Late assignments will be accepted up to five (5) school days from the due date or by the end of the marking period, whichever comes first.
    Students will lose ten (10) percent of the total value of the assignment for each day the assignment is late.
    Any work not handed in within the required time period becomes a zero (0).


    sickStudents who have difficulty handing in work on time for a legitimate reason (illness, family matters, etc.) should notify Mr. Letter BEFORE the due date.
    Students going on vacation during the school year should get their assignments BEFORE they leave school. Work should be turned in immediately upon their return.

    ticking clock

    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what assignments you have missed, either from a classmate or from Mr. Letter. If you have email access, you can email Mr. Letter for information about what you missed at: bletter@methacton.org.