• Student Emergency Forms
    Emergency forms are distributed at the start of each school year.  Please complete them carefully,  and return the completed forms to school during the first week.  Students are instructed to bring the completed forms to their homeroom teachers during that first week. It is of the utmost importance that you complete these forms so that we, as a school system, are able to contact you with regards to your child; please provide as many phone numbers and email contacts as possible.  Notify office with any changes throughout the school year.
    Physical Education Excuses 
    The school nurse is unable to excuse a child from physical eduction class regardless of injury or illness. If your child needs to extend that excuse for a longer period of time you must provide your child's physical education teacher with a physician's note with the diagnosis and length of time that the child will be unable to participate in physical education. 
    As per state law students are not to bring any medication to school whether it be over-the-counter medication or prescription medication without a physician's order.  If your child requires medication during the school day you can download the medication form on the forms page of this web site, take the form to your physician and bring the form with the medication to the nurse's office in its original container.
    Please contact your main office. 
    Early Release Due to Medical Concerns:
    If your child becomes ill/injured during the school day the this procedure will be followed:
    1.  The student is to report to the nurse's office for examination and be assessed for necessity to be dismissed from school early. Student should  refrain from the use of personal or classroom phones to contact parent/ guardian when ill.
    2.  Parent/guardian will be the first called, if unavailable then the emergency contacts will be contacted. A student will not be released to anyone that is not listed on the emergency contact list unless, the parent calls and states name of the individual that will be picking up student from school.
    3. If medically necessary 911 will be called to transport your child to a hospital that is determined by the emergency professionals.  The parent/guardian will be notified immediately of this transport, a staff member of the school will accompany and remain with the student until a family member arrives.
    Early Release Due to Planned Medical Appointments
    Any early dismissals should be planned through the main office.