K-4 Physical Education Curriculum


    MISSION:  It is the mission of this planned course to help students:
    • Acquire skills and knowledge that will form a firm foundation for later activities in physical education and recreation
    • Develop a lasting desire for physical activity 
    • Develop a proper attitude towards activity
    • Establish wholesome habits and attitudes of healthful living
    • Develop worthwhile characteristics such as sportsmanship, responsibility, leadership, courtesy and fellowship. 


     Kindergarten:   1 time per week for 30 minutes

    Grades 1 - 2:    2 times per week for 50 minutes

    Grades 3-4:      2 times per week for 50 minutes  
                                  (For half the year, 1 class per week is devoted to Health class.)                 


    CURRICULUM: The curriculum for kindergarten through fourth grade has
    some activities that occur each year and some that occur every other year.
    These include the following:

           Grades K-2

          Playground Games

          Fitness for Life

          Basic Movements

          Fundamental Games



          Body Management 
          Field Day Prep
          Recreational Games 



                Grades 3-4

                 Playground Games 

                 Fitness for Life

                 Soccer Lead-ups

                 Football Lead-ups

                 Basketball Lead Ups

                 Handball Lead-ups

                 Floor Hockey Lead-ups


                 Fundamental Games

                 Body Management
                 Volleyball Lead-ups

                 Field Day Prep

                 Jumping and Balancing

                  Multicultural Games

                 Recreational Games               

    Progress Report:
    Students receive a Progress Report in Physical Education (Grades 1-4)
    twice per year (2nd and 4th marking periods.)
    The Progress Report includes the following categories:
       -  Skills
       -  Effort and Participation
       -  Works cooperatively and productively in a group
       -  Attitude and Conduct
    The following designations are used for each category: 
        E ...... Exceeds Expectations

       M ..... Meets Expectations

       D ...... Developing
       I ....... Inconsistent

       N ...... Not Meeting Expectations
       N/A ... Not Applicable Currently
       A ....... Audit


     MSD Health and Physical Education Department  


Last Modified on June 15, 2018