• September 1, 2022-- Eagleville Mindfulness Day

    On this terrific Thursday, Eagleville Elementary School students and staff explored various activities around mindfulness. Outside of the school, stations were set up for students to interact with therapy dogs, therapy bunnies and therapy beta fish. Inside the classroom, students struck a pose during a yoga lesson with the school counselor, Ms. Lori Shaw. All of the day’s activities were designed to engage all students in team building with new classmates and promote a healthy social-emotional environment.

    A special thank you goes to Ms. Shaw for organizing such a wonderful day of activities for Eagleville students and staff. Thank you to Monica “Bun-Mom” Cocci and Comfort Caring Canines for supporting this effort by providing the therapy animals for our students and staff to experience and enjoy. Thank you to our Eagleville staffers for bringing in the beta fish.