• Enjoy this collection of virtual winter performances from our Methacton students, families and staff.

  • Methacton High School



    The 6th grade band students worked on a Virtual Ensemble piece for five weeks of the semester. This was truly a "project" as the students had to follow very specific steps that required the use of two devices, headphones or ear buds, and a click track to complete this assignment. The end result was 53 students successfully recording their part in Flipgrid that were then put together using Adobe Audition. Thank you to Jennie Jones at Music Service Learning for helping with the final steps of editing, lining up all the tracks and balancing the parts to create this Virtual ensemble piece. We hope you enjoy the 6th grade recording of "A Winter's Snow" by Aric Branchfield.

    Skyview Winter Band Recital Graphic

    We hope you enjoy the Grades 5 and 6 Virtual Winter Band Solos. Virtual learning has taught our band students about being a solo player, how to prepare for a recital, recording on Flipgrid and participating in lessons and band rehearsals on Zoom. https://flipgrid.com/+winterbandrecital20