• Elementary School

    Responsible Use Agreement


    The Methacton School District offers students access to network services to support the district's vision and mission. Many of the essential tools for teaching and learning in the 21st century require internet access. While the Internet can be used as an extension of the classroom, it also presents potential risks to student safety. Students and staff members have the responsibility to respect and protect the rights of every other user in the district and on the Internet.


    Listed below are guidelines that outline responsible use for equipment and personal devices that are used on school property. Students are responsible for appropriate behavior online just as they are in a classroom or any other area of the school. All network users are required to read and abide by this agreement as well as all provisions contained in School Board Policy 815 – Acceptable Use of Internet.

    I WILL:

    · Only use the computers and internet searches for school-related purposes.

    · Only visit appropriate sites that are allowed by my teacher. If I want to go to a new site, I will ask my teacher for approval.

    · Be responsible with the school's equipment and treat it with care.

    · Create or type appropriate things that I only would want my parents and teachers to see.

    · Keep my usernames and passwords to myself.

    · Communicate only in ways that are kind and respectful.

    · Do work on my computer without distracting the people sitting near me.

    · Tell a teacher if I notice someone who is not being a responsible user.

    · Tell a teacher if I notice broken equipment.

    · Immediately click the back button or the exit “X” button if I find something inappropriate online. If that doesn't work, I will turn the monitor off and tell a teacher.

    · Tell a teacher if I receive a hurtful message online while in school.

    · Have an adult’s permission to print.

    · Use School technology to share my private information or picture/video image with other students or anyone else online.

    · Use School technology to reproduce or distribute private information or picture/video image of any other person online.

    · Type my full name, address, or any other personal/school information on the Internet without my teacher’s or parent’s permission.

    · Pretend to be someone else online or use someone else’s login.

    · Use or access School technology to engage in communication which is offensive, lewd, inflammatory; or to harass, bully or intimidate other students or staff; or which promotes or encourages illegal conduct.

    · Intentionally click on advertisements.

    · Copy information that I find and pretend it is my own.

    · Intentionally move, change, or delete someone else's file on the network.

    · Go to websites other than those allowed by my teacher.

    · Bully or treat someone with disrespect online.

    · Use pictures from the Internet without proper citation.

    · Change computer settings or damage computer equipment on purpose.

    · It is my responsibility to read and follow the terms in this Responsible Use Agreement.

    · Some things I read on the Internet may not be true.

    · The computers and network belong to the District. Using them is a privilege, not a right.

    · The computers, network, and printers may not work every day.

    · The things that I do on a school computer or network are not private. My teachers and/or District staff members may review my work and activities at any time.

    · I may not be allowed to use the computers or District network if I break these rules