

       More video conferencing/video lessons

       More of a schedule outlined by the school and not determined individualLet by the teacher. Teachers and staff answering emails in a timely manner, particularly during office hours. Actual classes and not just the assignment of work.

       -More interactive with teacher and other students. Live classes on zoom - writing assignments with pencil and paper -Reading comprehension -typing classes for the young ones

       I would like the teachers to have more training with the online tools. The should understand how different files work, students technological capabilities, and how to move/ edit files without losing student work.

       If possible, definitely live classes

       I think the teachers have done a great job, the only other thing they could have done would be require the kids to do Zooms- at this age level, its harder to get them to choose it, even if they need it.

       provide as much structure as possible.

       All teachers need to provide video recorded lectures and zoom office hours weekly. This is critical for learning foreign languages. Teachers need to double or triple the amount of work they're assigning the students.

       Virtual class. Similar structure to in class setting. Consider sending kids back to school earlier in August if green and have earlier winter break in anticipation of resurgence in late fall/early winter.

       there was little to no interaction with students. One of my kids will be a senior. There has been no communication with parents for assistance with college planning. There needs to be more guidance for seniors with the college application process, essay, SAT prep, etc.

       Make lessons simple for child to do on their own so parent can tend to other children and juggle everyday life tasks.

       Some form of live, virtual instruction - for a short duration each day (maybe an hour or less). More team exercises between students (pair of kids for a short project each day)

       Video teaching every day live so kids can interact with teacher and students instead of just lists of things to do in google classroom

       Let them have a more flexible and later start time

       Online instruction either by video or live instruction- not just learning on your own via homework assignments via google classroom.

       Doing exactly what they are doing. I feel they did a great job.

       I would Really would like to see the teacher sending personal instructional videos rather than all YouTube videos. I feel she should be recording herself giving a lessons. The kids would benefit more from this and feel more connected to school. Organized class zoom meetings where kids and parents can ask questions and still feel like they are part of a classroom.

       Everyday school like online live and interactive classroom sessions and teaching. Also the books available online.

       I would like my child to be able to interact with their teacher and class mates so she feels that she is part of her class. It would also be nice to have smaller group setting with the teacher and a few classmates for instruction/learning time. I did appreciate that school work was not due until Sunday. As a fill time working parent household this flexibility was huge!!!

       Open communication Establish a relationship with the child/family Make learning interactive and engaging

       More online actual classes being taught- more structured day. FaceTime with the teacher teaching an actual class by zoom or something like that.

       I would like to see more teacher / student interaction especially for me because I have a child who needs extra help and support. I also think the workload was very heavy, especially for my 10th grader. My son is used to having his tutor for math and it was very frustrating to him because he was not able to do the math on his own or be successful in his efforts.

       Teach lessons live instead of random minimal assignents

       More Regular face to face /pre recorded zoom or similar .

       Teach! Live, online via zoom or google teams. This is NOT acceptable and we will pursue other educational options. It is insane to pay teachers/aides/administrators/support staff a full wage for no instruction. This is not about anyones health. Expect feedback on Election Day.

       For grade school I would like to consider packets for work. Online is needed as well but they're just learning to write and could benefit from writing more than watching learning videos. HS needs more contact from teachers, including with parents. My HS student's teachers were very good about this.

       Have check-in zooms with class to go over weekly work, answer questions or do Short, mini-lessons, have office hours where kids could join a zoom for extra help

       Live online lessons, so the teachers can instruct, not just provide materials.

       Since my daughter would be attending the high school for the first time - I would appreciate some way for her to understand the lay out of the school, where her teachers would be located. Also more video schooling.

       I am overall pleased but I feel some teachers could have done more video teaching- maybe 5 minute quick videos to explain content. I feel zoom is a waste of time unless it's a small group and instruction is happening. Screencastify and Screencastomatic are great tools to have a teacher record themselves- It does not have to show their face- audio only is a help too. I felt my son's teacher at Arcola- Spanish-gave a lot of busy work-too much- did he retain anything? Probably not- all written work -Flipgrid could have been a great tool for language- with teacher modeling. I know this was a new experience for all but teachers need to be trained in this.

       More instruction, rather than just the work. It's hard for working parents to homeschool their children when they have to be out of the house for work as well.

       Video teaching for face time with students

       I would like to see more teacher instruction and teaching. More work! Some test/quizzes so the kids are accountable for the information.

       Online live instruction just like in class. Parents cannot be teaching new concepts to childrens both young k-4 or older 5-8. Teachers are best qualified to do so.

       more Zoom meetings; more actual teaching

       Another platform that a first grader can use, zoom or video instruction that requires very minimal parent assistance, handout or papers physically sent home as some kids do not do well via computer or tablet only.

       My child will not participate

       More classroom like training, more challenging content, grading that is based on the traditional method not just pass or fail. Tests for various subjects.

       Actual teaching instead of giving them YouTube to watch to learn. This has been a very disappointing experience. I know it was new but one of my other children did PA Cyber and that was done so much better. He actually learned something.

       Be online with them all day and explain how to do work instead of parents

       Actual lessons instead of worksheets, power points and tons of questions to research and answer


       I would like to see more zoom type learning.

       Keep up the good work

       Offer some live classes to teach new material and continue to offer self-paced online assignments.

       more teaching through zoom or some kind of live teaching

       zoom calls

       More actual live classrooms where attendance and instructional interaction was required. True Interactive learning is currently minimal as well as a school community environment. Sadly, teachers would need to engage like real cyber school teachers. I certainly hope we dont need to be FT online... it would be to the detriment of all. Thank you!

       Provide better/modified lessons for IEP students

       Hold the entire school day over Zoom.

       As I am unfamiliar with 1st grade curriculum I don't exactly know. My biggest concerns right now are typical life skills (reading a clock, counting money, etc) that students learn in 1st grade, along with reading. I don't have tricks to help my son read and become a fluent reader.

       In person or recorded teaching rather than the use of YouTube videos, etc in addition to worksheets, handouts

       Same time classes

       More challenging subject matter. Dont cater to the least common denominator. Life isnt fair.

       Im not sure. This is such a learning process for them and the kids. Im sure everyone is doing the best they can.

       Online lessons

       More interactive classes including zoom learnings and including the teacher personally teaching more.

       Real time learning instruction...

       More online assistance or overall more user friendly platform

       Teach ONLINE in person through video or zoom. Actual interaction. Not random videos.

       More virtual classes, like professors using ZOOM some days a week.

       Facetime/zoom for a personal attention Videos to support instructions Student meet with teacher before school year begins Weekly plan with answer key for parent Flexibility within day to complete work (in conjunction with parents' work schedules) Ultimately we want our child in the classroom learning and developing social skills, but until there is a steady decline/plateau in COVID cases, we cannot risk her health or that of our family. We are expecting our second around Halloween and need to take these extra precautions.

       Mrs. Raley and Mrs. Fischer did a great job. They responded quickly to emails and communicated frequently and made things as efficient as possible. So responding quickly to emails. Maybe having an occasional one on one video with student.

       Online practice tests.

       1:1 meetings with student to ensure they are learning the material being presented.

       She needs an online presence. No just a zoom a week where no other students show up. I know how hard it is but she needs that interaction

       My child is graduating this year

       Actual live instruction, assigned at an actual time.

       Limit amount of work its been overwhelming

       If they had Google or Zoom meetings, that might be helpful. I teach kdg. and I had Google meetings with my students which made them feel connected to school. I don't know if the high school students did this, but that might help. My one son, who is in high school, did have a zoom meeting with the guidance counselor. My other son did not have any meetings with school personnel, but his travel baseball coach had weekly meetings which was nice. Perhaps it would depend on the class, but it was a nice way to stay connected.

       No masks in school! The kids will be oxygen deprived from stewing in their expired CO2 waste all day!

       Give a mandatory schedule where all children be online and give a real class through a platform like webinar or Skype, etc...

       More synchronous engagement. My children missed the active discussions and exchange of ideas that occur in the classroom setting.

       Small homogeneous, flexible group instruction online

       Teacher videos to teach rather than just online videos from other sources

       Provide adequate information to insure they are learning the material

       Be available for zoom calls. Not all communication comes across well in audio only or web content only. Face to face discussion and interaction as much as possible is still needed.

       Offer weekly teacher time to talk to students via internet not only to have time to bond but also to include live instruction. Highschool - my daughters likes to have lesson through video and would like to speak to teacher at least once week. all assignments should be located in one area. I feel a combination of online instruction and in class instructions would be most beneficial if all the safety current regulations are being abide by. I would love my children to return to school but at the compromise their health.

       More FaceTime with teachers as well as more structured learning. 3rd grade had a total of MAYBE 30 minutes of work 4/5 days of the week. The other day was catch-up. The teachers should dedicate at least 30 minutes a day with groups of 5 students to go over lessons and give actual education. Also the teachers should proof all work before sending out to the students. I had to teach 4th grade long division to a 3rd grade student, only to find out to simply ignore that math sheet.

       Face to face teaching

       I feel that my daughters teacher did minimal to stay connected with her through this. A weekly zoom was great- but seeing what other districts did to stay connected to their kids- Eagleville Elementary lacked significantly in this area. There was little feedback besides great job. Feedback is huge in this environment- kids feel successful and its a way to personalize the learning. I was overall disappointed by the process. There was no recorded lessons- only you tube or other media teaching the lessons. I would rather a MSD teacher record and show a lesson than an animated YouTube video.

       I would like to see more video instruction for teaching that is similar to what the teachers would have taught in the classroom. I would also like to see them have live zoom type meetings to interact with the students for questions and teaching. I would very much like to see the graded tests/quizzes to see what my child got wrong to ensure grading accuracy and power school grade entering accuracy. I would like a more robust program for the classes. I feel like the amount of teaching and material provided is very lacking.

       Actual face-to-face interactions at least for some instruction (in smaller group settings) via zoom. While completely understandable, this spring online school was more of a band-aid to the problem. I dont feel the kids really learned much. Not a concern for the 4th marking period given the circumstances, but would be concerning if next year moved forward in the same manner. That said, kudos to everyone for scrambling and pulling this all together!

       Have some individual or small group live teaching during the week.

       Synchronous lessons, zoom check-ins, & the provision of gifted support in accordance with the GIEP. One on one check-ins for my incoming K student & the provision of regular Ed supports (I.e., reading specialist, etc) if she struggles.

       Keep up the amazing work theyve been doing! It cant be easy putting together all this material online. The more frequent group lessons would also be helpful.

       More personal/interactive instruction

       Go over some of their work with them especially math

       Live lessons, as the pre-recorded lessons are not really allowing for the true teaching and learning experience.

       Perhaps opportunities for one on one online meetings so that my son and his new teacher get to know one another.

       More zoom/real time interaction

       More zoom meeting

       Possible Zoom meetings more often

       Less online work, more written work, especially for the younger grades when motor skill development is very important. Does the State of Pennsylvania have the right to mandate online only learning without reasonable alternatives? Too much screen time is not good for kids. Our taxes fund brick and mortar schools. Which law or edict demands compliance with online education when the schools close?

       Routine video calling

       My child has ADHD and struggles with the time management aspect of online school. Ive had to chunk her assignments for her (write an itinerary for each day).

       In addition to online content and email instructions it would be helpful to provide each student with a physical binder, folder, packet, etc that contains an overview and outline of assignments.

       There needs to be live instruction and interaction with teachers. The work provided these past few months was a joke. My children completed the work quickly and were not challenged. They were very disengaged. I am not comfortable with my kids returning to school in person based on the current state of affairs but I lack confidence in the districts ability to provide an online education and am looking at other options.

       Actual instruction on a daily basis via an online platform similar to Zoom or Jive, etc.

       Video conferencing and mandatory screen time for each class Per day to give the kids extra lectures and class support

       One to twice a week zoom meetings. Teacher will provide an assignment to study for the zoom meeting. Question and answer during zoom to see students understanding of the assigned topic.

       More live interaction

       Teach in a virtual classroom allowing them the opportunity to see examples and watch again if need be. Maybe online classroom chat for discussion between teacher and classmates.

       I think the 1st grade group at Worcester did an amazing job with the consistency of the amount of work and type of work. Maybe more integration of more flipgrid or a application where students can communicate with their friends/classmates more.

       Make all teaching videos etc required and NOT optional. It should be just like a school day.

       Teach through Zoom or a similar program. They need more interaction with their teachers.

       Having online Face to face class.

       Class room environment/zoom , virtual . Teacher interacts with students and available times for one on one time with student for help

       Do the best they can

       More formal and structured teaching with zoom or recorded instruction.

       More zoom sessions

       I do not feel there is anything they can do, particularly at the beginning of the year, to properly assist. They do not know the kids, and the kids do not know them. Going back to school is the optimal decision.

       Having one-on-one with the teacher, even if its once a month. Also each student having a "learning buddy" within the class.

       I feel the kids need more then a 30 min zoom call. Other school districts do virtual learning where the teachers are online with students daily. I know its a lot however with 2 working parents, its hard to help my daughter and get my work done!

       Instruction and work

       Hold more live classes via zoom. The children need more guided instruction. Do their best to replicate how they teach in the classroom.

       Provide more direct instruction

       More live/zoom instruction

       Small virtual classrooms such as zoom.

       Real time teaching portions

       Live teaching

       Dont require special area classes

       I would want real time video instruction for the lesson of the week. And then a 15-20 real time check in each day

       More video instructions and one-on-one check-ins with students on a weekly basis. More personalized instruction, if at all possible.

       If we have to home school them again in fall then they need to make work weekly and not daily and not give a daily times deadline to log in and take attendance. I struggle working from home and going into work at my current job and finding the time to do the work with my child. Sometimes we dont complete it until later in the day and a noon deadline for attendance doesnt help

       I think there needs to be either more video instructions or zoom classes so kids can actually see the lesson and not just scroll through a ppt or read an article. Not all kids learn this way.

       As stated above, there should have been some interaction with the children. It was almost impossible to get hold of my child's teachers. My child was impacted by having issues with the school work and all the teachers did was mark the school work with poor grades. They made no attempt to understand why there may have been issues with what was carried out. My children handed in all their work and they were treated like they did not care when they did and I spent time helping when I should have been working.

       More live instruction Less gimmicky unnecessary stuff No contests or spirit stuff needed for my child We appreciated the flexibility on line allowed very much but some subjects like math would be better learned w live instruction

       I would like to see teachers offer traditional instruction through zoom or some other platform. Instead of just giving assignments and links. In addition I would like teachers to have office hours where my child can get some 1 on 1 instruction if needed. Right now my children feel they are teaching themselves and wish they had more instruction and support from their teachers.

       We would need to see more activities that replicate the true on premise learning experience. More work, more requirements. Specials should be required. My 2nd grader finishes his work in 25 mins. He has been on 4 zoom calls and one 5 minute phone call in 10 weeks. Younger children need more direct instruction and guidance beyond what full time working parents can provide. We got more of a challenging learning experience from an $8 Brain Quest workbook from Costco. If the academic year mimics that of March-June 2020, I have no doubt that our childrens learning will suffer and they will fail to thrive.

       Have more live scheduled interaction via video and audio connection to allow the children to engage more in the activity

       Teach at the school.

       Consistent, coordinated schedule. Video instruction is better than just assigning worksheets.

       I dont not support online only learning...however if it is mandatory I think it would be important for the teachers to interact with their students at minimum once per week via a zoom callcheck in or google online check in so the students can interact with the teacher giving the assignments and feel engaged I felt that part was lacking over the past 12 weeks

       More structure for MHS students with specific class times, more work, more reading, more projects

       For the high school, consistency among the teachers in posting assignments and workload. For example, one teacher posts all assignments for the week, while another posts daily and then throws a 3 hr. assignment on for the day, which throws off the expected workload. Also, seeing some "busy work" assignments like a 27 page reading with questions, after the AP exam has already happened...why? Are administrators a part of the Google classroom so they can monitor assignments and lessons? If not, they should be.

       Structured learning with live classes, and more parent communications

       More interaction with teachers, my kids did best when it felt they were receiving actual teaching content from their teacher (live zoom or prerecorded video from their teacher).

       Provide video classes

       Communication with parents. Review students assignments so they know how to fix what they missed on assignments/quizzes/tests.

       I'm happy with the current model of instruction.

       1:1 meetings with students to get to know the children and offer personalized support. Also occasionally inviting parents.

       Actually teacher in an online classroom rather than only providing busy work

       Keep assignments regular, close to regular school homework. The teacher should be able to see every child like zoom calls and everyone should have videos on and muted

       My children will attend private school in the fall if Methacton doesnt return. We have already begun the application and interview process.

       My daughter was extremely disappointed that her high school studio art class no longer involved any drawing or painting and was switched to art history only. She plans to take studio art again next year, but the teachers should make sure the students are creating art rather than just studying art history and memorizing. A supplies package should be sent to the art students.

       More video/zoom instruction each week. I would also recommend each grade/team haves social zoom periodically with each teacher so the kids can feel connected.

       They need more interaction with the teachers. One hour a week is not enough. They need more structure and as close to a classroom environment as possible. Children are not always self-motivated and need that accountability.

       I'd like to see the kids spend more time with formal instruction. I also felt the workload was too light.

       More direct interaction like daily zoom sessions. More video instruction from teachers. More social emotional instruction.

       Post assignments daily or every other day instead of for the entire week.

       More one on one feedback

       Videos with instruction for those students who need a face to face environment.

       Synchronous teaching

       Stick to a similar schedule as the school day would normally follow. No reason why she cant be in a virtual classroom for the same hours she would be in school. Teachers present in school teaching from the classroom and students watching from home.

       Provide live or recorded actual teaching lessons rather than existing online videos.

       Weekly Zoom or other virtual class so the kids still have interaction with each other and teachers.

       Full support- online, I cant manage to do my job and this. I will fail and so will my child.

       Actually interact with students instead of just assigning them you tube videos to watch as learning tools. Kindergarten cant be a self student driven option like it is now! There is literally no way that my child could do the work on his own if I were at work!

       Have online lectures/demonstrations.

       Have live online classes every day. Record them for whoever cannot attend when they are live. Post a weekly curriculum so we can plan out the school work around our work schedules.

       More zoom instruction without a doubt!!!

       Online virtual interactive classes on daily basis and printed classwork papers.

       More zoom classes

       More zoom instructions

       Assign projects not worksheets. Things that can be done over time so working parents can not feel pressure to get things done daily

       Online live lessons would be importantboth live and recorded videos. I know the district did the best it could during this spring but that would be a way to greatly improve the experience

       Teachers to still be present. Hopefully with more videos or interactive time with the class to teach certain things that may be difficult to learn by only reading. Or do things with the class that they normally would have done in school - like watch a video or program together. The goal should be to make it actually feel like a virtual school. Right now it feels more like home schooling with the option to reach out to someone if you have questions.

       Offer synchronous learning and live classes

       Zoom calls for most of the classes so they actually can watch the teacher like they do in school classes

       More feedback and chance to fix mistakes

       Zoom classes that replace their in-school schedule and provide daily structure and interaction. They need the daily face to face time.

       I know that teachers had very little time to try to move instruction online. My first grader had way too many projects in my opinion. She HATES art type projects - one week we had about 8 to do, and she flat out refused (she did 2 of the 8). I know she would have been more compliant in a classroom setting amongst peers. For the younger kids, the more we can minimize clicking off into lots of different websites requiring separate log in credentials, the better. The younger kids definitely need more writing than they were required to do in the Spring - I really dread the thought of a fall or entire school year with young kids especially glued to screens. Whatever workbooks would have been used in the class - can we send those home for the kids to work in off of the screens? For my High School student, some teachers clearly put a lot of work in by taping themselves giving lectures that the kids could refer to. Other teachers seemed to put in much less effort - teachers should be encouraged to have live non-optional sessions and record themselves more if it is an asynchronous learning environment still. For Arcola, I think those kids should get grades to encourage more effort. I'd like more actual writing to happen for Arcola and HS as well - I don't know if photos of the work is the answer or what, but I do hate hours on a screen each day for the older kids as well. I was only dissatisfied because I think my youngest was given too much work that was not benefiting her, and my Arcola child was not having to work much at all, and my HS child had about the right amount (although AP test crunch time was stressful with non-AP teachers placing some demands right when testing was happening).

       Synchronized teaching especially so students and teachers can get to know each other.

       I think they did a great job

       More live video instruction (Zoom) More schedule structure

       Have video call and more interaction with kids Have connect with peer students

       The online instruction and support was great. I would like to see the half hour zoom meetings per week continue like they were: for touching base with the teacher and class, not for instruction. We loved watching his teacher read from the novels.

       My students need some level of interaction. I realize class-size prohibits zoom calls with the entire class but perhaps the teachers could meet with sub groups of students via zoom each day so that each student got some face time with teacher and peers once a week

       Teacher through some zoom meetings. 30 min or an hour a day where they can ask questions if needed.

       Post daily assignments instead of a week's worth at a time, provide ACTUAL instruction for new concepts through live instruction with q&a opportunities

       Teach an interactive class.

       I like the zoom type classroom so that my child still has some kind of classroom atmosphere

       Be available during chats to ask questions live and teach them how to type.

       Zoom, face to face learning.

       Provide more online quizzes for child.

       I marked dissatisfied in the above comments however I do think everyone did their best with the time we had to prepare. I would be dissatisfied if we continued online and had the same instruction. I think their should be daily lessons by teachers in either real time or asynchronous in each subject. There also needs to be more work assigned.

       More live instruction through zoom, teams or whatever is available

       Daily video lessons. More structured discussions, perhaps with smaller groups. More direct interaction than assignments posted to an internet site.

       Need to have active classes. I believe that children need to be in school with other children interacting and learning together in a classroom with their teacher.

       Second grade teachers did a fantastic job. The work was well balanced, and the communication was excellent. The weekly zooms really made the kids feel connected. Kindergarten was very disappointing. Young kids need teachers reading books and weekly zooms. My kindergartener would have had a much better experience if the teachers read to them, or did a zoom w the class.

       Lessons taught by the teachers, either prerecorded or live lessons.

       All Live virtual Instructions. Switch teachers just like normal school schedule.

       Zoom or other social interaction. Ps- answered questions taking educere out of the equation!

       Same as last question. A regular day/class schedule as if they were at school (and as if tea heres were at school). Every class should have a live zoom teach, nothing should be optional.

       Zoom lessons

       Provide learning through an interaction between student and teacher

       Daily video recordings from the teacher, weekly zoom calls, gifted work as none was provided this year once in person school ended (aside from general resources provided to the entire student body)

       I would like to see teachers crafting lessons. Right now I feel my children are teaching themselves. I would like to see teachers recording instruction on a regular basis. There are way too many weeks my kids are watching videos all week, Khan Academy, other people's EdPUzzles, etc. I would like to see lessons prepared and delivered by the teachers. Having students "self teaching" isn't acceptable.

       More interactive instruction. zoom class meeting or Small group setting. It is sad that the kids dont get much interaction with their peers and teachers

       Teachers would need to actually engage children in a webinar type setting for interactive education.

       I think the children need more interaction with the teachers. I was not very impressed with the voluminous You Tube videos. I preferred the other on-line tools (ie: worksheets and Pebble Go, etc.) and again, that time could be spent on-line with the teachers.

       More virtual real time instruction.

       Weekly online meeting

       Be trained in online educational best practices and be given the tools, i.e., training, access to online tools, etc., to deliver online instruction at the level our students are accustomed to.

       Mirror current 100% online programs

       Live instruction, accelerated pace from what they are at now, more independent research projects or teacher led projects to occupy more time each week and keep them on the same path as if they were in school.

       Get rid of kami, the google slides were much easier for the students.

       zoom lessons (more and often); step through the work online; continued and dedicated assistance to reading / writing enablement for my son

       More zoom calls but otherwise I think they are doing the best they can.

       Class zoom meetings weekly, and fun activities mix into the curriculum. (We loved the scavenger hunts or drawing tutorials weve had during this time) Also, optional specials would be a relief because they often fall to the back burner, we do plenty of art, music and gym in our everyday life. Thanks!

       Google classroom and Zoom meetings would be fine.

       Virtual learning, were teachers and students have designated class time via zoom to actually learn the information from the teacher and not google.

       Actually be available during their office hours. My son emailed his teacher about an assignment at the very beginning of office hours and sat there for 2 full hours and never received a response.

       More real time interaction

       I would like to see one to one meeting session with students/parents to evaluate the students academic progress.

       More one on one or small group learning according to IEP

       Live, face to face, instruction for each class/subject

       I would like to see possible comments from teacher in the weekly or monthy grade reportings to help parents know other than grades how they are doing.

       More engagement for kids. Real time learning environment several times a week. If not allowed as required, make playback option available. Or meet in smaller online groups. Most Children are not self disciplined enough to have no live engagement with teachers.

       Be available via messaging tool like Microsoft teams also more details are needed for the kids on how to complete things

       More teacher interaction with the students is desperately needed. My son sees his teacher via zoom for 30 minutes a week. Thats it! No small group work. No individual outreach. Just one 30 minute session with 25 other kids. Also, he has had little to know writing assignments. How do you expect a 2nd grader to progress without ever having to write something down. Also for those with an IEP the support is lacking. Thank god we have multiple sessions with his support teachers because there is little engagement with his primary teacher. Im extremely disappointed with the curriculum to date and worry he is not advancing in his educational goals. Other school districts seemed to have figured out a better balance. What cant Methacton?

       HS-More opportunities for zoom type meetings for students needing extra help. Not all teachers were responsive in a timely manner.

       The video conference meetings for the calss by homeroom teacher should be scheduled for every school day for 30 mins. This interaction will boost morale of young kids and motivate them to do well even when away from school premises.


       Have an online class via zoom every weekday

       Be flexible. Two out of three of my children have IEPs already, and have struggled in the online learning environment. Kindness and patience with us goes a long way! Just because we will have done it before, I wouldn't want the level of patience and understanding how away. Also, a pass or fail system is better in my opinion. Our kids are being stacked against school districts that just went pass/fail or had rules that the kids couldn't get a grade lower than the first two marking periods.

       We have been very disappointed in the genetic curriculum at the elementary level as it does not fit either of our elementary age children (currently 1st and 4th grade). They have not been challenge at all and 1 has a GIEP and has been provided no services related to this. There needs to be a higher level of engagement especially at this level.

       More zoom teacher led activities maybe once a week.

       Continue to offer "must do" and "can do" options; continue to give personalized replies through Google Classroom; assign specific books to read in an online format

       More work. I didnt feel like there was enough to keep them busy every day for five days.

       I would like to see a Zoom classroom with a teacher physically teaching

       I would prefer the teacher to be more available to the children for help as we are a 2 parent full time working household

       Im not really sure. My son is going to be a junior and I just want to make sure hes prepared enough for college. My understanding is that the junior year is extremely important.

       Have consistent office hours where the teachers can answer questions.

       Follow her IEP and modify her work instead of doing what she can

       Live online teaching

       Id like to see the K-4 teachers provide more recorded lessons of themselves teaching rather than just online videos. For this emergency situation everything was fine, but if this is necessary in the fall (I hope not) Id like to see more videos of them. Id also like if the team of teachers in each building can build the lessons together rather than each school doing one subject.

       We would like to see more instructional videos by the teacher to support the activities. YouTube videos are fine, but it would be nice to see more of the teacher. Social support such as small group live instruction would be helpful.

       Take into consideration the amount of work required for the week. While the work for my son in 3rd grade is adaquate, the work for my daughter who is in 1st grade is almost overwhelming.

       Do live instruction via Zoom.

       Coordination with other classes to manage the work load. Occasional zoom meetings with teacher(optional but face time with the teacher) Grading in 4th quarter varied widely. There is an obvious disadvantage with online teaching for a student who is not well versed in this education shift. There has to be more than one way to show mastery and there cant be so few points. This is a difficult balance because the teachers cant grade everything but one bad score on a low point quiz drops a grade percentage by a lot if that is how the grading process is done. There needs to be some flexibility and give and take with grading. Grading is key. The curriculum needs to be presented more concretely and built from there. If it will be by standards, then the standards need to be presented and the students need to know where their headed. Without the discourse of a classroom setting, there is no way a student can be as successful without a scaled down focus on instruction or at least for testing since this is mostly independent.

       Same as the past few months

       More Teacher Zoom classes. The teachers send videos of themselves teaching the lessons.

       Online Live classroom instruction

       A structured class schedule with face to face online interaction that allows for questions to be asked in real time.

       One on one instruction at least weekly More structure work More social interaction

       I think what the teachers have given my kids to complete has been excellent But I honestly think they need a little more. I think more instructional zoom meetings would help with learning new material!

       Direct instruction. There has been none. My child is a gifted learner so lucky but it isnt ok that kids dont have any instruction just posted assignments

       More of an online presence. Actual teacher instruction and less self guided learning

       More online zoom lessons

       Online Video sessions every day will be helpful

       More instruction online, and more IEP support online. More zoom teaching.

       More instruction from the teachers in zoom meetings. Both of my children have had issues with only having written instructions from the teachers. They learn better having information explained first.

       more live classes and homework.

       My son really misses the teachers and classmates . He said it was much easier to learn in school then at home

       Keep the work to online only. No printing and keep in touch through e mail

       It would help to get a feedback on how my child is progressing with his classwork

       More face to face interaction, especially because my daughter will be going into first grade from kindergarten and knows NONe of the teachers

       Live, structured daily online classroom instruction.

       Pasting what I wrote in the box of the prior question... As a mother who took some classes online in college when online teaching first became a thing, starting with the use of Blackboard back in 2002, I feel like Blackboard and actually seeing the teacher teach in an online video classroom with chat would work better. My 2 children get occupational therapy once a week via Methacton via a video app and then their trauma PTSD therapy via their drs with FaceTime and that has been a huge help... However in the time we are currently in, I don't want my children used as lab rats and sent back to school in August, especially since they are both immunocompromised and the virus is NOT under control...If Methacton doesn't offer online learning in August I will try enrolling them in the PA online Charter school. The online learning should be more hands on and they should still have textbook and most of all not take as long each day as it has. I learned more in college with less hours in class than I did in the gifted program at Methacton. The amount of work could be reduced and the timing of classes should be much shorter with instead more reading from textbooks, projects from the teacher that sends equipment home and online video learning more in line with the blackboard College format. I would love the opportunity to discuss this further and help look at lesson plans and help with making the internet learning easier, in one app, and still with the help of their teachers and the ability for my children to see and talk to other classmate on zoom or FaceTime etc with the teachers guiding the conversation etc...It would be a lot easier to use one app and treat even elementary school like college courses vs the insane amount of work now. I don't want to lose the help and resources from Methacton and know you guys are doing the best you can given the unprecedented situation and uncharted waters we are all trying to find ways of navigating. That said, I don't feel safe sending my children back to school in the fall. I also think maybe some form of placement exam could be given like they do before the first semester of college and again treat their classes as college courses, since my children are older in their class and advanced in some areas but on par with other areas. They are already going to be 19&20 when they graduate due to having to wait to put them in school between their health and Waiting to get free from their abusive father, so they are each a year behind other classmates age wise and as I said, smarter in some areas but need help in others. this entire situation could allow us to guide children to what they need and don't need like college and high school credits despite going into 2nd and 4th grade come August. Despite having a chronic illness, I would be more than happy to explain all of this in further detail and or help with making this work not just for my children, but all of the students. Sorry for my rant, but I still have more to say and ideas that could help make this all easier for all students and parents. I'm not a teacher, but I went through the Methacton gifted program and started college early at 16yrs old and would love to help from a distance. My email is molifer@gmail.com and my cell is 484-477-9168 . Thanks for reading this and again I would love to discuss things further and help out from home, and help with getting all students what they need by both micro and macro organizing each student easily to meet their needs and get them where they need to be education wise while keeping them safe and at home. Thanks, Margaret Lozinak (Mother and sole parent of both George and Zachary Lozinak-Hochstrasser

       Zoom meetings daily to instruct and review

       Teach. Very few of my daughter's teachers actually taught lessons. There were assignments and quizzes, but I feel that very little new material was taught when we moved to online learning.

       More zoom instruction And more work. There is limited assignments compared to other school districts and I worry that maybe its not enough - mentally its enough for me while Im working remotely but for the kids its a little lite. Also, I LOVE that its not all worksheets and the the school utilizes other teaching sites that read to you and have activities. My child likes that and it keeps her interested.

       Make sure the students feel safe and support wearing PPE. Maybe a school counselor could talk about the issues with them.

       If my children are in an online only instructional environment in the Fall, I would greatly appreciate the weekly schedule and flexibility that was used this Spring. I will be juggling the kids while I am at work, so I cannot always help at the same time every day. It has been incredibly helpful to have them have work done by the end of the week rather than on specific days within the week. My other suggestion is please create a consistent Zoom schedule if using Zoom. We missed at least two because the teacher changed the normal time and date the day before, and we logged in an realized it had already happened. Thank you for all your work to make sure school is safe and effective for learning!

       Communicate. Teach via video as if they were in an actual classroom.

       More consistency with turn in dates, currently each teacher is different and is a lot to track with multiple students in one household. Limit reading heavy assignments. They should be more video and dynamic based learning. This is generation z after all. The current Crome books are beat up and should be replaced. If the district cant find them provide the parents an option to supply their child with their own laptop. Current grade reporting is disjointed - where do I find their grades?. They should have all their resources in one place. Currently my 8th grader has to access his Math book in a different system then Google Classroom why? This is silly and not efficient. Special call out to the following teachers for doing it right Scott Engle - 6th grade team USA. I would recommend putting him as a lead for how your school district organizes your future virtual curriculum.

       Make ALL instructions easily available To both parents and students. Be clear and precise in what work they want and exactly when they want it. Be understanding of the system being new and kids who dont adapt well to change. Be fair and kind regardless of frustrations.

       Teach via zoom or another platform. More interaction with teachers.

       Have a live class for the students.

       Send updates to parents

       I would prefer my kids to have more time online to actually interact with other students and teachers. Also, I would like paper worksheets, individual chromebooks and the meets to continue in orchestra.

       Meetings at least once a week to go over whats expected of them in the assignments for the week. Ive had to spend a lot of time assisting with my younger child and would have preferred for teacher to have zoom meetings in the beginning of the week to lay out the work/discuss expectations

       Actual video learning. not assignments emailed. Teachers teaching while being videotaped

       Record a lectures 1-2 times a week then follow up with small group live sessions to go over lesson. Allow students to have 15 minute One on one chat sessions with the teachers if needed. (office hours) maybe 2 required a term and additional if needed

       More one on one with teachers, maybe recording lessons or live online learning in line with a regular school day.

       For high school (gr 11/12), actual live classes using something like Zoom at least part of the week. Teachers need to double check that the quality of their audio is clear its recorded presentations. Giving the students assignments early enough in the week so that they can get it done when it works best for them. Some do that some wait. But I do think that things went pretty well all things considered and my daughter still was able to learn a lot during this quarter.

       Set up a curriculum that is geared toward the childrens IEP'S

       Google Classroom is a great solution, however, speaking with friends in many other districts, our program was definitely lacking. Many other districts provided actual instruction during Zoom meetings. Many other districts still conducted tests and are therefore are able to issue a grade. Both of my K-4 children only had Zoom sessions to say hello, no instruction for new material and no tests. For my K student, the level of work was fine (partly because she cant work independently so it was difficult to make time for her work), but for my older child there was no where near enough work. An hour and a half of self-study is no substitute for school. If we end up going virtual for part of the year next year, I would love to see more school work, complete with routine instruction time. I say that despite the fact that it hasnt been easy to do my job while simultaneously teaching 2 kids in different grades. Both of my kids teachers clearly went out of their way to be available to the kids. I really appreciated the Arrowhead principals efforts to maintain a normal school day by emailing morning announcements every day! The safety of the kids is the most important thing, so I have no problem with virtual learning, but we need to do a better job.

       I would transfer my student to a private school that provided in class instruction and would also reclassify him if sports were lost.

       More zoom meetings where the teacher interacts with the students each day. If students can't attend, they should be able to view a recording.

       I feel that my sons teacher, Mrs Tornetta was amazing. She always answered my emails quickly and answered all my question. The work my son received was challenging but not overwhelming! Thank you for all youve done during these challenging times

       Limited virtual classrooms

       More hands on instructional time. Less online learning games.

       Mandate zoom or other type of face to face interaction especially for older children. They will be more inclined to do it if one on one, so have time slots for them to sign up

       Live lessons at least 3x/week via zoom or other platform so kids can still get the personal instruction and have some teacher-student connection. Optional zooms are pointless since nothing is actually taught.

       Provide one on one zoom meetings, daily.

       More screen time with teachers and friends.

       Actually, teach live on line classes.

       Socialization is such an important part of the school experience in the younger grades. The zoom calls were a good effort, but Id like to see more for my rising first grader. Also, Id like her to have one on one time with her teacher focused on assessment. I was asked to request if she needed a higher reading level in RAZ Kids, but (not being a reading teacher) I really couldnt tell. This is from my 5th grader, who was in charge of her own homeschool experience: I think that it could start sooner, maybe it could be part of the teachers training, even. Some of my assignments this year have been blocked, a couple of social studies assignments and one for Tech Ed. Make sure that teachers know which websites are blocked. Zoom meetings have been nice, but a lot of people had trouble with internet access and we couldnt hear them well. Maybe we could try something else out if this happens again, like Google Hangouts or Skype. I had trouble getting in touch with my friends. School-wide directories would be great. Virtual, though. Save the trees!

       Engage directly with the children

       More live lessons or recorded lessons.

       There needs to be more structured and live teaching sessions. There needs to be work assigned so the children are not falling behind their grade level.

       Id like the teachers to deliver instruction. Office hours and show and tell doesnt cut it.

       Only one of my daughters ninth grade teachers zoomed with the students. All other work was posted and done independently. Class that she zoomed with made her feel that she was still part of a learning environment I could ask questions and clarification I think all classes should require zoom at least 2 to 3 days a week and office hours by zoom as well for questions and clarifications.

       I have 2 children, one in kinder and the other in first. The experience with first grade was prefect! Online instruction was easy to follow, daily interactive videos from the teacher, zoom meetings for the children as we all know social interaction is VITAL at these ages. Unfortunately, there is basically no support on the kinder level with very little instruction and NO interaction from the teacher or peers. I believe that my kinder will likely experience social set backs. Luckily she has been following along with the first grade lessons to keep some sort of structure and learning pattern. All teachers will need to be held to the same standards if returning to school full time will be virtual.

       I really hope that will NOT be the case. It's is not the same as having a teacher and being in school. My Daughter will be in Kindergarten and I can assure you will have NO interest in online learning because she is a very social child so I don't even know how to answer that question.

       Actually teaching online, even if it is a recorded lesson. Also, continuity between grades. My 4th grader had 4-5 assignments per week, my 2nd grader had 3-4 per day!

       I have no idea, we didnt have any issues with online learning but the kids need to be in school.

       Communication with parents and student . Provide some type virtual tutoring if additional help is needed for better understanding of material taught

       At least one zoom lesson per week per subject.

       Possibly more face to face instruction, via Zoom, google hangouts or ms teams

       Online instruction from the teachers. Instruction that is either live or recorded; there could be an option to log in to watch live, but also know that it will be posted if unable to log-in at that time. Posting lists of online videos and online worksheets to answer is not instruction. IEP students need pacing guides and checklists. IEP students need to have live check-ins to ensure the student is on task just like they were having in person. K-4 needs to learn from their teachers, not all online videos. 5-6 needs teachers to get engaged with the online learning. Consulting with successful virtual / cyber-schools would also be necessary to implement a strategy across all grade levels. Work with neighboring districts, as well implementing similar strategies that they found successful March - June.

       More personal face to face instruction and/or videos from teachers.

       I feel the instruction has worked for high school

       More direct instructional lessons

       Live teaching to ensure interaction, and take some of that burden of the parents.

       Same as today

       More zoom or face to face interaction. Felt very disconnected just doing google classroom assignments

       An online live class weekly would help with continuity and to know their teachers since they will be changing grades. Thanks!

       No idea, this is very very difficult for us parents that work full time. We understand that you understand that but the stresses of the parents seem to not be a priority.

       There needs to be person to person instruction...zoom classroom, video conferencing...something where the students are being taught by their teacher and not trying to learn in a student study group.

       Actually teach

       I would like to see on line classes last a little longer and mandatory to be present

       Live learning or taped lessons of the actual lesson they would get if they were in school. My first grader received lots of taped lessons to watch and my 4th grader had none. More work/lessons that they would do in school, not just assignments to keep them busy.

       I think it's worked well and our son has adapted better than expected.

       I would have liked to see more instruction by the teachers in the google classroom. Even if they just recorded a 5 minute lesson for the kids to watch to introduce a skill, that would have been helpful. I know the zoom class meetings were challenging, but if we go back to them in September, I would like to see them used for more instruction. Whatever decision the District makes, I would like to see them make it by July 1st! I would want the teachers to have 2 full months to prepare for whatever choice you make. Whether that be online learning, in-school learning or a hybrid model.

       Zoom instructions

       Do more zoom sessions and have instruction differentiated to meet the needs of all students.

       Zoom meetings where my child will be able to reach out to his teacher in need of extra support/help

       More teacher student interaction face to face interaction

       Interactive virtual instruction, live with their teachers.

       Smaller zoom meetings/lessons. Part of the class for a few minutes rather than the whole class at once, so that the children get to interact more with the teacher. Whole/large group is too much sitting/waiting.

       Required Asynchronous sessions

       I think teachers and staff are doing everything they possibly can. They are doing a wonderful job and I am so thankful to everyone for their hard work and dedication. I have no thoughts on what they could do because I think they are doing as much as possible already.

       Have interactive classes online.

       Zoom. Skyview has basically received zero video interaction

       Keep in contact with them and offer once a week zoom help.

       Virtual meeting - zoom or Microsoft teams meetings , with the entire class

       Have consistent way of describing assignments (not just announcements). Have ALL assignments have DUE DATES (not just via announcements that you can't really see). Have a better way to communicate (google private or class-level messages are not provided to the students as any sort of notifications unless you have "email notifications" turned on, but that generates a lot of useless emails).

       Live Zoom classes at least once or twice a week, office hours other times or zoom support periods., more socialization groups for all students

       online teaching instead of just giving assignment

       My 6 graders are good but my 2nd grader i cant its to hard for the both of us.

       I realize it is tough to tailor to individual students in an online format. Maybe have bi-weekly one on one zoom meeting (maybe 10 min) with student/parent and teacher to Go over things and make a little more personal?

       All good

       More video conferencing. Be able to schedule individual Video conference time with teacher and parent. Send home workbooks and books so learning can be done on less screen time. Teachers could teach certain lessons live so that it creates more interaction.

       Daily online instruction (whether that be something like zoom or a taped lecture type of lesson). You cannot expect the parents to be home schooling while working. Hire more teachers to provide learning for smaller groups. 20 first graders going on zoom for a half hour once per week to have show and tell is not helpful in any way shape or form. I expect better out of a district like Methacton.

       Teacher Q&A time

       First - this survey is hard to answer given that it applies to different students in different grades. That said, my children (a 1st grader and 5tj grader in the fall) need live instruction. They do not respond well to instructional videos. They get bored, tune them out, or (especially if they already know how to do the work) refuse to watch the videos. And I do not find it an effective way for them to learn new material. There is no live opportunity to answer questions. There is no teacher telling them to listen or generally taking control of the learning process. Two working parents are not able to be full time teachers. And that's what we've become. It is not effective and is frustrating for all involved. I could see a mixed option working - instruction with virtual application of the information learned. But I cannot imagine a fully virtual learning environment. We need live teachers.

       The teachers did wonderful throughout this pandemic but the children will benefit greatly from being back in the classroom

       Be more face to face - my son missed his teachers face her voice and the interactions he had with her and his classmates. Online doesnt even come to a close second. Kindergarteners need that interaction.

       I would like to see synchronous meetings between the teacher and class. Zoom classes would allow the students to engage with peers and feel more connected to the teacher and accountable for work.

       Structured schedule provided, new assignments everyday, virtual classroom setting with instruction, options for challenging/advanced work for students who would like that option.

       Maybe live instruction and/or maybe one-to one instructional time if there is a specific thing your child is struggling with.

       more video conferencing, one on one, day to day basis throughout the week. preferably in sessions to avoid chaos in zoom mtgs.

       Recorded instruction, regular live classes.

       Be more readily available and more real time learning with interactions with the instructor and other pupils

       My child suggested more direct instruction from teachers as opposed to many website resources

       More live learning like a classroom setting.

       Have the teachers more accessible

       An online meeting once in a week.

       What they are already doing

       More of live video conferencing.

       The teachers are ill prepared to function in an online only environment. There MUST be live teaching, lesson planning, time management considerations and education for parents on reasonable expectations.

       More face to face contact with the teacher and either recorded or live lessons

       Again, my biggest frustration is that other districts are utilizing teacher instruction via video followed by worksheets or assignments. This allows parents to step back and allow their children to watch their teachers or other teachers prior to practicing the skill. Having children navigate multiple websites even if there are links throughout the document can get very difficult. Especially for the lower grades. I work in a district and I find that our district seems to be doing a reasonably good job of providing instruction. I found the lessons that were provided to be incredibly invaluable for my third grade student. my first grade student was lucky enough to have an incredible teacher who provided as much video ability as she was able. If the teachers were to alternate within a grade level or subject-specific it would be very helpful. My third grader has spent the last two months learning about water in science. He was tired of it and bored.

       Come to my house and teach them-seriously, there needs to be some in person schooling. I can see staggered starts and/or 3 days in school 2 days on-line if needed. I know this is a state decision but I am so worried about my kid's social development. Small kids need more than on-line schooling.

       The children really look forward to the Zoom time, they get to see the other kids and their teacher. Being isolated makes seeing others more important.

       Live class during each class time, same structure as in-person at school setting, + live Q&A sessions

       Actual instructional classes via zoom.

       Be available to personally assist child with IEP

       Id like to see teacher led lessons (even if recorded ahead of time), more accessibility to teachers throughout school day and not just office hours and feedback on submitted work.

       Direct email, video interaction.

       Interactive online instruction Teachers did an excellent job of providing engaging work and were so responsive through email and once a week zoom. But, I would love to see a daily interaction if school was to be online. And, if there was a combination of online and in person...with only a handful of students with an instructor even for an hour or so a day, I think it would be beneficial.

       More zoom help sessions with classes

       Too much homeworks provided to the children....our kids' friends said the same things too.

       LIVE classroom instruction Gifted support, GIEP not followed AT ALL

       Longer office hours, Zoom "class" instruction for high schoolers. I felt there was not enough instruction but too much "classwork and homework"

       The state is handling this horribly! The kids arent learning a thing

       The things the students are currently being asked to do are too difficult. For example, our seven year old is being asked to make text boxes and lines in Excel. Our neighbor's child is 11 and still struggles with that. The amount of work given to the children who are currently home with parents who work full-time is way too much. We have spoken to many parents, and all of them feel like the children are struggling to listen to parents and that the work for the younger kids is too much. One thing that needs to be greatly improved upon is the actual online learning. Having our daughter use programs like Epic for reading and Splash Learn for math are wonderful.

       More zoom classes. Possibly instructional zoom classes

       I would like to see virtual classes vs record YouTube videos or links to other websites for instruction.

       Make videos or have live classes to review new material.

       More interactive lessons with the teacher/class

       Online only learning would be detrimental for our family. While I feel that Methacton teachers provided a supplemental program during this crisis, it would have to be revamped to meet the curriculum needs for each student, more interaction, etc. Please push to get our students in school! This is so desperately needed for next school year. Thank you for your efforts!! Our boys miss the interaction with peers and their teachers!!

       Daily video course instruction with teachers

       First, Id like to commend the teachers for providing my student with quality continuity of instruction during this time. I am well aware of the tremendous amount of work this has taken. The one area I would mention that would support my child better, is awareness of the amount of work being assigned. I understand the difficulty in preparing material designed to meet the needs of all students, but my daughter felt overloaded much of the time.

       More zoom meetings

       More zoom meetings; some scheduled zoom instruction if possible rather than just videos and power points.

       More Zoom meetings with classmates

       More structure. A few deadlines throughout the week vs. everything due by Sunday evening. Online classes in video chat so there can be more student-teacher interaction. Classes that start earlier in the day like 9 or 10am.

       I hope this is not the case. If it is, there needs to be a way to work with the students in small groups via zoom etc. We had very little feedback in terms of completed assignments, check ins or accountability that my daughter felt to complete her work, other than what we provided. But, just having assignments and videos to watch posted I dont feel will be an effective learning environment for a first grader.

       For my child with an IEP Id like to see him have the same IA because they already have a relationship. Id like to see the teachers spend some time - even 10-15 min - one on one zoom with each child to introduce themself and spend a little time chatting with the students to learn a bit about them

       Do a zoom classroom every day or a couple times a week.

       More zoom meetings, better feedback on assignments. Daily instruction instead of mostly learn on your own

       Pre-recorded lessons that have my childrens teachers actual voices and video of themselves. I feel my child would have responded better to hearing their teachers voice and seeing a video of their teacher. It doesnt need to be synchronous. Asynchronous works better for us.

       More live instruction

       Nothing will substitute the on-site school

       Actual instruction via online lectures or recorded lessons to watch later Office hours to answer questions from either student or parent. Consistent work levels.

       Provide a calendar of the work needed to complete for the week with access to everything for the week from day 1 of the week.

       Synchronous instruction two periods per week

       more virtual engagement vs just upload content for students to complete

       Structured school days in a virtual classroom setting with regular instruction

       I think that teachers should film their planned in-class lectures and post for the students to view. Additionally, there should be a corresponding Zoom/GoMeeting live instruction at least once a week for classes and at least 2 times per week for sciences, math and languages. For example, Mr. Lee (Honors Chemistry) filmed his lectures and posted for my student to view each day. Also Mrs. Nickerson held Zoom lessons in French twice a week for my student to continue instruction. Students need live direct contact with their teachers on a weekly basis if there is going to be continued on-line learning.

       Online lectures by teachers to students.

       More teacher interaction Not Only if need help but should have more interaction with student and teacher more work to challenge them more

       Live instruction via zoom, google classroom, webex, etc. a child needs to be taught by a teacher and shown the lesson if no in person classroom then video instruction for class needs to be recorded by teacher and shared so child learns lesson. Daily lesson work- not 1 x a week lesson - 15 hrs was to be length of time to be spent my 8 th grade child spent leas than 2 hrs a week on school work. Regression, school avoidance and addiction to gaming are real issues we will face in August. I hope methacton gets their act together and figures out a better way to teach kids over live or tape recorded video sessions so that the class day can go from 8-2 just like a school day!

       Next year I will have a kindergartener and a seventh grader. I think my eldest will be fine but I dont think my kindergartener will thrive in an online-only environment. Shes too social and needs interaction with kids her own age.

       We would like the teacher to record him/herself teaching the lesson at least once a week and send the video link to our children to watch before completing the work that is required for the week. Thank you.

       More online time with the students

       More online meetings with instruction

       More zoom classes.

       I've been happy with the teachers availability, support, and outreach options. *it is not a question but I feel a hybrid of on-line and in-school learning would be best.

       We are very pleased with the current online instructional environment for our 7th grade son. His teachers offer helpful videos, articles and notes to complete schoolwork. They are also available through zoom and email and make sure the children are away of that. My 3rd grade daughter is doing well with the schoolwork, but would like one more 30 minute zoom meeting with the class.

       Provide more required online check-ins. More instruction by video. More assignments ahead of time, ability to work in a self -paced manner.

       Zoom. I feel that the 8th grade curriculum was non existent. I do not blame anyone since this was all new. I feel if the Fall will be online, there needs to be some structure to where the students and teachers actually see and interact. My son has totally forgotten half stuff he learned within the past 3 months especially with the foreign language.

       More zoom instruction rather than just for socialization

       More zoom type meetings that are not optional-but instead must be attended. My children miss the interaction with their classmates and teachers.

       First of all, teach the students. Have teachers present live lessons instead of just posting assignments. Providing busy work for an entire marking period is not acceptable.

       *Live learning sessions that are regularly required in addition to recorded lessons *Graded learning grade 5-12 *Increased interaction and more of a relationship cultured between student, teachers and peers.

       it would be nice to have some teacher recorded video sessions instead of always directing them to youtube or other video means. It would also be beneficial to have some small group learning (virtual) with the teacher. Our teacher currently read the children a chapter or two a day and posted the video which was a great touch for the personalization.

       More online meetings

       My son didnt need any intensive interaction with his teachers, however, if he would need to contact them for some reason, as long as theyre either available during set hours or can get back to him, that would work for me.

       Actual online classes that follow the schedule of the actual school day. Zoom classes.

       more structure to the lessons (maybe an outline of what is to be taught and the progression of the topic) as well as worksheets/lesson plans for the parents to help teach the students at an age-appropriate level (e.g. tips to get points across, ways to approach topics), etc.

       More individual and group learning not just online assignments and zoom hang outs

       Zoom meeting all subjects

       Right now there is no instruction, only assignments, often with having to download multiple software programs and at times being difficult with even a high level of computer competence. I understand there was no plan in place for how to accommodate what happened but if we have to be online in the Fall I'm hoping for instruction from the teachers and a streamlined program without multiple add ons.

       Synchronous/live instruction on a regular basis, for all subjects.

       My child would not return

       More face to face interaction and instructions.

       I think the online schooling was great but the main thing I hear from both my girls in 5th and 10th grade that there was too much work, they were spending most of the day doing school work. My oldest I can't even get her to spend an hour on her work.

       More time for teacher instruction and examples

       Meet students at their individual levels and not bore them. My child was bored by the work given this spring. She had mastered most of the content before.

       Teach. Have online classes, in small groups of needed. But direct instruction from teachers is very important. I know of other districts that already did this so far this year.

       Maybe zoom class

       Zoom class meetings

       Would like some kind of face to face learning. Zoom etc

       Provide testing feedback to students so they can learn from their mistakes. Teachers have not been responsive via email when asking for feedback on performance of student.

       Live classroom teaching In a virtual way- not just online learning. Simulate a normal day at school as best as possible.

       Give daily schoolwork instead of weekly. There is no structure with weekly schoolwork.

       live learning instruction. allowing for questions and answers to happen as material is being taught

       Video call classes, more school work and teachers teaching on a video call app. My son has been given very little school work to complete each week. I feel like the bare minimal was done online.

       Real Zoom schooling throughout the day live

       More face to face. My daughter has had 2 zoom interactions since March. Thats tough for a first grader who loved school.

       More zoom calls!

       Some more work and more live zoom calls for instruction.

       Mrs Kirschner did an excellent job so teaching just like she did.

       More condensed way of seeing assignment. Since so many assignments were given, some were missed because of multiple tabs being clicked on.

       More activities that can be self directed. I spent a lot of time helping them through the work. This is probably age related however. Teaching and assessment that are gamified hold attention better than worksheets.

       I really enjoyed seeing the variety of resources the teachers had available. Mrs. Barndt was the best in keeping everything organized online and still keeping my daughter learning and interested . I would like to see more video instruction either through zoom or just uploaded to better explain the materials .

       Do online class that are required

       Zoom instruction for material

       Be more interactive. Some kind of video classes and or regular class times

       Google Hangout or Zoom lessons However virtual school can not replace the learning environment students receive in a classroom setting

       Helping the kids keep their hands to themselves and enforce (actually observe) proper hand washing. Not sharing items

       As of now Im not really sure.

       More online meetings with student discussion.

       Live classes and time for kids to ask questions in live entertainment.

       I think mandatory Zoom Class Meetings would engage my youngest child more. She is entering 8th grade in the fall.

       I think the kids required more assignments. I would also like to see more instruction over zoom

       More zoom meetings to make children feel involved instead of simply sitting in front of a computer by themselves all day everyday. Better teacher alignment in High School regarding workload. My child in HS would have failed if she only spent 3 hours a day on her school work.

       Interactive instruction

       Live instruction

       I would like live sessions with teachers instead of asynchronous learning. If that is not possible, which it should be, at least have live sessions more often.

       More regular zoom sessions (twice a week). Overview of entire months curriculum. Prepare in paper worksheet packets to get kids off the computer for some of the time, and plan for concurrent zoom session to do the work together .

       Continue videos from teachers (this occurred at Arcola this spring). It helped our daughter feel so much more connected to her teachers. Perhaps include more zoom sessions.

       More live classroom teaching through zoom; more challenging work for those kids who can handle a harder workload

       Face to face instruction

       a weekly zoom meeting at a set time for entire class

       I understand this was unexpected this year but moving forward I would hope there would be live classes and not assigned work based off of powerpoints or books. They need to be TAUGHT before they can understand.

       No more random YouTube videos and busy work that are used in place of proper instruction. Teachers need to actually teach the children.

       Have a separate learning portal for IEP. Essentially on line is not feasible for us long term

       They did a great job!!

       Weekly email updates

       Have a daily live view session. Sending one massive set of assignments at the beginning of the week and expecting children of all ages to follow on their own throughout the week is challenging.

       Be more interactive with the topic he/she is teaching my child.

       Use Zoom to teach the class. The children are confused by what they're supposed to do. I do not have the time to be a full time teacher.

       Less short worksheets that the kids need to type in. These worksheets are short, but aggravating for children to try and do online.

       Personal zoom calls. Due to my work schedule I would prefer Lucas to be able to have a longer window to login. I work long hours in the medical field so sometimes I need to do work with him at night or in the afternoon. He has no computer skills so I wish there was a little training for him to navigate on his own.

       Maybe have zoom with the whole class and do some teaching that way

       Have assignments ready for the week on Monday

       Provide synchronous teaching opportunities. Office hours were offered, but only for questions with students. No direct teaching was provided. Clearly LIVE instruction by teachers is necessary to ensure students are learning.

       More time for the children to ask questions if needed

       More interactive ZOOM classes required.

       Not give too much work

       Live classes

       Support zoom classes in small increments

       More one on one time

       Direct contact with teacher.

       Video conferencing

       More live lessons

       Whatever is best for them as they have families too

       Our teachers have been doing awesome - if necessary to stay remote, I say just keep up what theyve been doing (available by email, optional zoom for the kids)

       Emails and more zoom