• Spelling Homework

    On "Day 1" of every ELA weekly unit your child will take a Spelling Pre-test in class.  They will bring it home that night.  If your child receives 100% on the pre-test they do not need to take the Spelling test for that list.    

    There is no specific assigned Spelling homework that is to be completed and turned in to me daily.  Instead you received a "Spelling Smorgasboard" packet that gave you ideas on ways your child can learn the words. 

    Every child learns best in different ways.  Please help your child practice the words in whatever way works best for him/her.
    Spelling Practice Ideas:
    • Put your words in ABC order.
    • Visit the website "Spelling City".  Here is a link to my page with the updated lists: https://www.spellingcity.com/kelco2/
    • Sing what you need to know in a song.
    • Form words with clay.
    • Get a large brown bag and write your words on it with a marker.
    • Spell words using shaving cream.
    • Spell words in sand or salt.
    • Have a friend test you.
    • Neatly print your words on a white board.
    • Study with a buddy.
    • Make flash cards.
    • Paint your words with water on your driveway.
    • Use feltboards to trace your words with your finger.
    • Use your words in a story, poem or a letter.
    • Use letter stamps to make your words.
    • Find 5 of your words in the dictionary and write the definitions.
    • Finger spell your words to a parent or a friends.
    • Write your spelling words with markers or crayons.
    • Use sidewalk chalk to write words on your driveway.
    • Create a picture dictionary.
    • Tape-record yourself saying the words, then replay the tape and give yourself a test.
Last Modified on September 27, 2017