Course Description: Students in Spanish 3 will learn vocabulary and grammatical concepts in order to communicate and broaden their knowledge of the Spanish-speaking peoples and cultures of the world. Speaking, listening, reading and writing activities will be practiced and assessed in accordance with AP guidelines.

    Text: “¡Así se dice!” (Level 2 & 3) Glencoe-McGraw-Hill 2012

    Workbook –Workbook and Audio Activities and/or Pre-AP Workbook

    Course Outline:

    Repaso A-E:

    Brief review of material learned in “¡Así se dice!” (Level 2). These include:

    • Present tense of regular verbs

    • Present tense of ir, dar, estar

    • Verbs with an irregular yo form in the present tense

    • Present tense of stem-changing verbs

    • Present tense of reflexive verbs

    • Preterite of regular & irregular verbs

    • Imperfect of regular & irregular verbs

    • Indirect object pronouns

    • The verbs interesar, aburrir and gustar

    • Direct object pronouns

    • The uses of the preterite and imperfect

    ¡Así se dice!” (Level 2)

    Chapter 7: In the hotel

    Vocabulary – Checking into hotels or hostels, ask for things you may need while at a hotel or hotel, discuss hotel stays in Latin America and Spain

    Grammar – The present perfect tense and double object pronouns.

    Chapter 8: City and country

    Vocabulary – Describe life in the city and country, discuss the differences between the city and the country in Latin American.

    Grammar – The future tense and object pronouns with infinitives and gerunds.

    Chapter 9: Are you going by car?

    Vocabulary – Talk about cars and driving, give directions and discuss the Pan American Highway.

    Grammar – Tú affirmative commands and the conditional tense.

    ¡Así se dice!” (Level 3)

    Chapter 1: Hispanic kitchen

    Vocabulary – Talk about foods and food preparation and talk about a Hispanic recipe.

    Grammar – The subjunctive mood, formal commands and negative informal commands.

    Chapter 2: Take good care of yourself

    Vocabulary – Identify more body parts, talk about exercise, talk about having a little accident and a trip to the emergency room and discuss physical fitness.

    Grammar – The subjunctive with impersonal expressions, ojalá, quizás, tal vez, the subjunctive of stem-changing verbs and the comparison of like things.

    Chapter 3: Passages of life

    Vocabulary – Talk about passages of life: weddings, baptisms, birthdays and funerals, read a poem by the Peruvian writer Abraham Valdelomar.

    Grammar – The subjunctive to express wishes and emotions and possessive pronouns.

    Quizzes/Test: Most chapters are divided into 2 vocabulary lessons = 2 vocab quizzes and 2–3 grammar lessons = 2 or 3 quizzes. There is one listening test and reading/writing test per chapter.

    Weighted Categories:

    Tests                        40%

    Quizzes, Writing, Projects   35%

    Communication                15%

    Homework                     10%

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