• What should I do if I have a concern about my child?

                Many times a parent will be the first person to sense if their child is having any kind of difficulty at school. If you have a concern, do not hesitate to call and/or email your child's teachers or guidance counselor.  


    When are my child's teachers available for help?

                We are available during morning and afternoon homeroom and after school by appointment.


    How much homework should my child expect?

                You should figure on roughly 20 minutes a night for each academic subject.


    Why doesn't my child ever seem to have any homework?

                 Ask to see your child's assignment book. There should be an assignment written down in every space. If you see the word "NONE" written numerous times, something is wrong. Most days your child will have homework in several subjects. In addition, they are expected to do free reading 3 times a week for 20 minutes. If your child is getting all his homework done during eighth period, it is a good idea to ask them to bring it home so you can look it over. You'll have a better sense of what your child is studying in school and will be able to see the quality of work they are putting into their assignments. Homework assignments are posted daily on our Blue Team Calendar which is located on our Website.

    How much help should I give my child on their schoolwork?

                We encourage you to look over your child's work and to help him/her prepare for tests and quizzes. Resist the urge, however, to rephrase paragraphs and type their assignments. You can point out mistakes to your child, but let them do the work. It is important for the teachers to see what your child actually can do on his/her own in order for proper assessment to occur.


    My child says school is boring. What should I do?

                It has been our experience that many students will say this as an excuse for not doing assignments. Let's face it; school is work. We make every attempt to vary the types of projects and assignments given to the students. Despite this, there will probably be times when your child does not enjoy doing the work, but it still must be done in order to build new skills and strengthen existing ones. Even bright students who do not practice their skills will fall behind. Encourage your children to do the best that they can on all of their assignments.


    Why is seventh grade such a big adjustment for some kids?

                 As secondary teachers, we expect students to apply the skills they have learned in previous years to their schoolwork and to become more independent in their work habits. The schoolwork becomes increasingly more difficult, and many students find that they can no longer achieve the type of grades they used to achieve without putting in more effort. It's also about this time that peer friendships begin to take priority over schoolwork. As a result, many seventh graders have a hard time prioritizing their goals and budgeting their time. You can assist your children by helping them establish regular routines, occasionally check their homework, and post due dates of major assignments on a large calendar.


     My child received a detention. Should I be concerned?

                Seventh graders are known for acting on impulse and thinking later.  Detentions should not be cause for alarm, since they are merely one of the tools a teacher uses to let the student know that they have made an unwise choice. Blue Team teachers will notify parents either by phone or in writing of all after school detentions and the reason for the assigned detention. When parents support the teacher and expect their child to serve the detention, it tells the child that the parent and teacher are working together. Consistent or serious incidents will be directed to the assistant principal.