Student Cafeteria Accounts

    Student cafeteria accounts are provided for all students in order to improve the efficiency of the serving lines and allow students more time to enjoy their meal.  This system also provides a convenient and secure way for parents to pre-pay for their children’s meals.


    Does my child have a cafeteria account?

    All students get a cafeteria account and corresponding PIN number when enrolled in Methacton School District. We highly encourage you to practice the PIN number with your child to help ensure quick speed of service.


    How can I add money to the account?

    • Option 1: Add funds to the account online at myschoolaccount.com. A small fee is charged by the vendor to use this option.
    • Option 2: Mail a check or money order made out to Methacton School District to the following address:

    Food Services at Methacton School District

    4001-A Eagleville Road

    Eagleville, PA 19403


    • Option 3: Pay by cash or check directly to a cafeteria staff member, asking that the funds be added to the account. Money may also be handed to your child’s teacher. Please send cash or check in an envelope labeled with the student’s first and last name.


    Can I set low balance alerts?

    Yes, low balance alerts can be set online at myschoolaccount.com.


    Can I view what my student purchases?

    Yes, you can view the purchases online at www.myschoolaccount.com. You can also view the current balance as well as purchases through the BALANCE section within PowerSchool.


    Can I place limitations on my child’s account?

    While our system does not prevent purchases from being made, parents can add a short note on to their student’s account such as, “No A la Carte,” “Meals Only,” “One Snack on Friday Only,” etc. To add a note, please contact the food service office. While we make every effort to follow the notes, we cannot guarantee that the request will be followed. We kindly ask that parents review notes added to the cafeteria account with the student.


    What happens if my child forgets their lunch or runs out of money?

    Students are always permitted to purchase a breakfast or lunch meal, regardless of cafeteria account balance. For more information, please refer to the Low Balance Procedure found on the Methacton website. Please note that a la carte items are not permitted to be purchased unless the student has sufficient funds to pay for the item(s).


    Why am I receiving weekly emails regarding my student’s account?

    Due to the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Act 55, we are no longer permitted to discuss account balances with the students, unless a student inquires. As part of our Low Balance Procedure, weekly account balance emails were developed to keep parents informed of their child’s cafeteria account balance. Once a week, emails are sent to the parents of students with negative accounts and accounts that are below $5.00. Families may not opt-out of these emails.


    How can I contact the food service office?

    If you have questions regarding your student’s account, please contact the food service office at 610-489-5000 ext. 30216.


    For more information on the food service program at Methacton, visit www.methacton.org/aramark.