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    If you are interested in participating in Reading Olympics this year, please fill out the form below to sign up.  

    Reading Olympics members will receive a pass from your homeroom teacher to attend.  
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    2019-20 Reading Olympics List
    Click  HERE   for the 2019-2020 reading list.   

    Procedures for 2019-20 Reading Olympics            

    • Each team will consist of 6-10 players including one captain.  
    • The captain will be responsible for organizing and tracking novels.
    • Each team will designate members to read and become the expert on specific titles.
    • Ten books will be read each month until the winter break.  These books will be divided between the team members.
    • Keep in mind that most RO books can be used as IRP book titles.  
    • When you finish your book, please write a summary so that other teammates can review the book.
    • If a team member finishes the book quickly, feel free to pick up a second book as a backup.
    • Mini competitions will begin in January to prepare teams for the time limit and questioning procedures.
    • The competition will be held in early March.  We will be traveling to Pope John Paul High School and you will be responsible for your own transportation since it is a 15 minute drive.

    Click on a website below to practice some questions for the books you read.  Not every book has a quiz.


    (You may have to set up a free account as a student to access the quizzes.)

    Permission slips for competition will be coming in February.