Hi, my name is Lori Shaw and I am the School Counselor at Eagleville Elementary.  I received a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Bloomsburg University and a Masters degree in Counseling from the The College of New Jersey.  I  hold certifications in both Elementary and Secondary School Counseling from  TCNJ.  I worked with students at Audubon for 6 years, the high school for 8 years,  and taught pre-school for 6 years prior to coming to Eagleville. I have three grown children of my own, 
    I am at Eagleville every day and students often call me the "feelings teacher" since I talk with them about their feelings.  I meet with students individually or in small groups to discuss any problems or issues they may be struggling with.  Some topics might include: making friends and getting along with others, making good choices, family changes and/or loss, behaving responsibly, handling conflict, controlling anger, recognizing personal strengths and needs, or anything your child might wish to discuss.

    Students can request to see me by filling out a referral slip from the "Notes for Ms. Shaw" container in their classroom and dropping it off to my office or their teacher. Students can sign up to have lunch or recess in my office with these notes.  During lunch we socialize and practice using good manners. Recess is a great opportunity to play games that help practice taking turns, following rules, getting along with others and having fun!

    I support parents too. If you have any concerns regarding your child, or if your family is experiencing something out of the ordinary, I welcome the opportunity to support you.  Please feel free to contact me by email or phone.The best way to ensure your child's academic and personal success is through communication and teamwork! 
    LShaw @ Methacton.org                                     610-489-5000 X42107