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                             Health Curriculum – Grades 3 & 4



    MISSIONIt is the mission of this planned course to help students understand the physical, mental, and emotional health needs of people.



    Grades 3 and 4: One time per week for 50 minutes (half year only)

    PROGRESS REPORT: Students receive a grade in Health at the conclusion of the course (usually the 4th marking period).
        -  The Progress Report includes the following categories:
           "Attitude and Conduct"
        -  The following designations are used for each category: 

              E ...... Exceeds Expectations

           M ..... Meets Expectations

           D ...... Developing

           I ........ Inconsistent
           N ...... Not Meeting Expectations
          N/A ... Not Applicable Currently
           A ...... Audit

    Curriculum - Grade 3


    The following topics are taught in health class for students in third grade:


    1.)   Healthy Beginnings


    a.   triangle of health

    b.   health-related fitness

    c.   F.I.T.T. Principle

    d.   keeping your heart healthy

    e.   likes and dislikes


     2.)   Nutrition


    a.   MyPlate

    b.   portions

    c.   nutrients

    d.   calories

    e.   food labels / ingredients

    f.   healthy diet / sensible snacks

    g.   overweight and obesity   


    3.)  Healthful Living


    a.   germs / body defenses      

    b.   communicable / non-communicable diseases

    c.   personal hygiene

    d.   dental health

    e.   basic drug education

                f.    sun safety 


    Curriculum - Grade 4


    The structure and function of the following major body systems are taught in health class for students in fourth grade:

    a.   Skeletal System


    b.   Muscular System


    c.   Circulatory System


    d.   Respiratory System


    e.   Nervous System


    f.    Urinary System


    g.   Digestive System



     MSD Health and Physical Education Department  




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