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    • Make sure your child wears sneakers on "gym" days.  Sneakers should fit properly and stay on your child’s feet.  

    • If the sneakers have laces, please make sure they are the type that stay tied. (Please.....no sandals, crocs, etc.)  

    • Please send a note if your child cannot take PE due to illness or injury.  

    • If your child cannot fully participate for an extended period of time, a doctor’s note is required. Please have the doctor list what your child can do. A doctor's note will then be required for your child's full return to Physical Education class.  

    • Encourage your child to be physically active outside of school. Life long habits begin now!



    Thank you so much!




    We want your child to have a great experience!



     MSD Health and Physical Education Department  


Last Modified on June 15, 2018