• Interactive Spelling

    Gareth Pitchford"s Primary Resources: Plurals Quiz
    A quick little instant-feedback quiz on plurals, this page asks students to type in the plural form of several words and then grades them on their answers.

    FunBrain.com: Spell Check (Spelling Game)
    At FunBrain.com you can choose from easy or hard words and try to identify and correct one word out of four which is misspelled. Interactive with instant feedback.

    Fairground Spells
    Use these fairground games to practice spelling skills. Whacka Moley and the Grabber Grammar are just two of the interactive games you can play.

    See "N Spell Short Vowels
    An interactive spelling practice site. Drag the letters to the box to spell the word. Try words with short vowels, long vowels, blends, digraphs, plurals, or spell your own words.

    Spin and Spell Game
    Play by yourself or challenge a friend to spell these words about things we eat, places we go and other categories. Requires Shockwave.

    Golden Books: Fun Factory
    A collection of six games designed to help students practice reading-related skills. For example, the interactive baseball game, Cat at Bat, asks students to identify rhyming words, while Road Hog and Hangman work on spelling.

    FunBrain: Spell Check Word Game (Easy & Hard)
    Simply designed interactive spelling game for elementary and middle school children. Visitors can choose the level at which they would like to play the game--easy or hard--and are challenged to spell a misspelled word correctly. Good word-recognition practice for English language learners and native English speakers alike.

    FunBrain: Spell-a-Roo (Beginner & Intermediate)
    A spelling game designed for elementary school children. Players read a sentence and try to find the misspelled word in each. Two levels of play are available--beginner and intermediate--so that you can choose the game that is right for you. Excellent game for reinforcing word recognition and reading skills.

    Quia: Spelling Bee
    Quiz yourself on these frequently misspelled words.

    Harcourt School Publishers: Go for Grammar Gold
    Come and check out this interactive resource called "Go for Grammar Gold" featuring several different grammar activities. This page has many fun practice quizzes for first through fifth grade students.