Grant Application Guidelines



    1. The written application must be completed and received by the scheduled due date.
    2. Grant proposals must be consistent with the goals and mission of the EFMC
    3. Proposals should enhance and expand enrichment opportunities for Methacton students.

    Evaluation Criteria:

    Grant funding will be based on the following criteria (not necessarily listed in order of importance):

    • Provides an enrichment opportunity
    • Impacts a significant number of students
    • Addresses an identified need for students
    • Results in a significant, measurable return on investment
    • Contributes to the development of students as life-long learners
    • Contributes to the development of students as responsible community members
    • Contributes to the development of students as leaders
    • Describes what students will know, learn, and be able to do as a result of the grant.

    Application Process:

    1. Contact Angela Linch at alinch@methacton.org or by phone at 610-489-5000, ext. 15412 to discuss your grant application idea, and to review the grant application process.

    2. Complete Online Application during the fall/winter (August-December) or spring/summer (January-May) granting cycles. Grants received after May 30 will be considered the following fall/winter cycle. In the event that a grant falls outside the regular cycle, or should need immediate attention due to a time factor, please contact Angela Linch to discuss.

    3. Application Review:  When your application is completed, it will be directed to the appropriate building or department administrator and then to the superintendent for review. If a grant proposal receives administrative approval it will be forwarded to the EFMC grant committee for their review. The applicant will then be updated on the status of their grant request. If appropriate, this notification will include a projected timeline for receiving final approval from the EFMC Board. If a grant is denied for submission or approval during the Application Review Process, it will be returned to the applicant with pertinent notations and/or suggestions.
    1. Grant Committee Review Meeting:  The grant applicant does not attend this meeting. The committee reviews each application and votes on its merits, making the decision to approve, approve with revisions, or deny funding at the time of submission.
    1. Notification:  Applicants will be notified within one month of submitting proposals of the status of their grant application.
    1. Reporting:  All approved grant expenses should be documented and a financial report must be submitted by the end of the school year. Guidelines for reporting will be supplied.
    1. Grant Summary Requirements: The grant recipient(s) will provide a written summary detailing the process, procedures and outcomes resulting from the grant. Photos, video, and/or other forms of documentation (ex: newsletters, notes from students/educators, etc.) that demonstrate how the funds were used should also be included. Receipts and/or contracts for expenses should be submitted as required for reimbursement (see #6 above).