• Meet Worcester's School Counselor
    Hello!  My name is Shannon snyder, and I am the School Counselor at Worcester Elementary.  I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Scranton and a Masters Degree in Education with Certification in Elementary Counseling from West Chester University.  I live in Perkasie with my husband and four children.  I love working with the students, families and staff of Worcester Elementary School!   
    I am at Worcester Elementary every day!  Many students call me their "feelings friend " because I talk with them about their feelings.  I meet with students to discuss making friends and getting along with others, making good choices, family changes and/or loss, acting responsibly, handling conflict, controlling anger, recognizing personal strengths and weaknesses, and many other topics! 
     Students can make an appointment to come see me if they would like to talk about their feelings or whatever is on their mind.  In each classroom there is a container with self-referral forms.  Students can fill out a form and drop it off in my mailbox (which is next to my office door).
    I enjoy having lunch with students.  Students can sign up to have lunch in my office by simply writing me a note.  Students are permitted to invite a few friends from their grade.  During lunch we socialize and practice 
    using good manners!  
    I support parents, too!  If you have any concerns regarding your child, or if your family is experiencing something out of the ordinary, I welcome the opportunity to speak or meet with you.  Please feel free to contact me.  The best way to ensure your child's academic, social and emotional success is through communication and teamwork! 


    To send me an e-mail, click here!