• Be sure you remember that we don't meet daily! I suggest your write your Challenge homework in each day, even if you won't see me the next day.

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    Grade K-2

         ARR- None

         WOOD- None


    Grade 3

         ARR- Share website!

         WOOD- Share website!


    Grade 4

         ARR- Website Content Ideas, Share website!

         WOOD-Individual Artifact due Thursday, Share website!



    Homework Policy-
    Homework is a part of your Challenge grade and must be completed. Late projects lose 10% of the possible points. Missed homeworks must be made up, but are recorded as zeros. 
     Challenge Program Class Rules
    1. Please come to class on time; you are an important asset to our class!
    2. Please bring a sharpened pencil, your Challenge folder, and your homework assignment sheet/book to class.  Having the right materials will help you to be organized and do well!
    3. Always complete your homework assignments and projects on time so that you may actively contribute to class discussions and activities.  Having three or more late assignments in a marking period will result in the dropping of a letter grade.
    4. Show good manners by respecting one another and listening to one another.  We are all here to learn from each other!
    5.  Follow all given directions, share your great ideas, and never be afraid to ask questions!