• How to Download Audiobooks from your Public Library



    **You will need a library card and an account in good standing as well as an internet connection.


    For our example, we will use the Lower Providence Community Library.

    Go to www.lowerprovidencelibrary.org 

    Choose Electronic Resources:
    Choose Electronic Resources
    Then, choose Overdrive:
    This will bring you to the Overdrive Website:

    First, you will need to install Overdrive Media Console.  This is the interface that allows you to download, listen and transfer audiobooks.  I know some folks are hesitant about downloading programs.  While there are never any guarantees, I have used this program for several years without ever having a problem.


    The download button is on the left side at the very bottom.  It is the last menu choice.  Follow the directions to download.  
    An icon will be placed on your desktop that looks like this:      Desktop Icon
    When you click on the icon, it will open the desktop interface.  Mine has a few books already downloaded:

    When you check out and download a book (that’s next) it will go right into this list.


    So now you are all ready to choose your books.  Go back to the Overdrive website.  This time, choose login.
    Overdrive Login

    Choose your library from the pull down menu and enter your library card number.  You will be logged in and ready to browse.


    The Search Catalog button is found on the left side.


    The website works like other “online shopping” sites (except no money/credit card is required!)  Choose the books you want, add them to your cart, and proceed to checkout.


    After you check out, the items will be listed under ‘My Bookshelf’


    Now move them to your desktop - click the Download button.

     This will copy the items from the Overdrive website to your computer.

    Click on the Overdrive icon on your desktop 
    and you will see the books you downloaded.

    Plug in your MP3 player (most books will play on iPods).  Then highlight the book you want to move, right click with your mouse and choose transfer OR click the transfer button on the top of the page.  Wait until the entire book has transferred, click finish and you are all set.



    One word of advice – some MP3 players will save your spot but others will not.  You MUST pause and then power off your device in order to hold your spot if yours will not save it on its own.  Otherwise, you will have to fast forward through everything you’ve listened to so far.


    Let me know if this works for you – I am curious to hear if others will enjoy listening to books as much as I do!

Last Modified on December 18, 2009