• Dear Parents/Guardians:


    Cooperation between home and school is made more effective when there is communication resulting in understanding.  As one means of keeping you informed about our schools, we have prepared this handbook for your convenience.  Please refer to it when questions arise throughout the school year.


    Every stage in your child's life is important, but the elementary school period is especially significant.  As a parent/guardian/teacher team, we have the potential to mold the lives of our boys and girls into productive citizens of tomorrow.  Parents/guardians are the most important persons in the lives of children and there are many ways in which you and the teacher will need to work together so each child can do his or her best.


    Worcester is an active and dynamic community where teachers and families come together to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which our students can learn and grow. I encourage everyone in our school community to become familiar with the guidelines and procedures utilized at the elementary level of education in our District and to engage in the many opportunities available for becoming involved in the life of our school.


    If you have questions not answered by this handbook, please feel free to contact the school office. I am certain that this will be an exciting and productive year for everyone in the Worcester learning community!




    Brian Shaffer