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    In order to afford our families the ability to control how they receive messages from the SchoolMessenger system.

    SchoolMessnger is the district's emergency notification system. The primary uses of the system are to notify you of delayed openings, early dismissals, school closings and emergencies via phone call, e-mail, and/or text message.

    An account has been established for each Methacton family, automatically. 

    Each year, all families are mailed letters in order to enable them to initiate their SchoolMessenger Contact Manager account. We ask that our families please take the time to create accounts and manage the phone numbers, email addresses, and text message numbers that are in the system so that we may effectively communicate - whether it’s a school closing, emergency, or any general school communication.Once you have established your Contact Manager account, you will also be able to review messages you may have missed.

    For your convenience, the steps to create an account through the secure Contact Manager web site provided by SchoolMessenger at https://contactme.schoolmessenger.com have been provided below, as well as printable instructions with screen shots.

    Steps for setting up your account:

    1. Click here to visit the contact manager site, or type www.methacton.org/contactmanager into your web browser.
    2. Click the Sign Up Now link near the bottom of the page.
    3. You will be taken to the Sign Up page where you will need to enter a valid email address, a password, and your name. Click Sign Up when you are done. [Note: SchoolMessenger has a strict privacy policy and does not sell or distribute your contact information to any 3rd party.]
    4. Log in using your email address and password.
    5. Once you’ve activated your account, you’re ready to add students to your account. Click the “Click here to begin” button. Enter your child’s student ID number and Activation Code – as provided in the letters mailed by the district (if you did not receive a letter, or if your activation code has expired, please contact the office of school and community relations at 610-489-5000, ext. 15007 or email kkifer@methacton.org. You will need to add each child to the account individually.
    6. When you have finished adding your child(ren) to the account, navigate to the Contacts tab and click the edit link to right of your child(ren)’s name(s). There, you can simply check which types of messages you would like to receive and at each phone number and email address. Make sure that you click Save when you are done making changes. your child’s school so that we may correct our database. 
    7. Check your email. There will be an Account Activation email from support@relianceco.com which contains a link that you can use to authenticate your email address with your account.
    To learn more about SchoolMessenger please visit their web site at www.schoolmessenger.com.

    If you already have a Contact Manager account, following are instructions for updating your contacts:

    Please go to https://contactme.schoolmessenger.com  to access your account.  If you have forgotten your password, please click on the “forgot your password” link on the same page. 

    1. Once you are signed in, click on the “EDIT” link to the right of your child’s name. 
    2. You can add or change the phone numbers in each box (or leave them blank). You can add new numbers and emails by typing in the boxes labeled “PHONE” or “EMAIL.” 
    3. Don’t forget to check the boxes next to the types of messages you would like to receive. If you don’t, you won’t receive those messages. Click “Save” when you are done making changes. Important! Please be sure to click on the “GENERAL” message type check box. 
    4. Important messages such as bus delays, fire alarms, road closures, and power outages are sent as a general message.  If you do not select “general” messages, you won’t receive them.    


    • The first phone number listed at the top of the on-line form has been locked by the school district.  This phone number is your home phone number, as listed in Methacton’s student accounting database.  If you do not wish to receive any messages at that phone number, simply uncheck the boxes next to each category in the first row.  If the phone number listed at the top of the form is incorrect, please contact your child’s school so that we may correct our database.
    • Emergency calls are only placed during true emergencies.  
    • Calls for school closings and delayed openings due to inclement weather are usually made around 5:30 a.m. 

    Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the office of school and community information at 610-489-5000, ext. 15007; or send email to kkifer@methacton.org.