• Sign Up for Music Department E-Alerts

    Students and Parents,
    Music Department information will be posted and easily distributed using e-alerts from the Music Department page (MSD:MHS:Academic Departments:Music)
    Please subscribe to E-Alerts from the music department to be informed when new items are posted, or check the page regularly.
    The Music Department E-alerts will be used to inform you of cancellations of rehearsals, concerts, performances, distributing spring trip information, and other info of interest to the department. Students and parents are encouraged to subscribe separately.
    Instructions for adding E-alerts to methacton.org user profile:

    1.     Visit the Methacton School District web page: www.methacton.org

    2.     sign in (in the upper right hand corner)

    3.     choose "access my info"

    4.     choose “subscriptions” from the list on the left of the page

    5.     select “manage subscriptions”

    6.     select “other areas of interest”

    7.     select this hierarchy: Methacton HS, Academic Departments, then click MUSIC

    8.     click “I’m done.”

    9.     Repeat for adding any teacher sites or other pages of interest.

    10.  The list of all your subscriptions is visible on your account settings page.

    If you don't have a methacton.org profile, you may create one, for yourself, or your family. This is the same profile used to receive emergency school closings.  
    Music Alerts are NOT the same Alert as the school district emergency alerts, but they work in the same way, sending announcements to those who have subscribed to the music department channel on the Methacton High School webpage.
    Please do not "reply" to E-alerts: any responses should be forwarded directly to one of the music faculty e-mails.

    Lastly, Methacton E-Alerts are subscription based and individually created and maintained. If you no longer wish to receive a specific alert, please log in to your account and update your Alert subscriptions to reflect your current needs. If you have trouble logging in to your account or adjusting your subscriptions, please contact KKifer at methacton.org for assistance.