• Expectations of B-11

    A positive learning experience can only happen in a positive environment. To ensure that B-11 is this type of constructive and encouraging classroom, we have the following expectations of all those who enter.

    1. Respect the feelings and property of everyone-students, faculty and YOURSELF!

    2. Bring all required materials and assignments to class each day.

    3. Follow all school rules as stated in the handbook.

    4. Take responsibility for your choices and actions.


    Students who choose to disregard these expectations will...

    *be given reminders of the expectations and a chance to correct their decisions
    *be given the opportunity to think about and analyze their choices
    *have notes or calls to home
    *receive lunch detentions
    *may be referred to Dr. Gallagher-Landis or Mrs. Gorla

    Students who demonstrate these expectations will be periodically rewarded with some of the following:

    + Good Behavior notes/calls to home
    + Stickers
    + Fun Pencils
    + and more


    If we are all aware of these expectations and are respectful enough to demonstrate them, we will have the positive and productive classroom we all hope for. This is a team and individual effort, if you do your part to make the classroom positive, others will do theirs.

    Absence Procedures
    If you are UNEXPECTEDLY absent (you are not well enough to come to school)...
       You should check the Astronomers Homework Calendar for the day's homework assignments. If you are able to complete this, go for it! If you do not have your materials or the content does not make sense, you have time to make up this work. Wait until you are back at school and come visit me during Daily Math, Flex, or 8th period.
    If you KNOW you are going to miss class (lessons, a counselor appointment or any other scheduled time away from class)...
       Let me know in the MORNING that you will be missing class. Take a peek at, and copy down your homework and also look at the Agenda board for the day. You are responsible for completing that day's homework, if you are unsure of the content then you must visit during 8th period for clarification.
Last Modified on July 25, 2018