• Individual Counseling


    Students can meet with their school counselor by self-referral, counselor referral, or teacher or parent request.  During individual meetings the school counselor can help children understand and accept themselves, cope with family changes and/or family crises, and develop decision making skills, conflict resolution skills, anger management techniques, and problem solving strategies.  The following are just a few examples of the situations in which school counselors can help students:
    My parents are getting a divorce.  I’m scared about what is happening to our family.
    My best friend and I seem to be fighting a lot lately.  We just can’t seem to get along.
    I am the new student here at school and I am afraid that I just won’t fit in.
    My parents are fighting a lot more than they used to - is it something I did?
    My father just lost his job and everyone at home seems so upset all of the time.
    I have been having nightmares lately and it takes me so long to fall asleep at night.
    My grandmother passed away.
    Mommy just had a new baby and that baby is ruining everything!
    I do my homework, but I can’t seem to remember to bring it with me to school!!!
    Tommy told me that if I didn’t give him my lunch money again today I’d be sorry!