• Cafeteria Point of Sale
    The POS system is computerized, and improves the efficiency of the serving lines, allowing students more time to enjoy their meal.  This system also provides a convenient and secure way for parents to pre-pay for their children’s meals.


    All students will access the POS using their assigned student identification number (which will act as their PIN number) and must use it to purchase food in the cafeteria. 

    If you do not wish to participate in this program at this time, the Cafeteria will still be accepting cash on a daily basis. Parents may want to consider depositing an emergency fund of $6 to cover if your student forgets a lunch or two. This will save parents from coming to the school to either bring a lunch or lunch money to the student during the day.


    Any students receiving free or reduced price lunches will have a PIN number and use the system in the same way as all students in the school. This system provides complete confidentiality to those students.


    Any students who are currently using our ticket system and have a positive balance of money/meals, this balance will be transferred onto the computerized system.

    This system was successfully introduced and has been in use at Methacton High School since 2007.
    The computerized debit system has 2 basic components:
    1. Touch screen computer monitor that allows the cashier to input menu selections your son or daughter makes on the lunch line.
    2. Twelve key PIN pad similar to that of an automated teller or MAC machine to enter the Personal Identification Number to access their account. Skyview students must use the keypad, while Arcola students may either use the keypad or swipe their ID cards.

    An added feature that you may wish to take advantage of is the Individual Participation Report. This report is available to the parent to view exactly what your son or daughter is eating for lunch and also has the ability to verify the use of deposited funds so you may be assured of where your money is going.

    Money can be deposited into your child's account regardless of whether your son or daughter is a free, reduced or full paying student. Money will be automatically deducted as the student uses their account.

    Money can be deposited by checking account transfer and credit card (all credit cards accepted), online at http://www.myschoolaccount.com/Please note that there is a fee for this service. 
    Please send your checks or money orders to:
    Food Services Methacton School District
    "My School Account"
    4001-A Eagleville Road
    Eagleville, PA  19403
    Checks and money orders are  to be made payable to "METHACTON SCHOOL DISTRICT." 
    If your child is a free, reduced, or paying student, the system will know that and price their meals accordingly. Free and reduced students can still deposit money into their account so they can purchase additional items above and beyond their basic meal. There is no limit on the amount of money that can be deposited. Students will be notified when their account reaches a low balance. The system is very confidential; every student uses the system in the same manner regardless of meal status. All students and staff members will be using their ID numbers.

    Advance payment will be accepted for any amount of money over $5.

    As you can see, this system is designed to be a convenience for the parent, students and the district. It eliminates the need for the ticket system and it allows you to prepay for meals as you wish. Your child will also feel more at ease because of the confidentiality and because they are not required to carry cash on a daily basis.