• 7th Grade Science – A Meaningful Experience


              Welcome to my classroom.  You will embark on several educational journeys that I hope you will enjoy and remember happily.  Biological science is an awesome study of living things and environmental science is a study of the relationships among living things.  We cover topics such as cells, genetics, recycling, ecosystems, watersheds, and wetlands to name a few.  I am looking forward to opening the doors of scientific discovery through hands-on activities and real-life experiences.


              Below you will find classroom procedures designed to minimize failure and maximize success.  The guidelines are simple, and when supported, give all students the opportunity to learn and explore in a safe, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere.



    • Enter room; prepare yourself for class; follow directions on the board. THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO GET YOUR HOMEWORK WRITTEN DOWN!!


    • Your textbooks are a very valuable resource – please leave them AT HOME to help you do assignments and review topics discussed in class.


    • When arriving late to class, quietly take your seat.  Anything that you have missed will be available to you at the end of the period.  


    • You are also responsible for obtaining all missed assignments and work when absent from class. There are several resources available to aid you in this process. WARNING: THIS INCLUDES ABSENCE FROM CLASS DUE TO MUSIC LESSONS, ATHLETIC EVENTS, REHEARSALS, ETC.


    • IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO COMPLETE ALL ASSIGNMENTS!  Points are deducted from your notebook grade for each missing or incomplete assignment.


    • You are required to keep a record of your grades in your SCIENCE NOTEBOOK.  You will be aware of your academic progress at all times.  You will receive points for assigned work, tests, quizzes, lab activities, projects, class participation, etc. 


    • You will keep all graded tests and quizzes in your science notebook.  Quizzes are good resources to help you prepare for unit tests and the tests can help you tremendously on the semester exams. Failed quizzes and tests require a parent/guardian signature. 


    • You will receive partial credit for homework assignments turned in late.  5% will be deducted from your grade for each day a collected homework assignment is late. Assignments more than 5 days late are not eligible for points.


    • Long-term projects and lab reports are considered major assignments because of their high point values. Each day that one of these major assignments is submitted late, you will lose enough points to drop your score one letter grade. For example, if a 100-point project is turned in one day late, you cannot receive a score higher than an 89/100.


    • Students are permitted to resubmit lab reports and major projects within 5 school days from the date the assignment is returned. If a higher score is obtained, the new grade will be averaged with the original score for the assignment. If the assignment is not resubmitted within 5 school days, the original score will be recorded. 


    • Opportunities to earn bonus points will be available throughout each marking period. Extra credit activities ARE NOT ACCEPTED LATE!!


    • During lab activities, handle equipment, such as microscopes, slides, instruments, etc. very carefully.  These items are fragile and valuable.  Speak quietly with your lab partner(s).  If you have a question, please be patient!  I will get to you – it is sometimes difficult but I will circulate to each lab station as efficiently as I can.  While waiting for me, go on to another portion of the lab activity, if possible.  (C3B4ME!)


    • Basic rules of manners are imperative.  That means raise your hand when necessary, use proper language, and always be attentive and courteous to all members of the class.  Enjoy your surroundings; the many opportunities afforded you and the variety of activities.  Do this by caring for yourself and others.  Be kind and help others; share your enthusiasm.


    • If necessary, any of the following consequences may be implemented; verbal/nonverbal warnings, written notice, parent phone call, parent conference, detention, teacher/student conference, administrative involvement, community service (within the building), social contracts, revocation of classroom privileges.



    Please review this information with your parents.  Again, I look forward to working with you.  Together, we can make this educational journey enjoyable for all.


    Have a great year!