Alumni Spotlight

  • David Chang - MHS '12

    Posted by Dr. David Zerbe on 5/16/2024



    Memories of motivation and roots here linger in the heart of alumni David Chang as he continues his journey from the halls of Methacton High School to a world of global diplomacy.


    David fondly remembers when the football team clinched a win against rival Spring Ford in 2010. To David, being a part of “The Tribe” instilled a profound sense of belonging in students. “Seeing the traditions continue today makes me proud as an alumni -- showing the WE ARE Methacton.”


    Reflecting on his time at Methacton, David says many teachers were influential in his journey but two became remarkable mentors: Glynn McCann and Paul Lepre.


    He recounted this moment: “As a sophomore, I walked into Mr. McCann's classroom, asking how I could take his honors U.S. history class, despite not meeting the proper academic requirements. Before the school year ended, and with Mr. Sussman's help, I could appeal and take his class. Upon the start of junior year, Mr. McCann took me under his wing after noticing my determination to succeed. I talked to him about my career goals, looking to pursue a career in diplomacy. Still, I was also concerned about my college prospects, which looked dim for a student [interested in] an international relations program. Encouraging me to stand and deliver, Mr. McCann suggested I take the APUSH exam (passed without taking the class) and attend a summer international relations program at Georgetown University -- considered the top school for diplomacy in the world. The summer experience solidified what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. When my senior year started, my future started falling into place, and I was finally accepted into a top ten international relations program in the U.S.”


    A decade after graduating, David and Mr. McCann reconnected – at a Phillies playoff game. “I was watching Game 4 of the 2022 NLCS on television. When the Phillies returned, I bought a last-second ticket (I won't say how much) and drove from Northern Virginia to South Philadelphia early the following day to attend Game 5 of the NLCS. Knowing Mr. McCann works as an usher at Citizens Bank Park, I took a few moments to catch up and say thanks for everything, telling him what I was doing in Washington, DC. I [had] to thank Mr. McCann for encouraging me to beat the odds. Three hours later, Bryce Harper sent the Phillies to the World Series.”


    When speaking of Mr. Lepre, David says he imparted invaluable lessons of resilience and teamwork. “I first encountered Mr. Lepre in Mr. Moser's gym class as an Eagleville student in 1999. As a young athlete rising through the area's Pop Warner football program, Mr. Moser, also a Methacton alumnus, told me Mr. Lepre is the OL coach at the high school. We had a brief encounter at the Wolverine football camp in 2005, where he corrected my stance, but soon learned in 10th grade about his appointment as the new head football coach. At the time, the program sought a new identity after going 1-10 the previous season. Coach Lepre instilled in us that we are all representing Methacton and [we are] part of its story. It also brought back memories of Mr. Moser at Eagleville -- himself a part of the legacy -- meeting Coach Marinkov and witnessing how opposing coaches admired him.”


    Today, David works for the U.S. Department of State in Washington. After Methacton, he earned a bachelor’s degree in International Studies at American University and is finishing his master's in Security Studies at Georgetown University. After graduating from Georgetown, David plans to continue his global diplomacy and national security career. However, he might obtain a PhD with dreams of becoming a college professor at some point, perhaps becoming an educator like Mr. McCann and Mr. Lepre.


    When asked what his advice would be to current students, David has this to offer: “Seize the moment. Seize the opportunities. Those who came before you are rooting for you every step of the way. We are all part of the success of what makes Methacton so great.”

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  • Sean McCracken - MHS '02

    Posted by Dr. David Zerbe on 4/18/2024


    Four years after graduating from Methacton High School, Sean McCracken was back in his hometown with a degree in elementary education and thrilled for the chance to start his career in the place that raised him. “I graduated from Millersville University in 2006. That summer, I was hired by the Methacton School District to teach 6th grade science.”



    Currently, Sean teaches 8th grade science and serves as the science department coordinator at Arcola. He also holds a Master’s Degree in teacher leadership. He says it’s tough to even count the number of incredible educators who influenced his decision to become a science teacher and inspire the next generation of students. “I have had so many positive influences throughout my years at Methacton. It’s why I wanted to teach here. I'd love to shout out Mrs. MacLuckie, my sixth grade science teacher, Mr. Bontempo, my 8th grade science teacher, Mr. Savitz, my biology teacher, Mrs. Griffith, my chemistry teacher, and Mr. Helm, my physics teacher. Each of these teachers made me excited to show up to school each day and learn, become a better student and person, and learn about the science process. The best thing about each of these individuals is that they are also tremendous to work with and I am lucky to have both of these experiences.”


    Outside of the classroom, Sean has been deeply involved in the Methacton community and remains a motivational figure to many. He has served as a class sponsor, coached basketball for 15 years, and coached both boys and girls lacrosse for the past 6 years.



    As a student, Sean was heavily involved in the music program and is proud to see that it remains as strong today as it was back then. “I played the trombone and drums for both band and orchestra. I also got to play drums for two musicals at Methacton. During the summer in between my junior and senior year, I was given the opportunity to travel to Europe to perform with Ambassadors of Music.”


    With Post Prom coming up, Sean remembers vividly the excitement of taking part in the highly-anticipated tradition. “Post Prom was very new to Methacton when I was in high school. The community -- parents, teachers, and students -- spent so much effort planning the events and I appreciate that looking back. It was an opportunity to have an amazing time with friends,” he shared. “I got to play sports. My high school band Call Me Donny got to perform and we got to stay up all night in a safe environment. It's really neat to see this event continue at Methacton.”


    Sean is an avid runner and a certified running coach through the Road Runners Club of America. He and his young family share a passion for travel and spending time outdoors.


    “I'm looking forward to running the Broad Street Run this May for my 13th time. As a family we have a goal to run an organized race in every state. Recently, we visited Arkansas and Texas. This summer we are going to check off Ohio and that will be our 27th state.”


    When asked what advice he had for current Methacton students, Sean had this to offer: “Get involved and give back to your community. Methacton has so many opportunities including sports, music, and clubs to name a few. Find something that you are passionate about, surround yourself with friends, and be a part of something. Methacton is an amazing community and any way to give back benefits us all.”

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  • Betsy Tecco - MHS '78

    Posted by Dr. David Zerbe on 3/21/2024 11:00:00 AM



    Methacton means so much to Betsy Dru (Long) Tecco. It’s more than just the place where she grew up, beginning in first grade at Worcester Elementary. Betsy says her time at Methacton High School ignited her passion for writing and it led to a successful career that spanned four decades.



    “Richard Bergey, my high school English teacher, influenced me the most because I always wanted to be a writer and his class gave me opportunities to do creative writing. He printed a booklet of our poems and essays that I still have!” Betsy says she believes Mr. Bergey had to be the person behind the nomination that led to a writing award she won in her senior year.


    Reflecting on her high school days, Betsy fondly remembers several activities that enhanced her academic journey. “I loved performing in the musical Irene as well as a few comical plays directed by Mr. Brown, the theater arts teacher. I also enjoyed planning special events as part of Class Congress, including homecoming, proms, senior banquet, and fundraisers. Our class sponsor, Phyllis Lacek, gave us tons of support and made it fun to meet in her Home Economics classroom.”


    Amazingly enough, Betsy also found time to play field hockey and lacrosse, work on the Jabberwocky newspaper staff, participate in Ski Club, and serve on Student Council. Having these kinds of opportunities at school gave Betsy a profound appreciation for the world around her. She implores current students to take advantage of the various extra-curricular activities available. “Get involved for the fun and the experiences - THAT'S what you will remember most, long after you graduate.”

    6th grade at Eagleville Elementary School.
    Playing Field Hockey in High School.

    June 14, 1978 - MHS Graduation Day


    After graduation, Betsy attended Penn State and majored in English Writing. From there, she had a very successful career as a professional writer. “I was a professional writer for 40 years, working for advertising agencies as well as independently as a freelancer. I wrote promotional copy for many industries including healthcare and hospitality, countless articles for regional and national magazines, short stories for an ESL textbook, and 13 nonfiction books for Rosen Publishing Group, a school and library publisher.”


    Now retired professionally, Betsy strongly supports the continued success of Methacton. In the spirit of paying it forward, she currently serves on the board of the Methacton Education Foundation, a nonprofit focused on empowering students and staff through innovative programs. “Volunteering allows me to give back to my alma mater.”


    Beyond her professional achievements, Betsy finds tremendous joy in her family life. She and her husband Armand have been married for 40 years and are the proud parents of two daughters, Sianna and Elise.

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  • Owen McCue - MHS '14

    Posted by Dr. David Zerbe on 2/29/2024 10:00:00 AM



    Owen McCue has carved out a successful career in the world of sports journalism. His professional journey has been marked by numerous milestones. “I've [had the opportunity] to cover both the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments, multiple college football bowl games, the Flyers, Sixers and most recently the Phillies National League Championship Series.”


    Although he spends most days telling the stories of top high school and collegiate athletes, the Class of 2014 graduate remains deeply connected to his alma mater -- finding joy in covering Methacton athletics and celebrating the achievements of students. He received the prestigious Keystone Press Award for his coverage of Methacton's boys’ basketball championship in 2020. Owen currently serves as the Assistant Editor at City of Basketball Love but his byline has also been featured in major publications including the Philadelphia Inquirer, Baseball America, and the Pottstown Mercury.


    During his time at Methacton, Owen says he was an active and engaged student leader. He served as the editor of the Windy Hill, anchored the Warrior News, played on the varsity baseball team, and was inducted into the National Honor Society.


    When asked about his favorite Methacton memory, Owen couldn’t choose one. He fondly remembers the thrill of pitching in a state playoff game. Another memorable moment was his vocal performance of Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” in the always fun Mr. Methacton contest. “[I] also starred in a Film Fest video that might have been one of the worst acting performances of all-time.”


    Reflecting on his high school experience, Owen credits Mr. Bill Clark as his greatest influence. “I always felt like he put in a lot of time that went unnoticed. He wanted to help make everything produced in the TV studio/newsroom as good as possible, even if the average eye might not tell a difference.” Mr. Clark inspired Owen to push his boundaries and provided the preparation he needed for undergrad at Temple University. “His class forced me to do things I didn't know I'd like to do and gave me confidence when I got to college to tackle new challenges.”


    For current Methacton students, Owen shared this advice: "Try new things. It's okay if you're bad at them or find out maybe you're not as interested. Being unafraid to fail at something that might not be in your comfort zone is a great way to make sure you're enjoying life and can help you accomplish things you didn't know were possible."

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  • Sara Markley - MHS '19

    Posted by Dr. David Zerbe on 1/19/2024

    Less than five years ago, Sara Markley walked the halls of Methacton High School as a student. Today, she’s back in those same halls with a whole new perspective – and career -- as a Special Education teacher at her alma mater. “I have been really enjoying my time at Methacton High School. It is so great to be back and work with some of the teachers I had in high school.”


    Sara attributes much of her personal and academic growth to two of her high school teachers -- Ms. McCauley and Mrs. Peterman. “Ms. McCauley always believed in me and always encouraged me to do my best. She is a teacher that I could trust and talk to when I was having a rough day. I always felt safe and welcomed in her classroom, and that is how I hope my students feel in my classroom.”


    Of Mrs. Peterman, she said: “Mrs. Peterman was my math teacher junior year. She was always so kind and was always there to help when math started to get tough! She was always so supportive and knowledgeable -- she always had great advice.”


    When asked about her favorite Methacton memory, Sara couldn’t choose just one. She said playing basketball and softball was a highlight of her life as a student. “I would not trade the experiences these sports gave me for anything! Playing sports and being part of a team taught me so much about working with others and helped me build my leadership skills. My favorite memory […] was going to Wildwood with the basketball team. Every year after Christmas, the team would take a bus down to the shore to play in the Wildwood Basketball Boardwalk Classic. All four years we made such good memories. Win or lose, we always had fun. It wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for our three amazing coaches; Craig Kaminski, Kevin Kaminski, and Kaitlyn McGlynn.”


    In the summer of 2018, Sara traveled with fellow classmates to Spain and Portugal. Mr. Ranieri and Mr. Alzamora served as the chaperones and Sara says it was a trip of a lifetime. “[It] was such a fantastic experience. I learned so much about other places and cultures.”


    A teenage rite of passage also holds a very special place in Sara's heart and memories from her time as a student. She fondly remembers learning how to drive and the independence and responsibility it brought. "I went to high school with my sister Alyson for two years. [One] of my favorite memories [was] getting to drive her my junior and senior year."


    After graduating from Methacton in 2019, Sara pursued a dual degree in Elementary Education and Special Education at West Chester University. Like so many others, her academic journey faced an unexpected twist with the onset of the pandemic. When her coursework was shifted online, she took the opportunity to branch out into another form of education. “During this time, I was able to nanny for a wonderful family and support their daughters through virtual learning while still furthering my education at WCU, virtually. This [caregiving] experience taught me so much […] and gave me real-life experience in navigating teaching.”


    Sara believes that Methacton students should take advantage of all the resources and opportunities available to them. “Get involved! You will never regret being a part of a team or club at Methacton. It will help you immensely in your future regardless of what you decide to do.” She also reminds students that they are not alone in this journey. “Know that the teachers are there to help you. They want to see you succeed. Also, ask your school counselor questions! They are so knowledgeable about so many things.”


    Sara is currently pursuing a master's in Education. She aims to expand her teaching certification and contribute further to her students' success.


    “I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in third grade at Audubon. I am so grateful to be able to return to the place where I spent the majority of my life. I love giving back to the community and the school that helped shape me into who I am today."

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  • Karen Henry - MHS '87

    Posted by Dr. David Zerbe on 12/18/2023 1:00:00 PM

    “I strongly believe my experience at Methacton has made me who I am today. Being curious, open and always wanting to learn something new every day has literally saved my life.”


    Karen Henry says she has a natural gift of fixing things. So when challenges come her way, it’s no surprise that she faces them head-on with passion and authenticity. As a high school student and three-sport athlete, she had to persevere through injuries and work through balancing academics with athletics. Today, a recent ovarian cancer diagnosis has added a new complexity to her story but she remains undeterred in this fight. “I no longer fear cancer, I embrace it. It’s just one of the many individual parts that make me who I am.”


    Reflecting on her life as a student, Karen says her coach, Barb Clipsham, taught her many lessons outside of the classroom. “When I struggled academically, she was the first [to get me in line] and make sure that grades came first. Being a good teammate was far more important than being a standout player. She instilled in me the importance of hard work, leadership, mental strength and courage.”



    When asked about her favorite Methacton memory, Karen transported back to the 1986 State Championship game for field hockey. “The entire school [was] cheering for us in the stands. I saved a penalty shot with all eyes on me!” After graduation, Karen went on to play Division 1 Field Hockey at Michigan State University and the University of Delaware.


    Professionally, Karen has served 23 years in the pharmaceutical industry and currently works as a Pharmaceutical Strategic Alliances Partner at Bristol Myers Squibb. Yet, her proudest accomplishment remains being a mom, being a champion for equality, and embracing her true self. "My daughter, Ella, is a junior now at Methacton, and it makes me proud to see her getting to experience just a small bit about me when I was her age."




    Karen's advice to current Methacton students reflects her own philosophy: “Make it your mission to make somebody else’s day better. Live a life of love and purpose. The best version of you is still to come, so always be your true authentic self!”

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  • Sarah Dolan - MHS '11

    Posted by Dr. David Zerbe on 11/20/2023


    Sarah (Stewart) Dolan is a rising star in the construction industry, currently serving as the Director of Finance at Gorski Engineering in Collegeville, PA. But a little more than a decade ago, Sarah walked the halls of Methacton High School with a passion for both music and sports, and a readiness to go into the world and do great things. She served as president of Orchestra, won the “Coach’s Award” for lacrosse as a freshman, and attended the prestigious HOBY Leadership Seminar in her sophomore year.


    When asked about her favorite Methacton memory, Sarah had such an enjoyable experience that she couldn’t just pick one. “All of the extra-curriculars I participated in - orchestra, lacrosse, cross country, key club, honor society. I particularly loved some of the cross country races we ran at local courses, especially when we went up to Lehigh University or Daniel Boone for districts. It was great being outside in the fall -- my favorite season -- with my high school teammates. I also have great memories of Wednesday evening orchestra rehearsals and orchestra trips, namely Boston and Williamsburg.”


    MHS Cross Country Running with Nicole Rossi


    MHS Lacrosse


    One Methacton teacher stands out as a guiding light—Ms. Magann. Sarah fondly remembers the orchestra rehearsals and trips, where Ms. Magann not only nurtured her musical talent but also created a safe space for self-expression. "She let us be creative and fun, but the way she ran her program also taught us responsibility and independence."


    Sarah kicked off her post-high school adventure at Penn State University, where she built upon the academic foundation set while attending Methacton. Upon graduation, she dove into the world of public accounting in Washington, D.C. Armed with a CPA, she later navigated the realm of private equity real estate, carving a niche for herself in financial reporting. Now, she's on the path to securing the industry-esteemed CCIFP (Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional) designation.


    In her role as the Director of Finance at Gorski Engineering, Sarah plays a pivotal role in running the financial operations of the construction business. Gorski Engineering, a design-build general contractor, recently announced its expansion statewide with a strong focus on public sector projects such as fire stations, community buildings, and schools. Sarah takes pride in the company's recent completion of the Phoenixville Rec Center and Fire Station, two projects that have had a positive impact on the local community.


    Beyond her corporate success, Sarah is dedicated to shaping the future of her industry. Her initiative in creating an emerging leaders program at CFMA Philadelphia Chapter is a testament to her commitment to fostering talent. As a nationally-recognized CFMA Rising Star under 40, Sarah is not just making waves; she's creating a ripple effect of positive change.



    Outside of the office, Sarah volunteers with Girls on the Run, aligning her passion with a purpose—to empower young girls to build confidence, kindness, and decision-making skills. She also enjoys spending time with those who bring joy to her journey -- her two dogs, cat, and husband— Ivy, Murph, Janie, and Sean.


    Sarah & Sean's Wedding in Ireland


    Girls On The Run Volunteering


    CFMA Chairman's Coin Awards


    Reflecting on her journey, Sarah Dolan offers this advice to current Methacton students: "Figure out what you are good at and what makes you happy, and success will come along with those two things." She urges students to think outside the conventional career paths, be selfish in choosing what makes them truly happy, and not succumb to societal expectations. “Working in the construction industry, I see so many successful career paths that don't require a degree. Again, figure out what you are good at and what makes you happy. You won't regret it.”

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  • Joseph “J.J.” Gambone - MHS '11 & Tom Gambone - MHS '14

    Posted by Dr. David Zerbe on 10/30/2023


    Joseph “J.J.” Gambone and Tom Gambone are two brothers who not only share the bonds of family but also the proud legacy of being Methacton Warriors!


    J.J. Gambone

    When thinking back on his time as a Methacton High School student, J.J. has fond memories of the friendships he made and is appreciative of the experiences that prepared him for the life he leads today. As an avid sports fan, J.J. participated on the varsity golf team from 2007-2010. He says he truly enjoyed the daily golf practice after school and rooting for the football and baseball teams with his friends. J.J.’s love for golf continues today, as he plays competitively on the U.S. Amateur Tour (formerly known as the Golf Channel Amateur Tour) for fun in his spare time.


    When asked which Methacton teacher was the greatest influence, two people came to mind: Jeff Musselman and Gina Fabrizio.


    Of Mr. Musselman, J.J. still has a crystal-clear memory of a one-on-one they had after gym class 15 years ago. “Mr. Musselman pulled me aside on the tennis court and spoke to me about being a leader, and when to speak up if necessary. That conversation still resonates with me today. It has shaped me into the man I am today.”


    When J.J. speaks about Mrs. Fabrizio, he is reminded of a thoughtful and compassionate individual who continues to be an integral part of his life. “The relationships that she nurtured -- no matter who you were -- she truly CARES about her students.”


    After graduating from Methacton, J.J. went on to obtain his B.S. in Finance from West Chester University. After graduating with the Class of 2015, he started his career as a Financial Advisor with Equitable Advisors. Since beginning his professional career, his once-little company has grown into a larger firm Gambone Financial Group. He currently serves as the President and Founder of the firm, in addition to retaining his role as an award-winning financial advisor.


    Tom Gambone

    Mrs. Fabrizio was also a very influential educator in Tom’s life. He says she was instrumental in helping the brothers navigate their personal and professional lives. Tom had Mrs. Fabrizio for homeroom and first period English class. “She always had a smile, even so early in the morning.”


    Throughout Tom’s education, he took 9 years of French. He says his French teachers at Methacton, Mary Phelps and Jill Nickerson, ignited his passion for the French language and customs. “This helped to craft my hunger for learning and understanding different cultures.” Tom still has a strong passion for European culture. Because of this, his favorite hobby is world travel.


    After graduating from Methacton, Tom went on to obtain his B.S. in Psychology from West Chester University in 2018. After college graduation, Tom accepted a position as the client liaison and processing coordinator at Gambone Financial Group. He specializes in assisting clients with comprehensive investment and insurance planning.


    To current students nearing graduation, J.J. and Tom offer valuable advice – trust your instincts, avoid comparison, and pursue what you love. Their message is clear: "Don't follow the money; follow your passion, and success will follow you."


    Today, J.J. and Tom serve the community as proud, local business owners. Gambone Financial Group’s objective is to protect and preserve wealth for families and businesses.



    We are immensely proud of J.J. and Tom's achievements and the positive impact they continue to make in our community.

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  • Dr. Emily (Harris) Ammazzaorsi - MHS '14

    Posted by Dr. David Zerbe on 9/21/2023


    Methacton High School has played an important role in the life of Class of 2014 graduate, Dr. Emily (Harris) Ammazzaorsi. As she approaches the 10-year anniversary of her graduation, Emily reflects on her time as student and how it helped drive her commitment to lifelong learning.


    Emily's path to becoming a Physical Therapist was influenced by her Biology teacher, Mr. Del Rossi. She says his class sparked her interest for science. “He was able to make all the topics he taught interesting and [was] able to throw a few jokes in at the same time.”


    Outside of the classroom, Emily found success on the softball field. She was a 4-year varsity starter for the softball team and vividly remembers celebrating when they won the PAC-10 championship her senior year. The pursuit of excellence on and off the field earned Emily scholarships for athletics and academics. After graduation, she played Division II softball at the University of the Sciences while pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. In college play, Emily recorded over 100 career hits while striking out only 12 times over four years.


    In 2020, Emily earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy but her quest for knowledge didn’t end there. She further enhanced her expertise by attending the gold level of Vestibular training in Emory, Georgia and she’s currently working to obtain her MBA in Organizational Management from Eastern University.


    At Grand View Health, Emily treats orthopedic cases and specializes in concussion and vestibular rehabilitation. She says her own experiences as an athlete made her particularly adept at rehabilitating athletes with throwing-related injuries.


    When she’s not at work or studying, Emily enjoys hiking and spending time down the shore with her spouse and rescued Corgi.



    Emily remembers what it was like to be a high school student in an ever-evolving world. She shared simple yet profound advice for current Methacton students: "Don't stress the small things, everything will work out."

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  • Chris Drummond - MHS '86

    Posted by Methacton School District on 5/25/2023

    Big picture


    Chris Drummond is a proud Methacton graduate who loved this community so much that he remained here to raise his family and take on the family business. Chris had much to share as he reflected on his journey from Methacton High School to his current position as president of Penny's by Plaza Flowers. He’s always been a hard worker -- even as a student while juggling his academic responsibilities with his mother's burgeoning flower business. But, it was his experiences outside the classroom that had really shaped him.


    After graduating from Ursinus College with a degree in Economics and Business Administration, Chris returned to the family business, eager to help it grow. He threw himself into the work. His dedication and expertise were soon recognized. He was honored as PA Florist of the Year, later served as president of the Pennsylvania Floral Industry Association, and was named a member of both the American Academy of Floriculture and Professional Floral Communicators International.


    As he thought back on his Methacton years, Chris couldn't help but smile. His favorite memory was sitting on the hill with his friends, watching the baseball and soccer games. It was a time of camaraderie and relaxation, and a welcome break from the stresses of school and work.


    But it was the influence of one teacher who really helped to shape Chris. Mr. Constable had demanded the best from his students, and pushed them to go above and beyond. He had taught Chris to listen more than he spoke, to continually learn, and to see things from multiple perspectives. “I remember him often saying things like, ‘This is good, but you’re better than this. Take another look, revise and bring the final version to me.’” It was a lesson that has served Chris well in his personal and professional life.

    Paragraph picture

    When asked his advice for current Methacton students, Chris offered this: “[Y]ou are responsible for your success. So be positive and uncover your hidden talents. Know that every obstacle is actually a new opportunity. ‘I can...’ should be repeated in your head frequently. Surround yourself with a group of peers who support, encourage and challenge you, then stretch the limits of your mind and body.”


    As he pondered his legacy, Chris knows that he has had much to be proud of. He has helped build a successful family business, he and his wife, Robin, have raised four children who are all Methacton graduates, and he’s served as a leader in the floral industry.


    And as he looks forward to the future, Chris knows that he has the skills, the determination, and the Methacton spirit to tackle whatever comes his way.

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