• Worcester Home & School Event Committees
    The Worcester Home & School (H&S) Association sponsors many fundraising and enrichment programs throughout the school year. Below you will find a brief description of H&S sponsored activities. Please cross-reference the annual activities calendar for specific dates for listed events. We hope you will add your input, time, and talents to our volunteer efforts.
    Keep in mind, your financial support is directly related to the number and quality of programs we can afford the students.Fund raising takes on many forms and DIRECT DONATIONS (resulting in 100% H&S profit) are always accepted. (Direct donations can be made in the form of checks to: Worcester Home & School Association and sent to Main Office.) 
    If you would like more information, please send an email to WorcesterHomeAndSchool@gmail.com




    In keeping with Worcester Township’s agricultural roots and community, Worcester Home & School sponsors the PA state mobile Agricultural Lab’s visit. This event is held for one week and provides an opportunity for each class to participate in a science lesson during the school day.


    Arcola Laser Light Shows at the Planetarium

    This new event was first offered as an activity for the community during the 2016-2017 school year, under the leadership of Arcola Home & School. Each Home & School in the district is able to schedule a “school” evening to sell concessions and to receive a portion of ticket sales.   


    Box Tops

    The Box Tops Education Program gives money back to schools that collect the “box tops” labels from product packaging. Families can send in bagged box tops at any time, or attach them to flyers that are sent home periodically throughout the school year.  Volunteers collect, count, and submit the box tops, and checks are mailed to the school from the program quarterly.

    Cardboard Challenge

    The Global Cardboard Challenge began when a filmmaker crossed paths with a creative young boy, Caine, who designed and engineered his own cardboard arcade. This evening event is coordinated by Mrs. Cherry, school librarian, with cooperation from Home & School. More information can be found here: https://cardboardchallenge.com/

    Career Day

    This daytime event will be held in the spring, and will be coordinated and planned by the Worcester Elementary School Staff. Home & School will provide volunteers to serve lunch to parent and community participants.


    Fall Walk A Thon

    The Walk A Thon is Worcester’s main yearly fundraiser. Students lap a designated area and collect monetary donations in support of their efforts. All proceeds result in 100% profit for student enrichment programs throughout the school year.


    Family Game Night

    This event is held yearly in the spring, and involves committee planning and staffing to provide bingo, other games, prizes, and refreshments for an evening of family fun.


    Father-Daughter Dance

    This special event is planned and staffed by Home & School volunteers, and includes dancing,  photography, and refreshments for an enchanted winter evening.


    Field Day

    The physical education department plans and coordinates Field Day activities. Home & School supplies volunteers for set up, supervision, and clean up. Field Day takes place in the spring.


    Fourth Grade Picnic

    This is a school day event for only fourth grade students. It is committee-planned and staffed, and takes place in June.


    Fun Day

    This event takes place on one of the last days of the school year, and is a schoolwide celebration. Bounce houses, hands-on charitable work stations, obstacle courses, a DJ, and other activities are planned by the committee.


    Giant A+ Rewards Program

    This is an ongoing fundraiser that requires coordination by one volunteer. Participants can sign up their Giant Bonus Cards to designate Worcester Elementary School as a beneficiary. Every time a participant shops at Giant and has a Bonus Card scanned, Worcester will receive a donation.


    Holiday Workshop

    The Holiday Workshop provides students an opportunity to shop for gifts during the school day. A substantial number of volunteers staff the workshop and help with pricing, set-up clean up and inventory.

    Homeroom Parent

    Homeroom parents provide assistance to the classroom teachers if requested, and are also responsible for planning and staffing the classroom Fall Festival Party as well as the Winter Celebration Party. Homeroom parents also staff Fun Day to act as chaperones for each class, and are responsible for collecting and maintaining classroom party funds. Lead Homeroom Parents also manage Working Wednesdays (see below) requests from teachers.

    Kinder-First Grade Mixer

    This is a social evening for Kindergarten and first Grade families as a welcoming gesture from Home & School. This is a great way to network for playdates and birthday parties. Light refreshments will be served during this early fall event.

    Library Volunteers

    These volunteers work at the circulation desk, checking books in and out of the system, shelving returning books, and working on special projects for Mrs. Cherry, school librarian.

    Lunchroom Volunteers

    Our wonderful staff at Worcester needs our help to keep the lunch room running.  You will help the children with opening items, getting them utensils and napkins, as well as helping the staff keep things clean and organized.  There are two shifts (11:05 am-12:05 pm and 11:40 am-12:40 pm). Two volunteers are needed daily for each shift. 


    Maker Space Thursdays

    On Thursdays, students have the opportunity to spend recess in the library working on STEAM projects under the guidance of Mrs. Cherry, school librarian, and enthusiastic volunteers.  Committee members research activities, help collect supplies, and impart a love of creativity and innovation to our Worcester students.


    Mother-Son Event

    This special event is planned and staffed by a Home & School committee to be a special evening of activities, entertainment, and refreshments for a winter evening.


    Night of the Arts

    This event highlights the creative talents of all our students. At least one piece of artwork per student is displayed on the walls throughout the school. Volunteers work with our Art teacher to help label, frame / hang the artwork, and serve refreshments for the reception during this spring event.


    No-Effort Fundraising

    An example of no-effort fundraising are dining out fundraisers, where a percentage of the customers’ checks on a particular date are donated to Worcester. The event coordinator would reach out to local businesses to set up fundraising opportunities.


    Outdoor Worcester Sign

    Volunteers are needed to update the entrance sign with pertinent school information.


    Post Prom Representative

    Every year, Worcester makes a donation to Methacton High School’s Post Prom event. This position involves sitting on the post prom decorating committee to plan and implement a themed area of the high school for the event in Worcester’s name.


    Pillows, Popcorn, & PJs

    This event is a school wide event open to all Worcester families. It is a night for watching a movie with your friends and family in your PJs. Popcorn will be served.


    School Directory

    The School Directory provides a convenient listing of student phone numbers and addresses, as well as other school information. The directory is intended for school/parental/guardian reference only. Volunteers compile the directory. Order forms are sent home in the beginning of the school year.


    Science Fair/Exhibit Night

    This night provides students the opportunity to participate in an elementary level science fair or to exhibit a favorite art, craft, or hobby. Volunteers help set up/arrange projects, and clean up at the end of the evening for this late winter program.


    Special Education Alliance Representative

    The Methacton Coordinating Council (MCC) is the nonprofit umbrella that each Methacton School District Home & School Association falls under. MCC has created a Special Education Alliance Committee that provides networking opportunities for parents of students with special needs. Each school provides a representative to sit on the committee.



    This program coordinator works with the selected spiritwear vendor to provide Worcester apparel at a reasonable price to school families. More information coming soon! 

    Staff Appreciation Week

    A Home & School committee plans tokens of appreciation for the Worcester teachers and staff. Volunteers set-up, clean up, prepare food, decorate, etc. during this spring event.


    Talent Show

    This spring event for 3rd and 4th grade students involves two rehearsals and a Friday evening show. A DJ provides a sound system and track support, and a Home & School committee coordinates and directs the show.


    Tile Night

    Each year families have an option of contributing to the stairway décor by customizing a ceramic tile in their own special ways. Volunteers help set-up, monitor and distribute supplies, and help clean up, during this spring evening activity.

    Working Wednesdays/Thursday Packets

    Working Wednesdays volunteers coordinate with classroom teachers to work on material prep or special projects as requested by teachers. Thursday will be the day of the week that papers/flyers/important information from the school office or Home & School will be sent home with the oldest student in each family. Volunteers are needed to prepare the Thursday packets.


    The yearbook is a classic publication of student pictures, photos of activities and memorable events, and Worcester staff, which is available for purchase by any student.  Volunteers snap pictures, compile photos, and organize yearbook contents.