• English Language Arts



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    Concepts and Skills


    Wonders Balanced Literacy


    Unit 1  

    ·        Short vowels a, e, i, o, u

    ·        Long vowels a, i

    ·        Story characters, setting, events

    ·        Main idea and key details

    ·        Sentences—statements, questions, commands, exclamations

    ·        Parts of a sentence - naming (subject), action (predicate), inflections (s, es, ed, ing), root words


    Unit 2  

    ·        Long vowels and short vowels o, u,

    ·       Soft c and soft g, digraphs (ch, sh, ph, th, wh), 3-letter blends 

    ·        Plot - Main topic & details, character, setting, plot

    ·        Singular and plural nouns, proper nouns, irregular proper nouns, possessive nouns

    ·        Multiple meaning words


    Unit 3

    ·        Digraphs ch, tch,sh, th

    ·        Long vowel a, e, i, o, u

    ·        Author’s purpose, main topic & detail, plot - sequence

    ·        Fiction & nonfiction

    ·        Antonyms, synonyms, compound words, similes

    ·        Action verbs, present, past, future, to have

    ·        Prefixes


    Unit 4

    ·        Digraphs - silent letters kn, wr, gh, ph

    ·        R-controlled vowels ear, eer, ere, or, ore, oar, ar, er, ir, ur, are, aire

    ·        Cause and effect, compare and contrast

    ·        Locating information in text, context clues

    ·        Irregular verbs, contractions, helping verbs, linking verbs

    ·        Root words


    Unit 5 

    ·        Vowel diphthongs ou, ow, oo, ew, ue, ui, ou, aw, au, augh, ough

    ·        Point of view, sequence, problem & solution, cause & effect

    ·        Pronouns, pronoun - verb agreement, possessive pronouns

    ·        Past-tense verbs

    ·        Contractions, homophones,  multiple-meaning words, idioms

     Unit 6 

    ·        Open and closed syllables, consonant + (le) syllables, CVCe syllables, vowel team syllables, r-controlled syllables

    ·        Greek and Latin roots

    ·        Problem and solution, point of view, paragraph clues, author's purpose

    ·        Metaphors

    ·        Adjectives and adverbs

    ·        HAdverbs & prepositional phrases

    ·        Adjectives that compare and articles (this, that, these, those)