• Follow these directions to find eBooks from Skyview Library   

    1. From the District Homepage, select Skyview and then click the Library tab.


    Skyview Library



    2.  Click on Destiny Library Search found in the sidebar.


    Click Destiny



    3. Click the three bars found in the upper right corner of Destiny and then click Log In.


    Log In



    4.  Use your normal Methacton username and password.


     Normal Methacton login



    5. Click Search Options found to the right of the top search bar.


    Search Options  



    6. Pick eBook under Format.





    7.  Click Set Options at the bottom.


    set options



    8. Search for the disired topic.


    Search Topic




    9.  You can also perform an "empty search" by leaving the search bar empty and clicking the magnifying glass icon to browse the entire catalog of eBooks available.


    empty search


    If you encounter a MackinVIA login page, please see these directions for the username and password. 

    I hope this help you find some great eBooks to read at home.