• You know 2+2=4 but do you know what "x" equals in 2.5 + x = 4.9? Well, YOU WILL!

    This is a very important year for students in math. Here you will revisit skills you already have and add onto them to take it to the next level. We will be looking at topics in our math book, but also applying them to real-world situations and even learning how to use some of these skills on the computer.


    How can I be successful in math this year?

    The most important keys to success in math this year are to pay attention in class, try your best, and ask questions when you need to.


    Most of the information you will learn in math this year is building on skills and concepts you have already learned. Because of this, a lesson may seem easy or familiar at first...but don't "check out" on me. This year we will spend time reviewing things that you already know and then either use these ideas in a new way, or add new information to what you already know. It is important that you stay focused on the lessons and activities so that you can build onto the math knowledge you already have.


    Try your best. There may be some ideas that are challenging to you at first. We will work our way through it, don't give up. 


    Ask questions. Even though I have the magic teacher skill of knowing exactly who is talking and what you are talking about, I am not a mind reader. I will be able to see when you are unsure about different topics, but it is much easier for both you and me if you simply take the time to ask me questions. You can ask for help or clarification during class, during Flex period, Daily Math, 8th period and even morning homeroom if you have time.


    What do I need for math class each day?

    -PENCILS - ALL work must be completed in pencils, we ALL make mistakes sometimes.

    -Math workbook - We will use this DAILY.

    -Math Notebook - A marble composition book OR spiral bound notebook will be used to show work for various assignmnets, as well as to show work, take notes and jot down questions during ALEKS work.

    -Homework - Homework will be assigned almost daily. For full credit it is due in class and must be complete. Homework assignments that are incomplete or turned in after I have seen you for class, will not receive full credit.



    How am I graded this year?

    Your grades this year are a combination of your tests, quizzes, selected Daily Math assignments, homework completion, projects and in class activities.



    connectEd - Use this link to access the math work book, vocabulary, video tutorials, extra practice pages, self-checking practice quizzes as well as other content based resources.


    ALEKS- Use this link to access ALEKS which will be used both at school and home. For more information on the ALEKS program, click here.


Last Modified on September 12, 2018