• Reading Homework  Read for 20 minutes every day. You can read with a friend, relative, a pet, or a stuffed animal. Reading aloud counts, too! If you are sitting together with someone who is reading to you, that counts as well!

    Spelling Homework

    Mondays - Take a spelling pretest. Circle the words you wrote incorrectly. These are the words you must practice during the week. If you write all of the words correctly, practice the 'A' list of words.

    Tuesdays - Write five good sentences. Use two spelling words in each sentence. Underline the spelling words you use in each sentence.

    Wednesdays - Select a STAR activity.

    Thursdays - Practice spelling the words correctly.

    Math Homework Practice math facts every night for 5 minutes. Make two stacks of facts 'I know' and facts 'I don't know yet'. Practice the 'I don't know yet' facts until you can move them to the 'I know' stack. Remember to feed your Math Fact Monster all of the facts you know. Complete math pages when assigned.

    Extra Credit Complete extra credit assignments when you can. If there is a certain topic that interests you, feel free to read about it and write down a few sentences or print information about the topic and bring it to school. 

    Public Speaking Homework (Show & Tell) Be aware of your assigned day. Bring something to school that you can 'Tell' about for one minute.