• By unanimous vote during their regular meeting on October 25, 2011, the Methacton School District Board of School Directors approved the fields improvement and lights project at Methacton High School (MHS), and authorized the administration to begin the process of selecting an architect and engineering firm. These improvements are to include the installation of synthetic turf and stadium lights.
    The Board also voted to table the agenda item that would authorize administration to secure funding for the project, opting to clearly define the scope of the project before initiating a borrowing. The administration's athletic field improvement proposal presented during the Board's October 18 meeting included the installation of two synthetic turf fields on the MHS campus; including a stadium field and multi-purpose field, as well as concession stands, restroom facilities and stadium seating, among other improvements.  Costs were estimated through gratis services of an architecture firm.

    Methacton Superintendent Dr. Timothy J. Quinn further defined the projects next steps in statements made during the October 26 board meeting, "…a committee would be formed of Board and administration to interview and recommend an architect or engineer and come back with a recommendation to the board.  After the firm is on board, they would develop plans that would ultimately be approved by numerous governmental agencies and the Board.  Only after the project goes to bid, are Board approved and the bids are awarded, can the actual work be done."

    Dr. Quinn noted four primary reasons why the project gained his wholehearted support, "The district has had field challenges for some time now and has held discussions on ways to remedy the situation and this plan will do that; this plan brings our facilities up to a level of other districts we compete with academically and athletically; the economy has created an ideal time to take advantage of competitive prices and the lowest interest rates ever; and the district has an opportunity to borrow the funds and have a level repayment plan that couples with existing debt so that taxes will not be increased because of the project."
    The athletic field proposal is the result of many months of discussion aimed at providing research and analysis to the Board with regard to the possibility of undergoing a capital project aimed a improving the athletic facilities at Methacton High School. These improvements include the installation of two artificial turf fields; both a multi-purpose field and football field, as well as concession stands, restroom facilities and stadium seating, among other improvements. The total borrowing associated with this project, as proposed, has been estimated at $3.5 million; and current municipal interest rates combined with savings from bond refinancings make it possible to fund the project entirely without an increase in taxes.
    Please note - The results of the October 25th school board vote were incorrectly reported in the Wednesday, October 26 edition of the Times Herald newspaper, as well as on their website.